Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1 Audio Logs Locations

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Audio Logs clog every intersection of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite, and the narrative collectibles return to Rapture in Burial at Sea – Episode 1.

Sadly, you won’t find any Andrew Ryan or Frank Fontaine here. But, you’ll get a heaping helping of Sander Cohen insanity, or Dr. Suchong’s cruel science. Listen carefully for one particular audio log detailing Suchong’s annoyance at Infinite’s evil industrialist Fink and his nasty thievery of plasmid inventions.

Get even more backstory with the collectible locations below. If you’re looking for more guides, extras, and secrets try checking out the Bioshock Infinite cheats page. Or dig deeper into this DLC on Game Front’s Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 video walkthrough.

Audio Logs Locations Guide

Audio Log #1: After spotting the Big Daddy working outside the massive windows, down the stairs from the Pneumo Tubes, look to the right for the door with “907″ above. Enter the lobby and look behind the counter.

Audio Log #2: In High Street, climb the stairs on the left to find a clothing store called “Mason Vosgues” and look in the second changing room in the back left of the store.

Audio Log #3: Enter the door to the right of The Golden Rule to find the Watched Clock diner. Enter the kitchen and look on a desk (next to a wafflemaker) to find a log.

Audio Log #4: On the way to the previous log, you should pass by a locked door on the right. Open the door with the code 2-0-7-6 to get in and grab another log on the desk.

Audio Log #5: Inside Fontaine’s Department store, you’ll eventually encounter a group of splicers trying to break into a store called The Daily Bread. Clear out the splicers and enter, then check behind the bar counter to the right of the stairs to find a hidden log.

Audio Log #6: Upstairs from the Daily Bread, look left for an open vent. Duck and crawl into the red-lit vent and get rid of the splicer hiding inside to grab another log in the crate.

Audio Log #7: Check out the back right room of the haberdashery to find this log.

Audio Log #8: In the large two-floor optional area, look to the right to find the Jewelry store before exploring the upper level. Check the door in the back left of the room — it’s locked and requires 3 lockpicks. Open it, and grab the log on the desk ahead.

Audio Log #9: Upstairs, look in the Shoe store for a locked keypad. Enter 0-9-2-8 to open the door and look in the dark office in the corner to find a log sitting on the desk.

Audio Log #10: Later, outside of Fontaine’s Plasmids, look downstairs for a safe previously being poked at by two splicers. Open the lock (save several lockpicks) to find an infusion upgrade paired with a log.

Audio Log #11: Once you’ve reached Jack Frost’s Village, save a blast of Shock Jockey for a locked door ahead. The office just up the stairs has a broken switch. Zap the sparking switch with Shock Jockey and grab the log on the overturned desk.

Audio Log #12: Returning downstairs to the station leading to housewares, look to the optional Pret-A-Porter store and use the ice plasmid to freeze the water to create a bridge. Run to the back left room with the dead body. A log is resting on the couch inside.

Audio Log #13: Entering the large electronics section with the massive television screens, look in the fallen elevator on the left of the central pillar.

Audio Log #14: Go inside the Bistro, run to the back and down the stairs. Look on the kitchen serving counter to grab the next log.

Audio Log #15: Entering the large hallway with Toys on the right and Appliances on the left, enter the Customer Service room straight ahead. The audio log is resting on the desk, just before the vent objective.

Audio Log #16: To the right, open the lock on the bridal store and look behind the counter after dealing with the crazy woman. It’s the same store that’s full of posed mannequins.

Audio Log #17: After getting Elizabeth to crawl into the vent and open the doors into the locked locker room, take a left and use the ice plasmid to freeze the burst pipes to create a bridge across to an office. The log is simply on the desk.

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On November 18, 2013 at 11:57 am

Thanks for this. The game had a bug to where I had to quit, and redo 10-15 mins of play and I forgot where the 3rd picklock was I originally gotten so getting the code from here helped catch back up. Of course it was right in front of my face. Then I fell and it had the same bug. That airlock cycle to the second floor, if I try to go backwards it will let me, but if I try to go forwards again the airlock will bug out and just keep spinning, not allowing me to advance. So far the DLC is very disappointing considering it’s making it really difficult to move forward with it having fatal glitches. They should have at least added a save whenever you want feature to make dealing with this bug easier, and I’m guessing there’s probably more than one considering how damaging this one can be to gameplay.