Bioshock Infinite: Easy Unlimited Money & Lockpicks Farming Guide

Silver Eagles and lockpicks are a valuable commodity in Bioshock Infinite, so if you’re looking for a way to farm that cash to buy the latest upgrades, check out our guide right here. This isn’t the fastest way to get cash — playing through the campaign normally will usually get you plenty.

If you don’t mind halting progress and spending time with this simple exploit, you can max out your coffers and walk away a rich man. If you’re planning on playing Infinite on Hard or 1999 Mode, this might just be a saving grace. Get all the details below.

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Easy Unlimited Cash Farming Guide

Unlimited Money Method:

To farm cash, you’ll first need to reach the Hall of Heroes. This can be done either leaving the area, or right as you start.

On the right side of the steps leading to the entrance of the building, look for a vending machine. This machine can be possessed, providing a random sum of cash that usually averages out to 25 Silver Eagles.

Next, enter the Hall of Heroes and run down the hall to refill your salt. Then, leave and return to the previous vending machine to possess it again.

Rinse and repeat the process to earn cash. Possess the vending machine, enter the Hall of Heroes, refill Salts, then return to the exterior to possess the machine again. This can be repeated as often as needed.

If you’ve cleared the area, the enemies outside the Hall of Heroes will also continue to respawn over and over, allowed you to loot them as often as you’d like — or you can use them to unlock achievements!

The containers outside will also respawn, as will bodies and any loose cash. Loot these extra sources of income for other randomized bonuses, or just a few more Silver Eagles.

Unlimited Lockpicks:

  • Lockpicks will consistently respawn after completing the Hall of Heroes. On the way out of the building (Following the fight with Slate) you’ll be able to ride two sky-lines to an enemy encounter.
  • Among the enemies, there’s a Firefighter that will always drop a lockpick. Defeat him and collect the pick, then you can simply return to the Hall of Heroes. Enter the door, then go back outside to find the same Firefighter respawned down the sky-lines.
  • Rinse and repeat to fill up on lockpicks.

Are there better methods for farming Silver Eagles in Bioshock Infinite? Have you found another method? Let us know in the comments!

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6 Comments on Bioshock Infinite: Easy Unlimited Money & Lockpicks Farming Guide


On March 27, 2013 at 7:43 pm

There is also a machine inside the Hall you can possess for double the farming! Thanks for the tip! Works great!


On March 31, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Hey you want *unlimited* Gear pieces? Then do the same just till the point AFTER the elevator with the second dialog. Then go to the store near the carousel. Inside use shock jockey to get the Gear. After that you go back to Hall of Heroes and do the same again. Voila!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On April 1, 2013 at 1:15 pm


I just tested this out myself, and it totally works. Awesome find!


On April 16, 2013 at 10:07 am

Hey!! Thanx a lot this works.. this is my first playthrough and im doing it on hard, so i was kinda nervous when i read that you cant upgrade everything… but this really helps thanx!! But I have a doubt.. it would really be great if you could answer it!! Can i return to the hall of heroes even after i proceed in the story?? I just killed slate and did some cash farming and i was just about to leave the area through the elevator after fighting the motorized patriot… Otherwise I want to decide how much money i need to farm before moving on.


On August 11, 2013 at 12:40 pm

For increased money farming, the purse on the gondola that is docked at the hall of heroes entrance will always refill itself when you leave/enter the area. I’ve gotten 40 coins out of it, sometimes food and coins, and occasionally, its just empty, but it can easily double the money farming efforts.


On March 30, 2014 at 8:19 pm

I’ve found it more lucrative to farm after finishing the Hall. My method is this, and usually gives at least double the amount of coin, not to mention getting the lockpick. There are other items, but only the ones I mention have re-spawned to my notice.

When you exit the Hall, go to the machine. Possess it, get the coin, the turn and cross the bridge and shock the generator to open up the iron gate behind it. Go upstairs and hook a right. There is a body there may provide something useful. Go back, then take a left. There should be three provisions crates with something in them, and two coins on the table. From that balcony, you can attach to the rail near the dock. Get off on the left side and there should be two boxes. The one near the back will contain something. Get on the transport, where there is a purse you will want to check near the control area with the dead guy. Exit on the opposite side and go up the side stairs, where there is a trashcan on the far left side. It is the only one of the the three bins there that will re-spawn.

Grab the rail from the bin to the area below for the fight. Easiest way to get it over with is use Elizabeth to tear a Patriot, then possess a few soldiers. Should be over with rather quickly. On one side under the stairs, there is a lockpick on the lumber pile and a toolbox on top of some crates. Loot the bodies of the soldiers, and upstairs there is a medium phial of salts that re-spawns as well. The other side under the stairs, there should be a wallet and a toolbox.

Take the rail back to the Hall, but before you enter, there are two crates on the left. The bottom one may have something. Enter the Hall, then exit to start the cycle again.

Using this method, I have not had to use the salt machine in the Hall as I had to previously when I farmed before completing the HoH section. This means I can enter and exit in short order, smoothing out the farming process.