Bioshock Infinite: Heartbreaker Achievement Guide [Glitch]

One of the toughest achievements to unlock in Bioshock Infinite just got easier thanks to a unique glitch. Getting the “Heartbreaker” achievement or trophy means shooting a Handyman only in the heart — and if you’ve fought a Handyman, you know they don’t like standing still. Not until now. Check out the full guide below showing you how to keep a Handyman standing still.

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Heartbreaker Achievement Guide

NOTE: To make this achievement easier, try switching the difficulty to Easy.

Chapter Start:

To earn this achievement, you’ll need to defeat a Handyman by only damaging the exposed heart. Using Vigors that effect the Handyman or any weapon with splash damage or explosives will negate the achievement.

There is one Handyman that is easier to defeat than others — thanks to a location where the brute can’t reach you.

Open the Chapter Select menu and load “The Gunsmith Shop”, placing Booker right before meeting with the ghostly image of Chen Lin. Speak with him, and you’ll be on your way to the Bull House Impound after speaking with Mrs. Lin.


On the way to Shantytown, you’ll have to pass through the Plaza of Zeal. Climb onto the roof with the sign to Chen Lin’s shop and collect the Sniper Rifle — you’ll need it to get this achievement!

Once you attack the turrets guarding the Good Times Club, a Handyman will attack. If you’ve already attacked the turrets, you’ll need to restart from the chapter where you first arrive in the Plaza of Zeal to overwrite your previous save.

How to Glitch the Handyman:

When the Handyman attacks, use the sign of Fink that reads “Eyes Forward” to hook up, then jump onto the awning next to the Factory entrance doors. Wait for the Handyman to jump onto the awning with you, then drop off the side.

This is where the glitch comes in. The Handyman remains stuck up on the awning, and he’ll stand still with his heart exposed. Use the Sniper Rifle, and aim carefully!

Watch out, after doing some damage to the Handyman, he’ll attack the ground or move about. He won’t jump off the awning; wait for him to stand still and keep plugging him.

If your shots only land on the heart, the achievement is your’s.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Heartbreaker (50 points / Bronze):
    Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.

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