Bioshock Infinite: How to Beat the Final Battle [1999 Mode Guide]


There will be SPOILERS for the Final Battle of Bioshock Infinite after this point.

Don’t let the final battle in Bioshock Infinite defeat you. It’s a grueling fight against waves of tough troops, but with a few handy tips and tricks in our guide below, you’ll eventually pull out a victory. If that isn’t enough, we’ve designed our recommendations around Infinite’s hardest difficulty, 1999 Mode. All our strategies will work on Normal too, so if you’re having trouble and need some advice for finishing Bioshock Infinite’s toughest fight; just keep scrolling.

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How to Beat the Final Battle [1999 Mode Guide]

How to Use Songbird

  • Managing Songbird is the single most important aspect of this battle, and one that isn’t entirely clear. Songbird can be used on the ship deck in three prescribed locations, or sent to destroy the Barges and massive Zeppelins that will send soldiers infinitely to attack the blue generator.
  • The trick to this sequence? Songbird recharges much faster after using it on the deck locations. The timer takes longer to tick down if used on the Barges, and even longer on the Zeppelins.
  • To maximize Songbird’s utility, you’ll want to use it to crush incoming soldiers first, then target the Barges, then target the massive Zeppelins last.
  • The enemies will almost always cluster on the deck just below the blue generator. When they’re clustered, they make an easy target for Songbird to hit, but the soldiers aren’t your biggest problem. The Patriots are deadly during this section, use Songbird to take them out whenever possible.
  • Between intervals and while waiting for Songbird to recharge, you’ll have to deal with fresh troops incoming from the Zeppelins. There is a way to minimize their danger, which I’ll go over below in the strategies section.
  • The battle gets hectic fast, you’ll need Vigors to control the crowds of enemies below.

Recommended Vigors:

NOTE: These are only recommendations. During your playthrough, you’ll be bound to focus on upgrading certain Vigors, and it’s important that you use your best Vigors during this fight.

  • Possession: Use Possession on the Vox armed with Pig Volley Launchers or RPGs. This will provide some dearly needed relief, and they’ll keep fighting until they’re killed, or kill themselves. They’ll pull attention off you, damage crowds of enemies, even hurt the Patriots.
  • Bucking Bronco / Murders of Crows + Devil’s Kiss: These two combos serve the same purpose — halting and destroying your enemies. Don’t forget that Murder of Crows has the added benefit of making your enemies much weaker. This will help take out the armored Vox.
  • Undertow: One of the simpler strategies for dealing with basic enemy soldiers. Use Undertow to grab and throw opponents off the ledge for easy kills. Undertow can also be used to stun Patriots — one of the few Vigors that will effect them, aside from damage.

Recommended Weapons:

  • Barnstormer RPG: A precision weapon best saved for the Patriots. If you’ve got extra ammo laying around or have them fully upgraded, they’re also perfect for cleared away gangs of Vox from the sky-lines, though there’s another weapon that’ll also work that doesn’t require steady aim.
  • Pig Volley Gun: Soften up each wave of soldiers with the Volley Gun. There’s a supply of ammo near the deck office. The high magazine count makes harassing the crowds of enemies easy. Just jump onto the sky-lines and rain down grenades.
  • Hand Cannon: This powerful weapon does wonders against the toughest enemies. An upgraded revolver can decimate the Beasts and Patriots once they’ve been weakened with Vigors. They have good accuracy, and upgrades will help improve reload time.

Recommended Gear

NOTE: Gear is dropped from present boxes randomly. It isn’t easy to get your hands on every type of Gear; take these recommendations for any gear you might already own and equip for this section.

  • Scavenger’s Vest / Blood to Salt: To keep you fighting, this shirt that provides a 40% chance of killed enemies dropping extra ammo for your current weapons a life-saver to keep stocked up on your best weapons. With the second piece of Gear, you can also pick up Salt 40% of the time from fallen foes.
  • Urgent Care: Shields recharge faster, but it takes longer for the bar to fully recharge. It’s more important to have a shield at all than to be low on shields.
  • Overkill: Very powerful piece of Gear to use against the mobs of enemies. Target regular soldiers with your upgraded weapons like explosives, Sniper Rifles, or Hand Cannons and you’ll stun any nearby enemies. Another great way to control those crowds.
  • Nor’Easter / Winter Shield: The sky-lines are important in this section — those extra moments of invulnerability while jumping off can help keep you alive if you’re taking too much damage.

Strategies & Tips

  • When going into this battle, try to collect enough Infusions to upgrade your Shields and Salts fully. Even if you haven’t found them all, it helps to focus on Shields first, then Salts, then Health in that order.
  • The trickiest part of this fight is the unrelenting armada of soldiers that’ll be rushing your blue generator. They just keep spawning — but there’s a trick to keep them off your back.
  • If you leave a single enemy alive, more won’t attack. It’s that simple — but, there’s no easy way to “hold” an enemy, meaning you’ll always eventually kill the last guy, or he’ll keep unloading bullets into your generator.
  • One way to stop the onslaught and hold a single enemy is by using Possession on a final Patriot. Doing this is only sensible with a fully upgraded Vigor, otherwise you’ll waste all your Salts.
  • Otherwise, use Murder of Crows or Undertow to hold that last enemy still while you wait for Songbird to recharge, then unleash it to destroy the last Zeppelins.
  • Don’t forget to make use of the Medical Kit tears, or the Salts tears. When you’re low on health, make a run for these important tears.
  • The sky-lines surrounding the area are important. Use them to zip away from large groups of enemies, to dodge incoming fire, and to harass the Vox with volleys of rockets or grenades.
  • The sky-lines are also a good place to command Songbird to attack. You’ll get a good view of the deck ground targets, and get a chance to aim Songbird at the Barges or Zeppelins with relative safety.
  • You’ll want to move fast. Don’t let the Vox swarm around the generator or they’ll destroy it in seconds. To finish this section, you’ll need timing and control.
  • Wipe out the soldiers first, leave one alive, target the smaller airships, work on dealing with Vox reinforcements, then destroy the giant airships. Each round works the same way, but become increasingly tough.

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2 Comments on Bioshock Infinite: How to Beat the Final Battle [1999 Mode Guide]


On April 25, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Hitting the Patriots in their gears is a good way to take them out quickly. You can use the skyline to flank them, and kill them quickly by getting critical on their gears (their backs), since they will be distracted (trying to destroy the tank)


On April 25, 2013 at 4:38 pm

One major tip IMO is to only target the airships with songbird, in the second half of the battle. Not waste time targeting the soldiers, cause the battle won’t end until you defeat the airships providing reinforcements.