Bioshock Infinite: Voxophones Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Welcome Center
  • Raffle Square
  • Comstock Center Rooftops
  • Monument Island
  • Battleship Bay
  • Soldier’s Field
  • Finkton Docks
  • Finkton Proper
  • The Good Times Club
  • Shantytown
  • Bull House Impound
  • The Factory
  • Emporia
  • Downtown Emporia
  • Comstock House
  • Hand of the Prophet
  • Soldier’s Field Voxophone Locations

    Voxophone #1: In the entrance hall, continue down the steps and look left for a crate near a vending machine. The log is on the wooden crate.

    Voxophone #2: Entering the large exterior area of Soldier’s Field, look left for an ice cream shop. The log is inside on a table.

    Voxophone #3: Continue through this area to find a bookstore on the right as you explore. The log is up some steps inside the store.

    Voxophone #4: On the way to the Hall of Heroes, you’ll take an elevator down into a room where you’ll be greeted by a robotic George Washington. Look on the left side of the room for a locked door. The log is on one of the desks inside.

    Voxophone #5: Leaving the area, you’ll enter another large area with a gondola leading to the Hall of Heroes ahead. Enter the building labeled “Tickets” on the right. Climb the steps and look near the railing.

    Voxophone #6: Grab the Code Book inside the cannon barrel, then return to the restaurant across the street so Elizabeth can decipher a message in one of the back rooms. The message reveals that you’ll need to interact with a hatstand to open a secret room, with the log and an upgrade inside.

    Voxophone #7: Inside the same restaurant, look inside the kitchen.

    Voxophone #8: Taking the sky-lines up to the Hall of Heroes entrance, check out the docked gondola as you land to find the log sitting on a chair.

    Voxophone #9: Just as you enter the Hall of Heroes, pass the Salts machine and turn left down the hallway to find a door into the tickets booth. Look on the desk inside to find the log.

    Voxophone #10: Past the room with the bridge and water, you’ll enter a room with relics from Mrs. Comstock, through a locked door. Turn right inside to find the log near a fireplace.

    Voxophone #11: Exiting out into the large exterior area where Slate sends soldiers to attack, he’ll throw electricity randomly — which will activate generators and open some optional rooms during the battle. Wait until the lower left door is open, and look on the work table inside.

    Voxophone #12: Returning to Soldier’s Field, you’ll need to use the Shock Jockey power on the generator to start the gondola to the First Lady. Before powering up the generator, look for the center building with hooks hanging from the corners. Jump up to the ledge above and use your power on a hidden generator. Explore the home to find dead bodies inside, with a log in the bedroom.

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    2 Comments on Bioshock Infinite: Voxophones Locations Guide


    On April 2, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Some of these items are not in the game or where you said they would be .

    Voxophone #6: Another found inside the Gunsmith Shop entrance, appearing when returning to find Chen Lin after opening the rift in the Bull House Impound,

    Nowhere to be found !

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On April 2, 2013 at 2:17 pm


    Are you looking in the entrance hall, before going inside the Gunsmith proper? Look on a shelf on the left after altering realities. The first time you visit the gunshop, there will be a vox on the desk. After returning from the Bull House Impound, it’ll be nearby on a shelf, you should spot it before walking to the door and switching areas.

    Keep looking, it’s totally there!