BioWare Announces The Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Pack

Before we go any further, we’re willing to admit that we’ve been lavished with gluttonous luxury, gamewise. Mass Effect 2 has had an incredible amount of DLC. 19 different armor and weapon downloads, 2 new characters, and 5 new mission packs that vastly expanded the scope of the already ginormous original game. Few developers put so much into the post-release version of a game and rather than getting bored, the result is the opposite: we just keep wanting the story of Mass Effect 2 to continue, for all intents and purposes, indefinitely. So, we don’t want to sound like we’re complaining.

Even so, that BioWare has made the end of Mass Effect official with a posting on Cerberus Daily News has us feeling half “YES” and half “aw man!”.

The Cerberus Daily News will begin a hiatus on January 24th, finishing its run of one full year. Daily postings will cease except for three weeks in 2011: a week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3.

The CDN team thanks fans for their attention, comments, and feedback, (both in and out of character!). We are sorry to go, but we had fun –- we hope you did, too!

Sure, BioWare does have the next installment of the series to think about, which means, naturally, that the Mass Effect 2 DLC has to come to an end at some point before November, 2011. So, OK, we’ll be mature about it. Plus, they have already made numerous statements prior to releasing the excellent Lair Of The Shadow Broker DLC pack, that all DLC from that point forward would be intended specifically to bridge the gap between ME2 and Mass Effect 3. LOTSB delivered big time, and it’s highly like that for the final ME2 DLC, BioWare intends to end the game’s storyline with a big finish.

Speculation on BioWare social forums is that they’ll wait until the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is available before releasing whatever the final DLC will be called. That sounds about right to us – the PS3 version will contain not only the original release version of the game, but every single DLC pack released in 2010. Delaying the final DLC until they can squeeze a few more pennies out of PS3 owners is just good sense.

This announcement got the GameFront staff talking about what ME3′s framing device will be. In the first game, Shepherd was obviously using the Alliance communications channels (though obviously nowhere even close to the interactivity and content delivery of Mass Effect 2); working for Cerberus obviously meant access to the Cerberus network. Given that history, we’re betting Cerberus network won’t be Shepherd’s interface in ME3. I’m guessing given the scope of the Reaper threat, and the events of the two previous games, the Citadel Council will finally stop dithering and actually back Shepherd for once, which means something like “The Citadel Council Extranet” something something as Mass Effect 3′s framing device.

What do you guys think? Will BioWare cash in on PS3 users? Will the DLC deliver like Lair Of The Shadow Broker? And will we finally get to see what Tali looks like under that suit? In the meantime, enjoy the Mass Effect 3 teaser, and Happy New year!


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2 Comments on BioWare Announces The Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Pack

Phil Owen

On January 3, 2011 at 11:53 am

Ross,you’re wrong about this “Citadel Council Extranet” because I would guess the odds are extremely good that the Council will only back you in 3 if you did not tell them to shove the SPECTRE status up their asses.

Ross Lincoln

On January 3, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Tha’s a good point, though I think it will depend on what BioWare decides is the default point A will be. In ME2, you are be working for Cerberus no matter what – For ME3, I bet the decision you make re: SPECTRE reinstatement will mostly affect how that supercillious Turian treats you.