BioWare Teases ME3 ‘Conspiracy Accountability League’

BioWare continues to support Mass Effect 3 – if you can call it that, given the ending. The Leviathan DLC launched today, for example, (our review is forthcoming). And along with it, they’ve posted a silly bit of marketing on the BioWare social forums to go along with it. In a post entitled “I Speak The Truth“, someone claiming to have hacked the Alliance News Network posted this truther-sounding screed:

Top of the line security, huh? Hmph. I don’t think so! I’ve successfully hacked into the Alliance News Network’s terminal, but this isn’t a safe connection and I can’t stay long. I don’t want to reveal my location on the Citadel and give C-Sec the advantage. I must be heard! Go read about everything that Hackett is trying to cover up! I am Bernard Plim and I speak the truth! Conspiracy Accountability League

That link goes to a Blogspot site discussing peripheral elements of the Leviathan DLC in tones usually seen on Truther websites, or in discussions of a certain President’s birth certificate, and on that level it’s an effective bit of marketing from the Mass Effect 3 team. For instance, this bit:

Welcome to my site!! Would it surprise you to know that the Citadel Council and the Alliance are KEEPING THINGS FROM US, THE CITIZENS?! We deserve to know what they know. It is our right to protect ourselves from threats AND/OR profit from this intel, as the case may be. As you know, I have been successful in uncovering and exposing some pretty scandalous things. For example, just last month I blew the lid off the Alliance funding of the Volus Mafia on Patavig. Also, I single-handedly uncovered the illegal purchase of biological weapons from Dakuna, and ONE DAY SOMEONE WILL BELIEVE ME!!!!

Lolz. Except for the fact that The Leviathan just isn’t that good, it’s kind of cool.

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6 Comments on BioWare Teases ME3 ‘Conspiracy Accountability League’


On August 28, 2012 at 2:44 pm

No thanks Bioware. NO thanks.


On August 28, 2012 at 7:09 pm

Since the release of Mass Effect 3 gamefront seems to be on a ”We hate Mass Effect 3” mode because everytime they post a news about it is with sarcasm and satirical joke and give always bad reviews to new contents trying to convince peoples not to buy it just because the endings sucks despite the fact ME3 is still an awesome game. What we do with our cash is our problems. I’m not trolling but i’m a little tired of all of that. I understand all the rage about the endings and the anger against EA/Bioware but now i think everyone need to chill out. Damn it just a game.

I’m not trolling i’m just expressing my opinions without insulting everyone.

And sorry for my bad english.


On August 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm

@ Wesker1984

and yet we always see you here trumping up sales for Bioware while at the same time denying to be an EA plant.

People joke about ME3 because all of the PR shenanigans they hid behind when confronted of a sub-par game.

It’s just right to compare it to ME2 Lair of the Shadow Broker as both are large DLCs, but Lair of the Shadow Broker adds alot to the story and gamplay, while as Leviathan’s it’s like one of those Multi-player DLC with a thin story.

Also if you don’t like what they’re saying then don’t read it. You said it yourself ” What we do with our cash is our problems.” you’re not obliged to post to defend Bioware unless, of course, you are an EA plant, then that’d be part of your job.


On August 28, 2012 at 8:44 pm

Also, @Wesker1984:

Normally when someone has to repeatedly say they are or are not something or are or are not committing a certain activity, especially when it’s repeatedly said in one post or conversation, that most likely means they are doing exactly that activity or have that characteristic, etc.

No offense. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I still am a bit bitter about my favorite story/game of all time… and I don’t know when/if time will heal that, so I appreciate that writers here at GameFront (at least seem to) feel the same. Plus, it’s all just a joking around anyway. At least we can joke about this stuff now.


On August 29, 2012 at 12:30 am

@Devastator001 and R-Man thank you to be polite and not turning into insulting jerks i know i can be irritating sometime. I have nothing against gamefront point of view i just expressed my opinions on the matter.

Just to contribute to the effort : SPOILER AHEAD:
The Leviathan DLC is worth buying if you still a big fan of Mass Effect 3 and want to add more stuff on your single-player journey. The only impact this DLC have on the ending is just additional dialogue with the Catalyst about the Leviathans. And yes the Leviathans are just a powerfull War Assets after you finish the DLC nothing more and their fate are not explained during the epilgoues. Maybe Bioware want to use them as a main threat in a possible Mass Effect 4.


On August 29, 2012 at 10:51 am

Whether or not Bioware still exists within the next couple of years, EA will likely release a Mass Effect 4 or some spinoff of it. It will likely have any resemblance to an RPG stripped out of it, and there likely will not be any conversations outside of typical battlefield banter (a la CoD). The game itself will likely be an extremely cinematic, linear, and dumbed-down spinoff from the original series. To try to maintain continuity, they will likely enable save transfers (whether you are still able to play Shepard or not), or they’ll set it so far in the future that the previous trilogy is irrelevant.