Black Knight Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 1

    1. Toggle the analog stick back and forth to free your character from the the noose and approach the suit of armor in front of you, then press the indicated button to change outfits and acquire a sword.
    2. From this point forward, follow the on-screen tutorials exactly as they appear to proceed through the level successfully.
    3. After completing the tutorial, drop over the ledge in front of you to descend the staircase below and reach the first checkpoint at the bottom to start eliminating the enemies ahead.
    4. Slice through the line of enemies ahead to exit the building and reach the outside area, then continue cutting down the small creatures in your path and stop in front of the fire hydrant to avoid the projectiles being thrown at you.
    5. Charge the Black Hellebore and release it from behind the fire hydrant repeatedly to eliminate the larger enemy throwing projectiles at you from ahead, then continue moving forward and quickly defeat another of these creatures with quick sword strikes before it can attack.
    6. Double-jump from the top of the black container in front of you to clear the next gap and continue moving forward to slice through another line of enemies, then vault over a second black container and cross to the center of the bridge ahead.
    7. Use a charged Hellebore attack to clear out the ground creatures in front of you and upward sword strikes to defeat the enemy flying above, then finish crossing the bridge and continue moving forward to double jump over a stack of crates.
    8. Approach the transparent block ahead to rotate it with a Hellebore and jump on top of it, then take out the incoming winged creature with a sword strike and drop down onto the next ledge below.
    9. Hit the next enemy ahead with a Hellebore and rush in at close range to finish him off with a sword combo attack, then continue moving forward to rotate a second transparent block and clear the gap.
    10. Jump across the next gap ahead to move downhill and activate the checkpoint, then strike the nearby cage and touch the bird flying above to open the store menu.
    11. Purchase the necessary items to upgrade your character’s abilities and refill on any health that’s been lost, then exit the store menu and continue moving forward to jump across the series of gaps ahead.
    12. Move beneath the next enemy ahead and execute jumping sword strikes to eliminate the creature, then jump onto the ledge he was occupying and wait for a fireball to pass by above.
    13. Quickly double-jump onto the ledge above and vault over the creature to eliminate it from behind, then continue forward to clear the series of gaps in front of you and collect the Cat Head Grass.
    14. Drop into the area below and double jump over the pair of tree trunks ahead, then slice through another few lines of small creatures and eliminate the wolves from a distance by releasing a charged Hellebore attack.
    15. Double-jump onto the next two tree branches you see sticking out above and wait for the next fireball to pass by overhead, then land in front of the enemy and strike repeatedly with your sword before he can attack again.
    16. Move back and forth between the pink clouds above to reach the one at the top, then collect the Cat Head Grass and drop back to the ground below.
    17. Continue moving forward to eliminate the enemy on the large tree and break open the microwave below, then double jump over the trunk above and slice through another line of smaller enemies ahead.
    18. Turn around at the dead-end and jump across the blocks above to break open the microwave on the left, then move back towards the enemy spitting fire overhead on the right and vault over the creature to eliminate him from behind.
    19. Ascend the series of blocks above to reach the right side of the grass ledge at the top and break open the microwaves in front of you, then continue moving forward to activate the next checkpoint and purchase health or upgrades from the store.
    20. Continue moving forward to clear the gaps ahead and activate the first boss fight.


    1. As soon as the boss lands in front of you, approach the enemy at the furthest distance possible to strike him repeatedly with your sword without missing.
    2. Continue striking the boss until it raises the sword, then use your evasive maneuver to roll backwards and avoid the blow to come.
    3. You must be at the correct range to still make contact with your sword, but also have enough distance to escape the boss’ attack.
    4. Wait for the boss to get back on his feet, then repeat the previous two steps until you are able to destroy the enemy’s armor and reveal his hideous face underneath.
    5. Stand at a safe distance from the boss and wait for him to prepare to jump, then roll towards the enemy to move safely beneath the leaping attack and turn around to immediately start hacking away at the body with your sword.
    6. You can also back up to a safe distance in between the boss’ jumps to hit him with long-range Hellebore attacks.
    7. Use either of the two steps above repeatedly to wear the boss down until he is defeated, then jump into the flower that appears above to complete this stage.
    8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Let’s Start Here (Bronze): Clear Stage 1.

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