Black Knight Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 2

    1. Move forward to eliminate the wolves by firing charged Hellebores at them from a safe distance and enter the pub above, then make your way across into the next room and eliminate the pair of small creatures without jumping to avoid the fireballs.
    2. Approach the enemies stacked on the barrels ahead and stand directly beneath the creature on the bottom to strike him with upward sword thrusts until he dies, then repeat the same assault on the other one that drops down to clear the path.
    3. Jump over the stack of barrels to continue forward and vault over fireballs as you eliminate the creature patrolling the area below, then approach the next enemy to jump above him and use a downward sword strike to bounce off his head until he dies.
    4. Continue moving forward into reach the room at the end to encounter the enormous head that smashes through the wall and drops you down a few floors, then visit the store on your left and purchase the necessary items.
    5. Head towards the left side of the room and use a jumping Hellebore release to rotate the block, then land on top of it to open the trap door behind you and drop through the opening in floor.
    6. Break open the microwave on the left to collect hearts and head right to jump on top of the next barrel, then wait for the green slime enemies to crawl away from you and drop down beside them.
    7. Crouch down and use quick sword strikes to eliminate the green slime enemies coming towards you, then continue moving forward to duck beneath the overhang and enter the sewer tunnel ahead.
    8. Slash through the green slime enemies that drop in front of you and descend on the furry platform at the end, then land on the creatures below with downward sword strikes to clear them out and collect hearts from the microwave on the ledge above.
    9. Continue towards the left to drop between the line of enemies below and clear them out, then move right to descend on the next furry platform and stop beneath the second small ledge ahead to wait for the green slime creatures to fall from the ceiling.
    10. Cut down the green slime creatures in front of you and approach the crawlspace ahead, then jump over the next incoming fireball and quickly duck down to move through the narrow shaft.
    11. Jump over the next fireball emitted on the other side of the crawlspace and quickly eliminate the two enemies tacked on top of each other, then move across the ledge above and wait for the creature below to bounce off the wall beneath you.
    12. Hit the enemy below with a downward Hellebore attack, then run up behind the creature as it sprints away and strike quickly with your sword to continue forward across the room.
    13. Use the stack of crates to reach the pipes sticking out of the wall above, then double-jump out to the left and pull back towards the right to climb up them one-by-one.
    14. Jump from the top pipe to the furry platform on the left and descend to enter the next door on the ledge ahead, then cross the stack of crates above you to drop down over the other end and break open the microwave below.
    15. Drop back past the bed of spikes below on the right and smash through the stack of crates to return to the level beneath you, then move left over the steam pipes and stand in front of the second one to eliminate the enemy ahead by releasing Hellebore.
    16. Continue forward to descend on the next furry platform and vault over or duck beneath the fireballs coming from the left, then jump right when you reach the bottom and jump again to land on the ledge without touching the spikes.
    17. Slash through the creatures coming from ahead and use the pipes to reach the next ledge above, then continue moving forward to reach another pair of enemies and take out the other one with a Hellebore attack from a safe distance.
    18. Drop behind the other enemy below to eliminate him with multiple sword strikes and continue moving forward, then use a jumping Hellebore release to eliminate the next creature on the ledge above and move across it.
    19. Jump across the gaps ahead and use upward sword strikes to eliminate the flying creatures, then release a Hellebore to rotate the block at the end and land on the next ledge in front of you.
    20. Quickly drop onto the ledge below to avoid the incoming fireballs and move onto the pipe beneath the next creature to eliminate it with upward sword strikes, then make your way across the ledge above to jump over the creature that sprints towards you.
    21. Drop to the next level below to move left and eliminate the green slime creatures that drop from the ceiling, then enter the door in the corner beneath you and climb up the pipes above to quickly take out the enemies at close range with combination sword strikes.
    22. Enter the door at the top to break open the microwave in the next room and jump to climb the pipes above you on the right, then return to the grey door in the left corner beneath you and move forward to descend on the next furry platform ahead.
    23. Descend to the lowest transparent block below and release a Hellebore to rotate it, then jump repeatedly to raise the platform and blast the upper cube to turn it around as well.
    24. Jump onto the upper solid block to land on the other one below and use a Hellebore blast to rotate the transparent cube in front of you, then eliminate the flying enemy and clear the next gap to reach the ledge ahead.
    25. Move forward to reach the pipes below and wait for the fireballs to pass before eliminating the enemies stacked on top of each other on the left, then make your way towards the right to drop to the level beneath you and take out the next flame-emitting creature ahead.
    26. Collect from the microwave on the left and continue forward to drop to the floor below, then eliminate the next two enemies ahead and use Hellebore to rotate the transparent block in front of you.
    27. Use the block to clear the spikes ahead and continue moving forward to reach an incoming wall of fire, then jump over the lower fireball to duck beneath the other two and release a charged Hellebore to destroy all three enemies ahead.
    28. Drop to the next level below and move right to open the store, then purchase any necessary items and continue forward over the ledge ahead.
    29. Make your way down the shaft below and move right to rotate the next transparent cube, then jump on the solid block to reach the Cat Head Grass ahead and climb back up through the cave to return to the bridge you just activated.
    30. Cross the bridge and continue moving forward to encounter the larger flying creature guarding the stone gate ahead.
    31. Move back and forth beneath the creature flying above, until he stops to face one direction and releases his first flurry of projectile attacks.
    32. Stand behind the creatures as he unleashes projectiles and execute jumping Hellebore attacks to start causing damage, then continue moving in a line between both ends of the area and lash out at the endmy with your sword when he swoops too low.
    33. Stay on the move to use jumping Hellebore assaults continuously and defeat the flying creature to open the stone gate, then move forward past it and wait for the horse enemy ahead to hop before killing it with your sword.
    34. Approach the flower monster ahead and wait for it to release a cloud of spores into the air, then step between the falling projectiles to avoid taking damage and move in close to defeat the enemy with multiple sword strikes.
    35. Jump up the line of blocks above on the left to open the next microwave and return to the ground below, then continue moving forward across the series of blocks above on the right and use Hellebore to clear the flower creatures from your path.
    36. Fight past the last wave of enemies or jump over them to fall through the next shaft below and activate the checkpoint, then enter the boat the rises in front of you and use upward sword strikes to clear out the creatures flying above.
    37. Land on the next ledge above to your right and smash through the wall of crates ahead, then move uphill to enter the second boat at the top and eliminate the creatures flying overhead as you rise.
    38. Collect from the microwave above and return to the boat, then continue rising to reach the next ledge on the right and move forward as quickly as possible with drowning.
    39. Double-jump up the ledges on the left to enter another boat and ascend on the rising waters from below, then take out the enemies above you before they have a chance to attack and break open the next microwave to your left.
    40. Land on the next purple boat above to your right and ride it upwards to defeat the creatures that descend beside you, then remain on this vessel the entire time to continue the ascent and avoid the spikes on either side of the area.
    41. Climb the next two pipes above on the right to reach the next ledge and make your way forward beneath the row of steam drains ahead, then continue up the incline and eliminate the enemy at the top.
    42. Jump between the pipes protruding from the walls above to reach the next ledge and encounter the larger enemy that emerges from the pile of skulls beside you, then attack him quickly at close range and use evasive rolling maneuvers to escape each of his impending sword strikes.
    43. Defeat the larger enemy and move left to climb up the next series of pipes above, then break open the microwave at the top and head right across the ledge to visit the store.
    44. Purchase the necessary and available items from the store, then continue towards the right to start the next boss battle.


    1. Walk all the way to the right and climb up the pile of skulls at the end, then jump back down in front of the wolf as soon as it appears and wait for it to leap over you.
    2. Quickly move beneath the wolf on the skull pile and use upward sword strikes to defeat it.
    3. Move backwards to dodge another jumping wolf behind you and eliminate this creature as well.
    4. Sprint towards the left to encounter another wolf face-to-face and eliminate it quickly with multiple sword attacks.
    5. Wait for the enormous boss to appear above you and stay between the creature’s legs to strike his vulnerable feet.
    6. Walk towards the left in unison with the boss to avoid being stepped on and continue attacking the feet on either side of you while in motion.
    7. Use a special Hellebore attack to cause critical damage to most of the feet at once, then continue striking out with your sword until all four appendages turn red and the boss falls to the ground.
    8. Approach the fallen boss’ head to strike it repeatedly with your sword, then use evasive rolling maneuvers to dodge the snapping jaws and continue attacking the enemy until he is defeated to complete this stage.

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