Black Knight Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 3

    1. Make your way forward to encounter the large armored enemy and use an evasive rolling maneuver to dodge the incoming axe strike, then move in at close range to strike the fallen knight until he gets back on his feet.
    2. Continue dodging and attacking the enemy until he loses his armor, then back up to double-jump over the knight as he charges towards you.
    3. Repeat the combat tactics listed above to eventually defeat the enemy knight and enter the castle ahead, then jump up the next set of rusted ledges and break open the microwave at the top.
    4. Drop back to the ground below and continue moving forward across the castle, then climb the staircase ahead and slice through the next pair of creatures above.
    5. Eliminate the next two enemies past the edge at the top of staircase, then using a jumping Hellebore release to rotate the transparent cube above and put the massive gear ahead into motion.
    6. Continue forward to reach the yellow gear ahead and use it to jump onto the large cog above on the left, then double jump to land on the overhead rusted ledge and leap up onto the next staircase.
    7. Ascend the staircase to jump across the green gear at the top and land on the next ledge ahead, then break open the microwave and turn back around.
    8. Double-jump to the next rusted ledge above on the left and climb the staircase by fighting off the flying creatures with upward sword thrusts, then slash through the two enemies at the top and continue forward.
    9. Climb up onto the next staircase to ascend the steps and wait for the mechanism in front of you to drop, then move beneath the mechanism before it falls again and jump onto the gear at the end.
    10. Double jump up the series of rusted girders above to reach the ledge on the left and enter the nearby door to enter the next area, then break open the microwave in front of you and exit the room.
    11. Drop back to the gear below to continue forward and eliminate the enemy ahead, then take out the next flying creature with a jumping sword attack and fight your way across the series gears in front of you.
    12. Break open the microwave on the next ledge above and slash through the next enemy ahead, then vault across another series of gears and double-jump over thee line of flying creatures after they reach the bottom of their descent.
    13. Climb the staircase ahead to visit the store at the top and purchase any necessary items, then turn back around and release a Hellebore to rotate the block in front of you.
    14. Use the rotated cube to climb the staircase above and enter the door at the top, then move forward in the next area to run across the collapsing block bridge and and in the dungeon below.
    15. Jump over the incoming wheelchair and quickly turn around to strike this new enemy in the back, then continue dodging and attacking until it’s destroyed.
    16. Wait for the large armored knight to drop down beside you and quickly move in to strike at close range multiple times, then use evasive rolling maneuvers to dodge his sword and continue these tactics to defeat this enemy.
    17. Continue towards the right to enter the elevator and ascend to the next area above, then move left to climb the staircase and break open the microwave at the top.
    18. Ascend the next set of steps to continue moving forward at the top and break open the sacs above you with jumping sword strikes, then clear the ledges ahead to encounter the wheelchair below and jump onto the overhead beam to dodge this enemy.
    19. Drop behind the wheelchair to attack it from behind and use the same tactics as before to defeat this enemy, then smash through the crates on the right to release a Hellebore and rotate the next transparent block ahead to put the massive gear into motion.
    20. Use upward sword strikes to clear out the swarm of flying heads that suddenly appear above and move forward beneath the cog ahead, then break open the microwave in the corner and collect the hearts.
    21. Move back beneath the previous cog and continue towards the left to double-jump onto the staircase above, then climb the steps to ascend the pair of rusted beams at the top and land the massive gear ahead.
    22. Vault over the cogs to make your way across the top of the massive gear and enter the door below on the right to reach the next room, then double jump onto the yellow gear above and onto the beam in front of you.
    23. Double jump across the next series of gears to reach the beam at the top and defeat the nearby enemy with quick sword strikes, then land on cog to your left and leap up onto the yellow gear above.
    24. Jump to the next cog on your left to make your way across the top of the massive gear and use upward sword strikes to clear out the flying enemies above, then leap to the red beam at the end and continue forward across the obstacles in front of you.
    25. Move back and forth between the system of gears to reach the door at the top and use it to enter the next room, then jump across the bells ahead to land on the staircase at the end and climb the steps to continue forward.
    26. Make your way past the falling pistons each time they rise to reach the transparent block at the end and rotate it with a Hellebore release. You can tell when the pistons are about to drop by the glow they start to emit.
    27. Double jump across the block to reach the next ledge and push yourself forward to stay ahead of the pistons dropping behind you, then clear the next gap ahead and continue towards the right to enter the elevator at the end.
    28. Exit the elevator car upon reaching the ledge above and visit the store ahead to purchase any necessary items, then continue moving forward to enter the door and arrive in the next area.
    29. Head forward across the hands of the clock and stop at the end of the ledge, then wait for the giant chicken to rise in front of you and unleash an upgraded Hellebore attack to immediately cause damage.
    30. Wait for the chicken to lower its head, then double jump to avoid the stream of fireballs and execute a downward sword thrust to continue attacking the enemy.
    31. Use jumping sword strikes to damage the chicken when it hovers in front of you and execute rolling evasive maneuvers to dodge the rain of fireballs that fall from above.
    32. Continue striking the giant chicken with your sword until the enemy falls out of the sky, then drop down after it to land on animal’s back and take control of the creature as it flies forward.
    33. Navigate the giant chicken up and down to consume the fruit having in the air, then fire projectiles from the animal’s mouth to take out the next wave of enemies that arrives.
    34. Ascend to avoid the purples balls dropped by the flying enemies and quickly shoot them out of the sky, then continue gobbling up fruit and eliminating the hostiles ahead.
    35. Collect the lettered icons to upgrade the chicken’s firing capabilities and continue dodging the purple projectiles as you shoot down enemies, then peck through the walls of the next building ahead and eliminate the flying creatures on the other side.
    36. Continue collecting fruit as you smash through walls and shoot down the enemies ahead until the chicken suddenly sails upward into the clouds, then eliminate the next wave of flying creatures above and move forward across the ledge at the top to start the boss battle.

    Boss Battle

    1. Open fire on the giant egg until the boss hatches and continue shooting to inflict damage immediately.
    2. Move up and down consistently to dodge the purple projectiles launched from the boss’ mouth as you continue to fire upon him.
    3. Continue draining the boss’ health until he falls beneath the screen below, then eat the fruit that the enemy discharges next and avoid the purple balls mixed in amongst them.
    4. Collect any upgrades available and return to shooting the boss continuously while dodging the purple energy balls.
    5. Fly in close against the creature to deliver damage more efficiently, then repeat the tactics listed above to continue shrinking the enemy’s size each time he drops below screen and defeat the boss to complete this stage.

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