Black Knight Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 4

    1. Move across the log in front of you to visit the store ahead and purchase necessary items, then continue forward to jump over the trees and eliminate the enemy on the other side.
    2. Slash past the wave of wolves ahead to continue moving forward through the forest and enter the desert area, then use downward sword thrusts to eliminate the creatures crawling along the ground and eliminate the next group of Mexicans.
    3. If the porthole creature latches onto your back, jump up and down repeatedly to shake this parasite off.
    4. Continue moving forward and use jumping sword attacks to eliminate the wave of flying or bouncing enemies ahead, then break open the next microwave and cut down the swarm of creatures above.
    5. Cut down the variety of enemies that block the path in front of you by using a combination of upward and jumping sword strikes, then visit the store ahead to collect any necessary items and continue forward to encounter the motorcyclists.
    6. Use repeated sword strikes to destroy the motorcycle in front of you and turn around to eliminate the other enemy, then use jumping attacks and Hellebore assaults to defeat the bikes that come to life.
    7. Jump over or duck beneath the tires thrown by the bikes that come to life and continue striking these enemies until they are both defeated, then proceed forward across the desert and break open the next microwave ahead.
    8. Continue forward to duck beneath the first pair of incoming missiles and jump up the three that approach afterwards as if they were a staircase, then leap on top of the next one that appears in front of you and climb to the uppermost rocket.
    9. Ride the uppermost rocket until it starts careening towards the ground and jump off it to avoid the explosion that follow, then continue moving forward to make your way across the tops of the next fleet of missiles and enter the fantasy area ahead.
    10. Use your sword to cut through the walls of toast blocking the path ahead and break open the next two microwaves, then proceed forward to visit the store and purchase any necessary items.
    11. Move forward into the hollowed out tree to have the spiderweb block the entrance behind you and proceed ahead to encounter the giant spider above.
    12. Execute multiple jumping sword strikes on the left pincer of the spider until it falls limp and wait for the right pincer to embed itself in the ground, then attack the creature’s other appendage repeatedly and use evasive rolling maneuvers to avoid any swipes the enemy takes at you.
    13. Stand on top of the pink block to help you eventually disable the spider’s other pincer, then drop back to the ground and strike the mouth area of the giant stone head that appears next.
    14. Eliminate any flying creatures deployed by the giant stone head as it ascends above screen and start jumping up the pink blocks above to reach the next leafy ledge above.
    15. Strike the giant stone head again with downward sword attacks to inflict damage and fight off the flying creatures it deploys, then jump up the next series of pink blocks and break open the microwave above.
    16. Jump to the pink ledge above on the right and strike the stone head beside you, while fighting off the surrounding creatures, then ascend the next series of overhead blocks and move back beneath the enormous enemy.
    17. Use jumping sword strikes to continue inflicting damage on the enormous stone head above you and chase it up another series of pink ledges, then break open the next microwave on the left and collect the item within.
    18. Continue attacking the stone head above with upward sword strikes and using the pink ledges to remain in pursuit, then encounter the giant spider again at the top and use jumping attacks to inflict damage on the creature’s outer pincers.
    19. Focus on the left pincers first by standing on the log beneath them and jump consistently while striking to avoid the spider’s swipes, then continue damaging these appendages until they both appear red in color.
    20. Repeat the previous step on the spider’s right pincers and disable both of them to activate a short cut scene in which the creatures falls to the ground below, then use double-jumps to ascend the pink blocks above you and move right when the path splits.
    21. Double-jump up the ledges and pink blocks above you, then cut through the wooden crates to continue your ascent into the treetops and eventually exit the the right-side path.
    22. Ascend the series of pink blocks above and release a Hellebore to rotate the next transparent cube, then use the block to continue moving upward and land on the ledge at the top to encounter the spider again.
    23. Start the striking the spider’s head immediately with your sword to defeat the creature for good and complete this stage.

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