Black Mesa: Secrets & Easter Eggs

The mod that completely revamps Half-Life is out, and you can download it HERE on Game Front. The indie effort isn’t just a remake; it upgrades voices, music, levels, and enemies and more.

It’s a true testament to the fan’s devotion to this groundbreaking game, and these developers added some extra love to the mix. Not only do many famous easter eggs and secrets return from the original, but all new ones have been added. Check your lists, and look below to find even more extras in Black Mesa.

Don’t forget, Game Front has its own walkthrough to help you figure out the new levels.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

Black Mesa: Source Meta-Conversation

  • During the opening, you can overhear three scientists having a very meta conversation. You’ll find the three scientists behind a glass window of an office on your way to the locker room.
  • They’ll discuss how important an old “experiment” is, how they might not get much recognition for reproducing it, and how their experiment is more than a replication. Sounding familiar?

Locker Room Devs

  • Just like in Half-Life, when you pick up your HEV suit you’ll enter a locker room. Inside, you can find the names of Black Mesa mod developers replacing the old Valve developers on the locker room doors.

Moving Up in the World

  • Two of the level designers, Daniel “Raminator” Junek and “Cpt. Insane” have their own shared office in the chapter Questionable Ethics.
  • [Thanks to George in the comments for additional info!]

How to Find the Secret Science Hut

  • To find this Easter Egg, you’ll need to reach the precarious cliffs in Chapter 12: Surface Tension.
  • Right as you enter the cliff area, look down. You can spot difficult-to-reach platforms leading down. There are other ways to reach this corner of the cliffs, put many players have reported you have to use the top route (dropping from the cliff entrance down the narrow rock platforms) to reach this Easter Egg.
  • Look for a large rock on the cliff directly outside a collapsed cave entrance. You’ll see two scientific devices on the rock.
  • From the rock, turn around and enter the collapsed cave. You’ll teleport to a hidden location with a hut. There are two more portals nearby that’ll take you to difference areas.
  • Read the many notes, and check out all the good stuff inside. Good luck!

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3 Comments on Black Mesa: Secrets & Easter Eggs


On November 11, 2012 at 6:04 am

It isn’t just Raminator who has an office, it isn’t his own office either, it’s shared with another developer called Cpt. Insane. The monitor on Raminator’s desk has Hammer open on it and there’s a picture of someone on the desk too. There’s a portrait on the wall of Cpt. Insane by his desk.


On February 18, 2014 at 12:15 am

you guys forgot about the hidden message in the pit.

The pizza is a lie.


On February 27, 2014 at 5:32 am

Don’t you know guys that you can spawn a giant? I noclip below the map. I saw a small area. I saw a few small buildings there. I spawned a soldier on a building and back to the map. I saw a giant soldier standing on the building. But it cannot attack you.