Black Ops 2: Buried – Awaken the Gazebo Achievement Guide

Don’t know how to Pack-a-Punch in Round 1 of Buried, the third zombies DLC for Black Ops 2? Look no further, because we’ve got the tips you’ll need to conquer one of the toughest achievements of the Vengeance add-on.

To unlock the “Awaken the Gazebo” achievement, you’ll need to reach a PaP (Pack-a-Punch) machine beyond a haunted mansion on the very first round. It sounds impossible, but if you know how to use those strange chalk markers and the new Time Bomb, this achievement is can be done. Check out the guide below, and get cracking.

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Awaken the Gazebo Achievement Guide

Step 1: How to Find & Use a Time Bomb

  • 1. Time Bombs are randomly given at the Mystery Box.
  • 2. Once you’ve got the Time Bomb, equip it to see two options. “Save” and “Restore”
  • 3. Throwing a Time Bomb on the ground will prime the bomb. Activating “Save” will save the round exactly where you are. Hitting “Restore” will revert you back to the saved round, with all the same weapons and points.
  • 4. Using the Time Bomb, you can revert to an earlier round. You’ll lose any points gained or weapons swapped, but unlocked doors or removed debris will remain open.
  • 5. There’s one advantage to using the Time Bomb with friends. If other players join the game after a Time Bomb has been placed and saved, they will KEEP all weapons and points after being restored. This is a good way to help your friends earn this achievement.

Step 2: Using Question Mark Symbols to Earn Fast Points

  • 1. After freeing the giant from his prison cell, feed him booze (found in his cell or in the saloon) to break into the armory.
  • 2. Inside the armory, you’ll see chalk-outlines of weapons. Instead of buying weapons here, you can pick up chalk and place it on the new question mark symbols that appear around town.
  • 3. By picking up chalk and filling in the question mark symbols, you’ll earn several thousand points instantly for each. The points earned correspond to the cost of the weapon placed over the question mark symbol.
  • 4. One question mark appears outside the prison. Another up the stairs from the prison. Another is in the cave entrance to the second floor of the saloon. Get a fourth by the Quick Revive right where you start after sliding into the mine. The last is on the second floor of the courthouse.
  • 5. It’s enough to only use two or three question marks to earn enough points after restoring time, but before going for the gazebo.

Step 3: Using the Pack-a-Punch Gazebo on Round 1

  • 1. To use the Pack-a-Punch in Round 1, you’ll need to earn points very quickly and avoid the ghost in the mansion after opening the way inside. All after activating the Time Bomb, and all before killing the last zombie of Round 1.
  • 2. To make things easier, get extra help with friends. Use the Time Bomb and retain a large buffer of points by joining a host’s game after the Time Bomb has been placed and saved. That way, you’ll keep points after the Time Bomb restores the players to Round 1.
  • 3. To activate the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll need 5000 points. Bring 10,000-20,000 while on a team to be safe. Or, attempt to run the ghost gauntlet alone.
  • 4. Work toward the mansion. Alone or with a group, you’ll need to free the mutant from his prison cell and unlock every door to the mansion before using the Time Bomb. Once the gates outside the mansion are clear, you can restore back to the first round.
  • 5. Earn as many points as possible before time travelling. Alone or with a team, use the knife and pistol often and avoid headshots. Don’t forget, you’ll need to place the Time Bomb during Round 1 — if you’re unlucky at the Mystery Box and don’t get the Time Bomb after 2-3 attempts, restart the map.
  • 6. Use the chalk outlines (described above) after restoring time to earn fast cash. Now, enter the mansion and beware the ghost. She’ll steal 2000 points per hit.
  • 7. Inside the mansion, run upstairs and open the hidden bookshelf. Run through the crawlspace, through the room, and jump down into the garden. Exit right, and enter the hedge maze.
  • 8. Stick around the left side of the hedge maze to find the gazebo entrance. Now, it’s just a simple walk down the steps (avoiding the holes in the stairs) to reach the Pack-a-Punch. If you’re fast, and can manage to avoid the ghost with at least 5000 points left, this achievement will be your’s.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Awaken Gazebo (30 points):
    In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 with no one using the bank or weapon locker.

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On July 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm

do the chalk’s respawn if you use them AFTER the the time bomb has been placed and saved? because i need to know that if i use them after i put down the time bomb, then go back in time, will they be back in the armory so i can get that 5000 points again?