Black Ops 2: Buried – FSIRT Against the Wall Achievement Guide

Get a light machine gun early and upgrade it at the Pack-a-Punch for an easy Black Ops 2 achievement with this guide. There’s a LSAT machine gun hidden in the first room of Buried.

It’s tricky to find if you don’t know how to reach it. Once you’ve got the useful gun, there’s an achievement for upgrading it. Learn the LSAT location, and how to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine with the text guide below.

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FSIRT Against the Wall Achievement Guide

Step 1: Finding the LSAT Gun

  • 1. Start earning points in the opening building before sliding into the underground mine. Use the knife and pistol to earn maximum points per zombie. You’ll need 2000 before progressing.
  • 2. There’s a doorway near a broken metal staircase around the mid-level of the warehouse. The doorway leads out onto the ledge. You can actually jump onto the broken section of stairs above and climb up onto the platform.
  • 3. There’s an LSAT against the wall to the right. Beware, purchasing it causes a trapdoor to open, dropping you into the mines.

Step 2: Finding the Pack-a-Punch Machine

  • 2. With Leroy in tow, get booze and lead him to the gates of the haunted mansion. Feed him the booze while he’s facing the gate to smash the debris in your path. The mansion area can now be accessed, just watch out for vengeful ghosts.
  • 3. Open the doors to the mansion for 1250 points. Beware the ghost, she’ll steal 2000 points every time she hits you. Fight her as you go up the stairs and into the backroom with the sliding bookshelf. Use the bookshelf to find a secret passage leading deeper into the mansion.
  • 4. Leave the passage and cross the hallway outside the room until finding a destroyed floor opening up to reveal a garden. Jump down and exit through the door on the right. Continue out the door to find a maze outside.
    • Maze Navigation: Entrance, left, right, second passage left, right, immediately right, left, right, right, immediately left, and straight forward to the Gazebo.
  • 5. Navigate the maze to the gazebo dome in the back corner, and take the stairs down. Eventually, the spiral staircase leads to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Stick the LSAT into the machine, and you’ll get the FSIRT for your troubles. Enjoy the achievement.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • FSIRT Against the Wall (20 points):
    In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and pack-a-punch it.

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On March 3, 2014 at 10:32 pm

Beware, stupid people think buying the LSAT triggers a trapdoor below you! NO dumbass it doesn’t trigger a trapdoor below you you idiot! The platform falls because the platform is fragile anti it just broke!