Black Ops 2: Buried – Mined Games Easter Egg & Achievement Guide

Learn to complete Buried’s toughest achievement with our Mined Games achievement guide for Black Ops 2. The new Zombies map, included in the Vengeance add-on, returns the original four Tranzit survivors to an underground mining town brimming with the undead.

Like all of Treyarch’s horde-style survival maps, there are two (maddeningly difficult) branching Easter Egg paths to complete. Figuring these challenges out is pretty much impossible alone, so check out the guide below for step-by-step instructions.

There’s way more Black Ops 2 DLC coverage on Game Front. Check out the full list of Buried cheats for more achievement guides, secret locations, and Easter egg info. If you’re new to this add-on, learn all about the new maps and features on the Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC beginner’s guide.

Mined Games Achievement Guide

Note: Do not use the Bank or Weapon Locker! Both will invalidate your progress on this achievement.

Note 2: Get the Paralyzer weapon from the Mystery Box. It is required for the second step.

Note 3: Unlocking this Easter Egg requires a full team of 4 players.

Step 1: Build the Guillotine

To start the Easter Egg, you’ll need to construct the guillotine outside the saloon by finding 4 specials parts.

  • Dish: Find this on the second floor of the saloon. It can be reached from the cave path in the mine entrance. Jump the gap through the path to reach the saloon’s second floor.
  • Red Crystal: On the path to the second floor of the saloon, look in the cave path or on the Saloon’s balcony.
  • Spool of Wire: Inside the Gunsmith Shop, where you can get the chalk from the walls, near the entrance into the Bank.
  • Antennae: On the first floor, inside the barn near the stable.

Collect all 4 items and construct the guillotine. When that’s done, get a Paralyzer from the Mystery Box. It’s a random weapon, so keep trying.

Step 2: Break 4 Red Orbs

Once you have the Paralyzer, you’ll need to shoot 4 red orbs scattered around the Buried map. Shoot the red orbs until they change from red to white.

  • Red Orb #1: Garden behind the haunted mansion, to the left.
  • Red Orb #2: Cave tunnels between the Courthouse and Sweets Shop.
  • Red Orb #3: Alleys near the Saloon
  • Red Orb #4: Left of the Church

Keep shooting the red orbs until they chime.

Step 3: Get the Purple Lantern

A glowing lantern will spawn in the Graveyard and begin floating around the map. Hunt it down and cook a grenade to blow the lantern out of the sky.

Quickly pickup the lantern before it disappears. Now, you’ll need to energize the lantern.

Step 4: Energize the Lantern

Take your team to the haunted mansion and defeat the witches. Stay together and keep the lantern near each kill.

Continue to defeat ghosts (about 10) until a spectral voice contacts you. Take the Lantern to the Saloon balcony and place the lantern over the icon that’s appeared. Now, a special cypher will appear.

Step 5: Decrypt the Code

This is the tricky part. A message will appear, and you’ll have to figure out which mine signs to hit. There are five mine signs; Grounder Biter Pits, Dry Gulches Shaft, Lunger Undermines, Bone Orchard Vein, and Consumption Cross.

To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to use a Tic-Tac-Toe Cipher. The dot shows which of the three letters on a row is used, while the lines surrounding the dot show which row is being used. A line at the top, with no line on the bottom, denotes that the top row is being used. Two lines on the sides, but no lines at the top or bottom denote that the center row is being used.

All you need to do is figure out the first letter of each sign listed on the cipher. Once the 3 locations are discovered, you’ll need to get a set of Galvaknuckles.

Step 7: Galvaknuckle Signs

With the Galvaknuckles equipped, punch the three signs listed in the cipher. You can figure out the entire sign’s name, but you only need to figure out the first letter.

Hit each sign. If you hit the correct ones, they will glow red. Before punching all 3 signs, collect a Time Bomb from the Mystery Box and set it on the Guillotine.

With the Time Bomb set on the Guillotine, punch all three signs and a wisp will appear.

Step 8: Follow the Wisp & Time Travel

Guide the wisp through zombies on the way to the Guillotine. Equip Vulture-Aid to see the spawned wisp.

Once the wisp reaches the Guillotine a swarm of zombies will spawn. Kill off the zombies, and gather your team around the Time Bomb. Set it off, and you’ll need to find a lever near one of the bodies.

You’ll have 90 seconds to find the lever and use it on the Guillotine. It will appear on one of four bodies that appear somewhere in town.

Step 9: Find Levers in the Maze

Next, go to the maze behind the haunted mansion to find four colored levers. You’ll need to pull these four levers in the correct sequence.

The sequence is totally random, so you’ll just have to test it. Each correct lever pull will cause sparks to appear. If sparks do not appear, you’ll need to reset the maze by jumping into the fountain hole.

Each level only needs to be pulled once. Once all four are pulled in the correct order, you can now finish the Easter Egg with one last step.

Step 10: Sharpshooting

Free Huckleberry (or Leroy, or the mutant in the prison) and have him smash the gates outside the front of the mansion — if you haven’t already.

A special prompt will appear. Once activated, you’ll enter the toughest part of this achievement. Music will begin to play, and targets will appear all over the town.

Targets will appear in the mansion, the Sweets Shop, the Saloon and the prison. Don’t miss a single shot, or you’ll need to restart this step from the beginning.

Destroy all the targets, and you’ll finally earn this achievement.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Mined Games (75 points / Silver):
    In Buried, be their pawn.

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