Black Ops 2: Glitches & Exploits

Call of Duty’s multiplayer has always been plagued with odd glitches, and Black Ops 2 is no exception. Patient players have already uncovered some crazy bugs, like making Care Packages fly. Not every bug is silly, some bugs give players double the scorestreaks, providing an unfair advantage. Check out the strange and curious glitches of Black Ops 2 below, and please don’t try these at home.

And remember — whether they’re harmless, funny, or game-breaking you should always report any glitches to Activision. Make multiplayer fair for everyone.

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Glitches & Exploits

Keep checking back for new updates! This is a work-in-progress.

Flying Care Packages

  • Yes, Care Packages can fly. Players need a few friends and the ability to hack Care Packages.
  • To get them to fly, players can stack two Care Packages. Once stacked, players then hack both Care Packages. Finally, they capture the hacked Care Package on top, and watch it fly away.

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Underground Escort Drones

  • Randomly, the Escort Drone will appear under the map. Instead of killing other players, the drone is more likely to kill the player that summoned it with its ground-level chopper blades.

Source: [1]

Useless SVU

  • Around the shoulder / arm hitbox, the SVU bullets will often shoot straight through a multiplayer model without damaging it.

Source: [1]

Thermal Vision and Two-for-One Scorestreaks Exploit

  • This is how the glitch works; players need three Scorestreaks; the Escort Drone, the Warthog, and the VTOL Warship. When all three are unlocked, players then activate them all very quickly — one after another.
  • After activating the VTOL, the player will be in control through a remote camera. The VTOL then needs to be destroyed.
  • When the VTOL is destroyed, the glitching player must quickly switch his weapon. When they do, their vision will turn green. Enemies will be very easy to spot on the battlefield, and their gun will remain partially translucent.
  • In addition, they’ll have another VTOL Warship ready to use, right away.

Source: [1]

More to come!

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Refugio Catacutan

On March 6, 2013 at 12:41 am

I know this may sound off topic, but I just had to say it.

I bought my blackops 2 disk off amazon the other day and inside it there was a coupon code. At first I ignored it and poped in the disk. So anyways I login to multiplayer and this screen pops up saying : "Please enter your 8 digit code to access your exclusive black ops 2 elite gear."

I was like wtf! This is awesome :3

So I type in the code and a screen pops up saying : "Congratulations! You have received winter camo PP7SH spartanF150" The names were images btw.

It was so awesome! The spartanF150 was a 2 shot assault riffle and the PP7SH had a awesome rate of fire.

Idk if the same link will work for you guys, but you can try it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Tell me if it works :P Gamertag : Damien16