Black Ops 2: How to Pack-A-Punch in Tranzit [Video]

If you want to survive Black Ops 2‘s Tranzit as long as possible, you’re going to need the Pack-A-Punch machine. This hidden upgrade-device will power-up your weapons for a price, but you’ll be rewarded with attachments and special engravings to go with the added stopping power. Unlocking this machine is pretty tricky, you might want to bring a friend to help, but with our instructional video and text guide, you’ll know what to do.

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How to Pack-A-Punch

  • To start, you’ll need the Turbine at the Bus Station.
  • To build the Turbine: grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane’s wing under the payphones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window. Take each part to the workbench to construct.
  • Escape the Bus Station and board the bus. Ride it to the Power Station, or the third stop on the bus’ route. Access the Power Station by buying your way through the shed door directly across the bus stop.
  • Enter the Power Station and activate the power.
  • To turn on the power: collect the Zombie Arm, the Circuit Board, and the Lever. All three are scattered in the small Power Station. Collect them and attach to the power switch to turn on. Learn how to turn on the power with our video guide here.
  • Make sure to bring your Turbine with you. Place the Turbine near a door with a lightning bolt symbol. Remember this location, if your Turbine shorts out before you reach the next location, you’ll need to replace it or get a friend to help.
  • Next, get to the Bank. Unlock the front door, then blow open the Vault doors with grenades or the Ray Gun.
  • Inside the vault, you’ll find another lightning bolt door similar to the Power Station door. If your Turbine is active in the Power Station and correctly placed, the lightning bolt door in the vault will open.
  • Down inside the bunker through the now-open door and look for three parts; the shell, the stool, and the battery. They’re all scattered around the small new area. Pick up each piece and construct on the nearby workbench.
  • When you’re finished, you’ll gain access to the Pack-A-Punch machine! Choose your weapon, and kill zombies with ease.
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