Black Ops 2: Intel Locations Guide

Intel returns in Black Ops 2, and we’ll help you find every one of these collectibles with our guide below. Don’t waste your time searching everywhere, check out our straight-forward video guides and text explanations to supplement your achievement hunting experience. James returns to help players dig up these documents with our full intel video guide, so you’ve got no excuse, soldier.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • High IQ (20 points)
    Collect all intel.

Intel Locations Guide

This is a work-in-progress. Keep checking back as we add new updates.

Pyrrhic Victory

  1. When you’re in control and ordered to hunt down the Mortar Teams, you’ll drop out of the back of your carrier. Eventually, you’ll come across an overturned armored transport. At the truck, you’ll be able to acquire mortar shells. Look near the truck for the intel to its right.
  2. Once you board the barge, climb the ladder on the left up to the higher section. Move toward the front of the ship and look in the corner for an intel to your right.
  3. During the retreat, you’ll pass by tall sniper towers. After your AI partner throws a smoke grenade, you’ll reach a second set of towers – one tall, and one smaller. You’ll find the intel up the smaller of the two towers.


  1. After fighting up the hillside, you’ll reach a helipad where you’ll encounter drones. After getting the objective to take control of a drone, look left of the machines for a side-room containing intel.
  2. Entering the underground base, look to your left as you enter a room with a large staircase on the far end. Just left of the entrance is a small reception desk through a window. Look inside, you can take the intel through the window without having to find a way inside the room.
  3. Eventually, you’ll meet up and rescue a scientist. Enemies will then pour in. After taking the bad guys out, cross the room and look through the door all the intruders came from.

Old Wounds

  1. When the meeting ends inside the cave, look right before leaving. The intel is in plain sight, up against the wall, near three NPCs.
  2. On the horse, you’ll cross by many red flags marking ammo and weapon caches. Look for one such flag near a large, spire-like rock pointing upward. The intel is right at the red flag.
  3. Further on, you’ll be ordered to take back the ammo dump. Return to a large ravine, with rickety bridges crossing the empty stretch. Before the first of these bridges, look for a small path leading up to a raised rocky area, eventually leading you to a cave. Look to the right of the cave entrance to find intel.

Time and Fate

  1. When you’re in control of Raul, cross to the back of the barn and look behind the farm trailer to get your intel.
  2. Moving in to attack the large house, look on the right side for a bell tower. There are two ladders leading up to the top. Climb the first, then second ladder to spot intel at the center. Jump off the second ladder to reach the small floor.
  3. Heading into the underground area, you’ll pass through a low drug lab full of cocaine. Inside, look to the far left side of the room, where you’ll find an entrance leading into another small chamber hiding the intel.

Fallen Angel

  1. When you’re in control, simply turn right to find the intel in plain sight.
  2. After cracking open the gate and escaping the bus, look right for a small alcove with intel on the ground.
  3. Stepping onto dry land after crossing the murky waters, the intel is right up ahead.


  1. After having your eyes scanned, cross to the far right end of the server room. The intel is on a desk, just right of the elevator.
  2. Fighting through the mall, look to your right as you pass a set of stairs for a store called “d’HO” which contains another intel behind the service counter.
  3. Stepping out into a large outdoor area, past the bar, stick to the right side of the zone. Hug the walls, and look for a small kiosk with a computer.

Suffer With Me

  1. Entering the warehouse through the skylights, cross the catwalks and enter a small room with stairs leading down. Don’t go down yet, instead look on the shelving for intel.
  2. When entering a large open church area of the slums, look for a building far in the back with a blasted hole. Look for a building with a burning dumpster outside of it.
  3. When entering the next building, you’ll hit a cutscene. The intel is just ahead in the next room, sitting on a metal table.

Achille’s Veil

  1. The level begins with a large courtyard. Don’t exit the area yet, instead look for stairs leading up into a tower on your left, before reaching the streets. Climb the steps to find intel on the floor.
  2. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you can take control of some drones. Through the alley, you’ll face a building with a soldier shooting at you through the first floor windows. Check out that room for ammo and intel.
  3. Out of in the dusty wilderness, you’ll find two square white houses. Intel is located on the second house you encounter, you’ll need to find stairs on the right side of the home, leading to a ladder to the roof.


  1. When you reach the bridge of the ship, you’ll be able to take control of turrets. You’ll also be able to find intel, on a desk near the windows, on the right side of the room.
  2. Once you run into your AI Partner, you’ll find a large computer room. Stick to the right of the room to find stairs leading up. Take the stairs, and look to your right for a table holding your next intel.
  3. On the ship’s flight deck, you’ll find two landed VTOLs with their doors open. Explore the second VTOL, beyond the first, to find another intel.

Cordis Die

  1. After dropping down onto the highway, look for a destroyed SUV to your left, near a bus.
  2. Past the driving sequence, you’ll be back on the streets. Look on the left for an open door past hotdog vendors. Inside, turn right and look on one of the large tables with computers to find intel.
  3. Go to the mall on your left, with a large “Dale’s Jewelry” sign outside the main entrance. Take the stairs up and you’ll find a t-shirt kiosk with intel hidden on one of the lower shelves.

Judgement Day

  1. Reaching the next open area, look ahead for a two-story building with a “27″ labeled on the side. Get upstairs to find intel on the desk inside.
  2. Inside the central control room with the massive computer screens, look down the third aisle of desks to your left to find the intel.
  3. Ahead, you’ll enter a large server room with sets of stairs leading up and down. Head down into the dark area below, and look on the crates for the last intel.

Note: The achievement will not appear until the last level is completed. Goodluck!

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