Black Ops 2 Trailer Apparently Reveals Mission Locations

Hidden in the newly released Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer are a bunch of clues to where missions will take place and, potentially, what they’ll be about, according to a story from G4.

Posted a full minute before the rest of us received the trailer, a story on G4′s website claims to have analyzed numbers shown at the very beginning of the video and found them to be dates and coordinates. Supposedly by running those numbers through, I dunno, Google and Wikipedia or something, G4 nailed down when and where several of the events seen in the trailer are taking place.

The post then goes on to speculate as to what the missions will be about. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s shown:

July 23, 1986 – Angola, Africa
Set during the Angolan Civil War.

October 23, 1987 – Afghanistan, Kalana
Set during the Soviet Union’s war with Muslims in Afghanistan. Apparently, this is the scene with the horses.

December 19, 1989 – Panama City, Panama
Set during the U.S. invasion of Panama.

October 23, 2022 – Sharj Sharin in Hadramawt, Yemen
This location is apparently in the middle of the desert and “probably reveals a mission where the enemies steal valuable information in a secret facility that lead to the attacks in 2025.”

July 23, 2025 – Chad, Africa
Located apparently near the border between Chad and Libya and potentially has to do with those two countries being at war over the Aouzou Strip according to supposed speculation by G4.

July 25, 2025 – British Indian Ocean Territory
This is apparently the location of the ocean-bound facility where the plane lands early in the trailer.

June 19, 2025 – Los Angeles, California
G4 takes the appearance of L.A. in the trailer combined with “finding” L.A. via coordinates to be a confirmation of the rest of the coordinates.

June 12, 2025 – Hong Kong, China
No special “speculation” about what might happen in Hong Kong, apparently.

Here’s the trailer for reference.

There’s one interesting tidbit that I haven’t seen brought up anywhere else: (MINOR SPOILER FOR CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS) the person narrating the trailer is Sgt. Frank Woods, the guy who went out the window to save the player in the first Black Ops. Guess that guy’s not dead. Or this is an alternate reality. Either seems viable at this point.

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3 Comments on Black Ops 2 Trailer Apparently Reveals Mission Locations


On May 1, 2012 at 6:13 pm

An alternate reality of an already alternate reality? I’m confuddles. Oh, and I was just as surprised as you were to see Woods alive and kicking. At this rate Call of Duty will resurrect enough characters to rival both DC and Marvel.


On May 1, 2012 at 8:28 pm

As eagerly as I awaited “Call of Duy: The Future” for the past couple of years, the game looks so beholden to the tropes of the series from this trailer that I, disappointingly, can’t get excited for it. At the very least the rest of the industry will dutifully follow CoD’s example in setting, meaning we’ll probably see some cool takes on the near future setting in the next 2-4 years. THAT excites me more than this dolled-up Modern Warfare 6.


On May 1, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Meh… Doesn’t look that great so far i’d give it a “pass”…