Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Mob of the Dead
  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Magma
  • Mob of the Dead


    • Once you have been killed in Mob of the Dead, a new feature called Afterlife allows you to continue moving around the map as a ghostly form. Entering this mode during gameplay gives you access to abilities and areas that are unavailable to the living.
    • Using Afterlife provides two special abilities: Shock and Levitate. The power to shock allows you to defeat surrounding zombies or restore power to generators that can open doors to new areas and items. The levitating ability can boost you up through secret entry points that can not be reached in human form.
    • You are initially provided with a limited number of chances to enter Afterlife. You can replenish your supply during battle, but if they are ever depleted completely, the match will end.
    • While experiencing Afterlife, keep an eye on the symbol at the bottom of your screen as the color slowly drains out of it. You will need to return to human form before the icon is empty to avoid losing the match permanently.
    • You have the option to enter Afterlife voluntarily by approaching the red electrical boxes scattered throughout the area or allow it to happen naturally from a zombie attack. To exit the Afterlife, locate your soulless body sitting on the floor and press the indicated button to return to human form.


    • In order to create the Acid Gat, you’ll need the Blundergat and the three kit parts located in the Infirmary, the Warden’s Office and on Broadway Block. Your new weapon then be assembled at the workbench on Broadway Block’s third floor.
    • After collecting the plane parts from the bottom floor of Broadway Block, the Dock, the Citadel Tunnel, the Warden’s Office, the Infirmary and the Shower Room, make your way up to the large construction platform at the center of the Roof. Press the indicated button to construct the plane and fly to the Golden Gate Bridge, where you can access Pack-A-Punch and return to the prison via the electric chairs.
    • Once you have collected the three Zombie Shield parts from the Dock and the Citadel Tunnel’s generator room and spiral staircase, the entire piece can be constructed using the workbench located on the Dock.

    Initial Cellblock and Library Area

    • The first area consists of a narrow cellblock and a wider library room. Fall back into the less restrictive library to use its entrance as a choke point and eliminate the larger packs of zombies that funnel through it with more ease.
    • In the initial cell block and library area, each of the two rooms has a pair of barriers that will require your attention.
    • If you are having trouble finding your next destination, return to the initial cellblock where the match began and use the map beside the hole in the wall as a guide to get where you’re going.

    Broadway Block

    • Move through the cage in the library to gain access to the second floor of “Broadway” area of the cellblock and you’ll find the Hellhound on the right side wall.
    • Once you have acquired the electrified key from Michigan Block and gained access to the Broadway Block’s third floor, head left to cross a narrow metal bridge that leads into a green room and open the door inside that leads to the Infirmary.
    • Plane Part: Enter Afterlife using the electrical box in the far left corner of Broadway Block’s ground floor, then pass through the secret portal beside the staircase to reach the area inside the walls. Jump forward up the pipes in front of you and turn around at the end to leap onto the next ledge above, then shock the generator ahead on the right to remove power to the area. Exit the area between the wall and levitate up through the hidden portal above on the right, then overload the generator and return to your human body to collect the key part that has descended by the Warden’s Office nearby.
    • After entering the ground floor of Broadway Block, turn the corner on the left to find a fred electrical box and put your back to it. With enough ammo, this area can successfully be used as a choke point for a long period of time by eliminating the zombies that approach from the one access point in front of you.
    • On the ground floor of the Broadway Block, there is a generator at one of the room that can be shocked during afterlife to open a door on the left with a 2X item inside.
    • Acid Gat Part: Across from the electrical box on the ground floor of Broadway Block, you’ll find a part of the Acid Gat kit.

    Michigan Block

    • On the ground floor of the “Michigan” cellblock area, you’ll find a Fan Trap at one end of the corridor and a generator on the other. Approach the electrical box across from the trap to enter the Afterlife, then shock the generator to open the cell door directly on your left that house the 2X item.
    • When you have entered the afterlife in the “Michigan” cellblock area, face the fan trap to levitate up through the hole in the chain link wall above and shock the consoles to overload them until the key outside drops down.


    • Plane Part: Navigate through the Infirmary to reach an area with meathooks hanging from the ceiling and the Uzi available for purchase, then approach the display case in the corner and unlock it with the previously electrified key to collect the plane part within.
    • Acid Gat Part:Within the Infirmary is a washroom with a single bathtub inside, where you can collect a part for the Acid Gat kit on the table beside it.
    • If you are ever under heavy attack inside the Infirmary, approach the display case where the plane part was located and activate the hellhound in the corner across from it.
    • Enter the room marked “Roof” adjacent to the Infirmary and face the entrance to use it as a choke point that can also be protected by a hellhound.
    • You can purchase Deadshot by restoring power to the generator in the small room marked “Roof” that’s adjacent to the Infirmary.


    • In the cafeteria you will find a Random Weapon box, claymores and an Acid Trap. There are three entry points that need to be covered and stairwell door at the front of the room.
    • Enter the cafeteria to fight the more resilient enemy hordes that appear, then collect a supply of claymore located nearby and drop them as you run away from these enemies by traveling in a circle around the room. Allow the pursuing threat to sprint through the trail of claymores you leave behind to eliminate him quickly.
    • The cafeteria is a safe place to hold down during the later rounds as it provides a variety of traps, weapon options and claymore devices. There is also enough room to run evasively around it in a circle while fending off the zombie invasion.

    Citadel Tunnels

    • In the Citadel Tunnel, you will find Double-Tap and a Random Weapon box within the first few initial rooms.
    • Open the door adjacent to the Random Weapon box inside the Citadel Tunnel, then descend the spiral staircase on the other side to unlock the cage at the bottom with the three generators inside. Return to the top of the stairs to enter the Afterlife and make your way quickly back down to the bottom, then shock the generators from left to right by giving them a certain number of electricity blasts in this order: 3-9-0.
    • Plane Part: After entering the 3-9-0 code in the generators at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnel’s spiral staircase, open the door beside them to continue descending quickly through the building and make your first available left turn into the elevator cage below to collect the plane part inside.
    • The wide brick corridor at the end of the Citadel Tunnels is perfect for running back and forth across during heavy zombie invasions. Shoot the enemies with a powerful close range weapon while on the move to cover the entry points at both ends.
    • At the end of the Citadel Tunnel is a room full of generator consoles on the right and a gate that exits into an outside area on the left. Jugger-Nog is available in the outside area once you restore power to the generator via the electrical box at the top of the steps beside it.This area is also a connecting point to the Docks.
    • Zombie Shield Part: After passing through the second entryway from the bottom of the spiral staircase with the Citadel Tunnels, turn around to find a Shield part hiding behind the wall.
    • Plane Part: At the end of the Citadel Tunnel is a room full of generator consoles on the right and a gate that exits into an outside area on the left. Enter Afterlife inside the generator room to pass through the nearby hidden portal and overload the terminal around the next corner. Return to the previous area and overload all surrounding generators to unlock the small room housing a plane part in the Warden’s Office.
    • Zombie Shield Part: Search the shelves within the generator room at the end of the Citadel Tunnels to find a part of the Zombie Shield. If you’re facing the room from the outside, it should be located behind the rightmost brick column.

    The Dock

    • There is a Random Weapon box, a construction table, a Tower Trap and a Hellhound located at opposite ends from one another on the Dock. The Hellhound and table can be found closer to the wall of the building in the back right corner, whereas the box and trap are located nearer to the water in the other corner.
    • Plane Part: Open the chain link gate at the far end of the Dock to shock the generator on the other side and unlock another entry point, then return to human form to collect the plane part that is now available.
    • The Dock can be easily guarded with an automatic weapon for mowing down large zombie crowds, while also using the Tower Trap and Hellhound to cover both corners. The wide L-shaped pathway is ideal for crossing from one end to the other and turning around each time to funnel the swarm into one cohesive group that can eliminated quickly.
    • Zombie Shield Part: Across from the random weapon box and in front of the sniper tower on the Dock, you’ll find a part of the Zombie Shield.

    Warden’s Office

    • Acid Gat Part: In the Warden’s Office, enter the room adjacent to where the Random Weapon box is located to pick up a part of the Acid Gat kit.

    Shower Room

    • Plane Part: Enter Afterlife in the Shower Room and cross to the caged area at the opposite end of the hall to shock the generator, then revive yourself to activate the dryer in front of the previous generator and wait for the cycle to end. Equip a powerful weapon and stay on the move to survive the onslaught of zombies that appear during the dryer’s cycle, then collect the plane part that appears inside the machine.

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