Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Mob of the Dead
  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Magma
  • Encore

    Strategic Hints and Tips

    • This map is primarily divided into an open staging area at its center and a surrounding seating section along its edge. Move quickly between the cover points when traveling through the staging area to avoid any potential sniper posted up in the buildings around the seating section.
    • There is a crawlspace located beneath the stage that can be used as a choke point, if you position yourself correctly against one of the corners inside, or it can provide a quick escape route between the opposite sections of the stadium.
    • Enter the building marked “Section Two” and plant an explosive device, such as a claymore, below the window to close it off as an access point, then face the room’s entrance to open fire on opponents that pass in front of it. This should provide you with assured protection until an enemy tosses a grenade into the room or you are no longer able to rig a trap by the window.
    • Avoid lingering inside the concession area for too long. There are too many access points spaced inconveniently around the room for you to observe at once and there is minimal cover provided inside.
    • The stairwell inside the building marked Stage 18 can be used as an effective sneak-attack location by ascending onto the landing between the two sets of steps and crouching down in the corner with the dislodged wall panel.
    • Run across the top of the stage only as a means of travel or escape. It is the most exposed area on the map from most angles and can easily be targeted for air strikes at any time.
    • With your back to the stage, approach the steps on the right by slowly creeping around the corner at the bottom and use the small trashcan as cover to open fire on the unsuspecting enemies that pass by above.
    • Equip a scoped weapon and place a sentry gun in front of or behind the entrance to Section Two, then cover the room’s window by sniping the enemies that cross through the staging area below. This tactic can also be executed by placing the sentry gun in front of the window while you cover the outer corridor.
    • When calling in an air-strike of any kind, target the open staging area at the map’s center to improve your odds of success.
    • Find the outside staircase that leads up to a large sign that reads “Cafe” and stand directly to the left of the top of these steps, then crouch down to eliminate enemies that ascend beside you or are currently exiting the restaurant.
    • Crouching at the top or bottom of the stairwell within the concession stand is an ideal way to turn this location into an ambush spot against enemies passing by outside.
    • By standing against the broken mirrors above the sinks inside the restroom, you can pick off enemies passing through the structure without being seen.
    • You can drop through an opening in the glass-paneled railing outside the cafe’s entrance to access a narrow choke point below. By staying hidden in this small walkway, you can pick off enemies entering the nearby building.
    • Due to the small size and variety of ambush points available on this map, the U.A.V. might be the most effective piece of equipment to have at your disposal.
    • A useful ambush spot can be utilized by crouching behind the table against the booth seating area inside the cafe.
    • Near the concession stand entrance that faces the seating section, there is a small alcove against the wall that’s surrounded by obstacles and can be used as an effective ambush location.

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