Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Mob of the Dead
  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Magma
  • Vertigo

    Strategic Hints and Tips

    • Be wary of passing through the automatic doors marked with a clue symbol, as they can alert nearby enemies to your presence.
    • Despite the larger size of this map, there are so many scattered obstacles and hallways with tight corners that a sub-machine gun or even a shotgun may be more useful here than other weapons.
    • Pass through the exit adjacent to the restrooms and make a left up the ramp on the outside rooftop, then approach the red metal bridge ahead and jump down into the open windows below it as a means of escape or quick access back into the building.
    • When traveling across the map’s rooftop exterior, move quickly between the surrounding field of obstacles at all times to avoid exposure and reach your target safely.
    • A well-aimed smoke grenade can chase enemies away from the cover provided by the obstacles around the exterior or from the small rooms surrounding the interior of the building.
    • Enter the room on the first floor with a small robot walker displayed under glass and circle around it continuously as a means of cover while you eliminate the enemies that pass through each of the available doorways.
    • As a means of reaching the outside rooftop more quickly, move into the small area across from the elevator doors and jump through the window to climb the red metal ladder.
    • Crouch down in front of the large air conditioning that faces the red metal bridge and open fire on any approaching enemies. This is a useful choke point as the bridge is the only way to reach your side of the rooftop and the AC unit will shield you against enemies approaching from behind.
    • Place a sentry gun against near one of the corners within the circular interior of the building’s lobby so that it is protected on both sides by a pillar and a wall.
    • Make a left from the helipad to approach a green-striped building marked 74 and move to its right side corner, then drop onto the narrow ledge you see below to access a secret route that runs along the outermost edge of the map.
    • Stay crouched down and equip a scoped weapon while traveling through the circular interior of the building. This will allow you to remain covered behind the small glass railing panels and pick off the enemies on the opposite side of the landing.
    • You can stand safely in the entrance room with automatic doors by putting your back to them and firing at enemies who pass through the outside rooftop. Listen for the automatic doors to open so that you can quickly turn around on any approaching enemies.
    • Crouch down between the two obstacles surrounding the top of the ladder on the red metal bridge. You can easily ambush passersby, but will be vulnerable from attacks that come from the broken window below.
    • There is a conference room located near a large tree that’s been planted along the edge of the outside rooftop. You can hide in the corners of this room, while keeping an eye on the entrance and the outside balcony that can only be accessed by dropping down onto it from above.
    • Due to the small size and variety of ambush points available on this map, the U.A.V. might be the most effective piece of equipment to have at your disposal.

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