Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Mob of the Dead
  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Magma
  • Studio

    Strategic Hints and Tips

    • One useful chokepoint can be found inside the old west area’s Saloon by posting up against a corner located beside either of the two open doorways.
    • There is a wooden cart beside the mine tunnel entrance that you can take cover behind to eliminate enemies that pass through.
    • This map’s layout is nearly identical to a multiplayer level called Firing Range that was available in the first Black Ops game. Most of the same strategies that were useful in the original map can be applied here as well.
    • Depending on where you are currently located on this map, both long-range and short range weaponry can prove to be useful for success. The second floors of the surrounding structures usually provide an open window for sniping, whereas the large variety of obstacles and narrow enclosures on the ground are better suited for close combat.
    • Look for the ladder on the vined wall next to the drawbridge of the medieval castle area. It leads up into a sniper perch that can be used to pick off enemies running across the ground below, perhaps on their way to pick up the flag located nearby.
    • Use the hay bale to enter the second floor of the barn set, then stand watch above the staircase that leads into this area and eliminate any approaching enemies.
    • Enter the building below the crate that contains a fake shark and find the room decorated with green screens, then crouch in the corner that overlooks both entry points and take out the hostiles that pass through.
    • Due to the high number of outside pathways that are necessary for traveling around this map, the best killstreaks to equip are airstrikes such as the Hellstorm Missile or the Lodestar.
    • When approaching the moving target areas, stop before entering the narrow pathway to eliminate any possible oncoming enemies and proceed between the walls in the road to avoid sudden ambushes.
    • Flag C should be approach from the saloon or from the barn, as they provide the most cover and elevated positioning to clear the area of opposing forces first.
    • When a new battle begins, take cover near the mine shaft entrance so that you have a line of sight on the wagon beside it, then shoot the barrels inside the cart to detonate a massive explosion and kill enemies in the vicinity with a single bullet.
    • Inside the mine tunnel is a small alcove dug into the wall that you can use as a prime location for ambushing opponents that pass through.
    • This map is ideal for laying down mines and other explosives. Choose locations with narrow pathways and tight corners, such as the mine tunnel or the model cityscape behind it.
    • Take cover behind the flatbed cart in the pirate set, so that your back is to the water, and open fire on enemies that use the entry points on either side of you, while maintaining minimal exposure.
    • Approach the corner in the road that faces the T-Rex robot with caution, as there is heavy foot traffic on this path and there are multiple lines of sight on it from elevated positions.

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