Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Mob of the Dead
  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Magma
  • Magma

    Strategic Hints and Tips

    • Stay on the move at all times when traveling through the outside street area and duck between the surrounding obstacles as you go. There are multiple directions to cover and the line of sight on your location can extend to various distances and angles, making this a high-risk area.
    • Avoid touching the areas of this map covered in red-hot magma, as this particular aspect of the environment has the ability to kill you immediately.
    • There is a partially destroyed subway train that you can pass through near the edge of the map with two entry points. By covering one with an explosive trap, you can crouch in the middle of the car and take out enemies that arrive through the opposite end.
    • A scoped automatic rifle is ideal for the mid-range combat that occurs on the outside streets, especially when rounding corners to surprise approaching enemies. A shotgun or other high-powered weapon is preferable for the close-quarter battles that happen in the surrounding structures.
    • There is an open window inside the bank building that overlooks a large section of the main upper and lower outside area. This opening can be used as a means of quick escape or as a temporary sniper perch.
    • Look for the corners, archways and other entryways that lead out onto the streets. Approach these connecting points slowly from a covered angle and eliminate enemies you see crossing through the open area outside.
    • Look for the fiery footprints across from the sushi bar and hop over the railing behind them to access the narrow walkway that bridges the large pool of lava below.
    • Due to the high number of outside pathways that are necessary for traveling around this map, the best killstreaks to equip are airstrikes such as the Hellstorm Missile or the Lodestar.
    • Use the white Eco vans parked sideways in front of the tunnel as cover to eliminate enemies exiting the enclosure.
    • When entering the sushi bar from the second story, jump over the railing to land on the floor below rather than descending the stairs so that you can get the drop on any hostiles in the area.
    • There is a rock bridge outside the window of the subway car near the lava that can be used as a quick escape route should you find yourself under attack.
    • Use the circular seating column within the subway station as cover whenever you cross through the building to avoid attacks from enemies approaching from the opposite entrance.
    • You can jump onto the bent street sign that’s submerged in the lava pool outside the crashed subway train. By crouching down with a scoped weapon, you can pick off enemies exiting the nearby building or cross through the train cars.

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