Black Ops 2: Vengeance – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Cove
  • Detour
  • Rush
  • Uplink
  • Zombie Map: Buried
  • Rush

    Strategic Hints and Tips

    • Due to the high volume of long corridors and second floor windows, the preferred weapons for this area would be the SMG or, in some cases, the sniper rifle.
    • Surveillance devices, such as the UAV, are some of the most useful tools that can be utilized on this map. They can help you ambush or evade enemies hiding in the surrounding structures or around the various sharp corners.
    • Look for the stairs leading to a second floor landing in the southeastern corner of this map and hold the area down with a scoped automatic rifle. Each time you fire a quick burst out the window that looks down on the center clearing, quickly turn around to avoid being ambushed and check the ladder on your left for enemies making the climb.
    • You can position yourself in an ideal ambush spot by ducking behind the giant tires in the red hallways on the south end of the map and waiting for enemies to enter the corridor from either side.
    • With all of the narrow corners and various rooms spread out across this map, it is usually a safer bet to retreat into these obstructed areas rather than to stand and fight as a means of survival.
    • The open spaces outside and the surrounding structures without roofs, make this one of if not the best map for deploying kill-streak attacks like Lightning Strike and Hellstorm.
    • Avoid running across the open clearing as much as possible to avoid exposing yourself to enemy fire. The primary places you should be trying to hold down are the paintball area at one end of the map and building on the other side.
    • Toss any grenades or C4 you have from the open windows of the surrounding structures, so that they land in the clearing at the center of map where the heaviest amount of foot-traffic occurs.
    • You can hide in the bus outside the front entrance to the paintball area and open fire on enemies exiting this area, but don’t stay too long or someone will eventually toss a grenade inside the transport.
    • When battling inside the paintball room, toss grenades behind the barricades in the corner to increase your chances of it landing near an enemy.
    • Another excellent ambush spot is in the western circular corner of map, where you will find a small square opening in the wall that can be fired through while providing the maximum amount of cover.

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