Black Ops 2: Vengeance – Multiplayer & Zombies Guide

Table of Contents

  • Cove
  • Detour
  • Rush
  • Uplink
  • Zombie Map: Buried
  • Zombie Map: Buried

    Use this walkthrough as means of accessing: the locations of all available routes and buildings, chalk symbols, the tall hillbilly in the jail cell and the work tables, rather than as a combat guide against the zombies.

    • Once you have been dropped into the level below, purchase a weapon from the wall and draw in another one using chalk.
    • Drop through the hole in the floorboards beside the symbol you just drew to land in the western town below and move forward across the dirt road to access the random weapon box ahead on the left, then turn around to rush towards the zombies falling from above and take them out with your knife.
    • Continue circling the town streets to eliminate any remaining zombies and find the staircase blocked by debris to clear it away, then drop through the open window ahead on the right to land beside the bank and withdraw money to increase your wealth substantially.
    • Open fire on the zombies emerging from the window to the right of the bank and occasionally check the hallway towards the left for enemies charging towards you, then head in this direction to turn the next corner and drop through the hole in the floor to enter the underground tunnel.
    • Proceed forward through the tunnel to emerge from the other side and collect the part in the corner, then exit the room to purchase new weapons from the wall on the left and continue forward to ascend the next staircase.
    • Locate the vending machine in the room at the top of steps for future reference and move through the next doorway to clear out the debris in front of you, then proceed right into the mine shaft to reach the stables at the end and climb the staircase in the corner to move around the second floor landing at the top.
    • Drop through the hole in the corner to land in the streets below and use chalk to change the question mark symbol written on the wall across from you, then move right down the street to enter the building next door to the bank and climb the staircase inside to collect a part from the first room at the top.
    • Open the locked door on the right to reach the landing outside and turn left to drop to the ground below, then enter the building marked with a lightning bolt symbol to climb the staircase inside and clear away the debris in the corner to jump between the rooftops in front of you.
    • Turn right to clear away another mound of debris and head back towards the left to re-enter the previous building, then collect the part leaning against the railing and return to the streets outside to move through the front doors of the saloon.
    • Use the worktable on the left to add a new part and clear away the debris to gain access to the stairs in the back corner, then exit the building to visit the general store and ascend to the second floor to flip the power switch.
    • Exit the general store to pass through the alley across from it and open the first door on the right to collect all of the parts on the ground floor inside, then leave the building via the front door to make a left down the street and climb the stairs beside the ray of sunlight to draw a new chalk symbol at the top.
    • Jump across the gap on your left to reach the next building’s second story and drop through the hole in the floor to land in the jail area below, then collect the glowing-green key off the wall and unlock the cell beside you to unleash the very tall hillbilly.
    • Quickly slip past the right side of the tall hillbilly to collect the Booze from the table in the back right corner of the cell and turn around to give it to him, then exit the jail to move through the open doorway across the street from the beam of sunlight and collect the parts on the ground floor of the next building.
    • Ascend to the second floor of the saloon to enter the first corridor on the right and follow it around to reach the hole in the wall at the end, then jump through it to land on the balcony below to the left and exit into the nearest available room to reach the balcony outside.
    • Enter the red-lit alleyway beside the jail to wait for the tall hillbilly to approach and give him more booze so that he crashes through the pile of debris behind you, then access the vending machine on the other side and approach the right side of the saloon to locate another worktable.
    • Unlock the doors to the courthouse to use the worktable ahead on the left and collect a part from the front of the judge’s stand, then return to the second floor of the saloon to to enter the first room on the left and climb the section of mine tracks outside to reach the tunnel above.
    • Navigate the tunnel to clear debris and collect parts until you reach the second floor of the courthouse at the end, then collect some booze from one of the tables in the saloon and approach the iron gate blocked off by debris next to the church.
    • Wait for the tall hillbilly to arrive and give him the booze so that he smashes through the nearby pile of debris, then pass through the iron gates to enter the mansion on the other side and climb the staircase to enter the room at the top.
    • Clear the area of enemies to access the secret passage behind the bookcase and proceed through it to enter the bedroom at the end, then follow the next hallway around to exit the mansion via a hole in the wall and land on the steps outside.
    • Proceed forward into the hedge maze and navigate the various turns until you reach the gazebo at the end, then descend the spiral staircase to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine at the bottom and return to the mansion.
    • Enter the mansion through the hole in the right-side wall and make a left through the building to collect a Navcard from the bookcase beside the next staircase, then ascend to the top floor to climb up into the mine tunnel above and drop into the waterway at the end to return to the general store.
    • Collect the green-glowing key on front of the judge’s stand in the courthouse and use it to free the tall hillbilly from his cell again if necessary, then lead him over to the church’s front entrance and provide booze so that he smashes through the debris blocking the doorway.
    • Enter the church to use the work table on the left and collect a part from behind the pulpit, then climb the stairs by the entrance to create a new chalk symbol in the room at the top.

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