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Strike Force Missions

FOB Spectre

  1. I’ll be honest, these strike force missions have been a pleasant surprise, but it takes a little while to get used to how to control things. First of all, you have teams that are made up of either ground troops, Quads, CLAWs, ASDs and turrets.
  2. Each unit is selectable by pressing their corresponding number key. You can press “Tab” to get a birds eye view of the action. If you want to take control of a unit from this angle, press “Tab” on the unit. You can also hold the corresponding number key that’s attached to the team to control them.
  3. You can also move units from bird’s eye view. Simply select a unit pressing their attached number, then press 4/”LMB” to move that unit on the map. If you hold “4″ you’ll move the entire platoon to that spot.
  4. You can also direct fire on specific units. When highlighted, press 4/”LMB” to do so. Also, while in first person view you can direct soldiers to a spot you want them to move to by pressing 4/”LMB”.
  5. So FOB Spectre has three points that you need to defend, while the SDC try to capture them. If the defend points are captured, you have to go to a fall back position where the central point is (satellite station), as a last stand.
  6. Since you don’t have many units, the best way, I found, is to defend just point A and B. Move the CLAW to point B along with some ground troops and put one squad at point A. The squad in point A is where you’ll spend your time in first person. Point A also has a turret that you will use to defend against ground troops, but more importantly, enemy CLAWs.
  7. Keep an eye on point B just in case a lot of the troops fall. Remember, however, that friendly troops will be replenished. You have 50 seconds to prepare. Afterward, you have 10 minutes to repel the attack for mission success. After 10 minutes, if there are enemies, simply eliminate the remaining forces.

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2 Comments on Black Ops 2 Walkthrough


On December 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

11.Soon enough, you’ll be in control of Mason again as he drives the truck. Harper will mention avoiding the fire. To do this, immediately head right as you pass by under the fire. You’ll reach the evac site past the flares. You’ll see Zhao. IN THE ABOVE, I CANNOT GET TO THE EVAC SITE AFTER FINNISHING THE DRIVING. HELP!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am


When the driving sequence completes, you’ll reach the evac site automatically. There are no other locations to drive to — the site with the Chinese ambush is the evac site. It should happen in a cutscene when the driving sequence is done, is there a technical problem keeping you from reaching the site, or is there another problem?