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Strike Force Missions

Pyrrhic Victory

  1. You begin as Mason, as he sees a soldier burning to death inside a vehicle. There’s nothing he can do, so he joins Savimbi as he rides on the side of one of the trucks. You’ll go on a bit of a ride until you reach an open African killing field.
  2. When you get dropped off you’ll see dozens and dozens of enemy troops ahead. Pick them off as they come. When they get close, they use machetes. Push your way forward as you follow the vehicles for cover.
  3. On the right side, there will be a flaming truck wreck. Access the vehicle to grab some mortar rounds for throwing. Grab the INTEL in the crater next to the wreck. Afterward, you can use these rounds on the mortar groups marked in yellow, specified as “targets”, however you don’t necessarily have to.
  4. Hide behind the rocks as you keep pushing forward. When the enemy tanks appear, press “1″ to provide air support. You’ll be in control of an aerial vehicle. The enemy tanks will be marked in yellow. Press the “Left Mouse Button” to use the machine gun and the “Right Mouse Button” to fire rockets. Destroy the tanks with the rockets and use the machine gun for the ground troops.
  5. After the flyby, a couple of MG trucks will appear. Take cover behind the friendly vehicles to pick off the gunners on the trucks. Call air support once again once the trucks are disabled. Continue blowing up the tanks. There will be another round after the initial four tanks. Blow up as much as you can on the third pass.
  6. Join Savimbi on the truck to make a final push. You’ll ride alongside the truck, only this time, you’re able to shoot. Keep firing on the enemies as they get driven back. A helicopter will arrive once the battle is over. It’s Hudson looking for Woods. Mason hops on the helicopter to find Woods who is on a transport vessel on the Cubango River.
  7. As the helicopter approaches the barge, you’ll need to jump off and take out the enemies on the deck. Once the enemies have been dealt with, use the gun on the right side of the boat to take out the pursuing gunboats. The second gun is on the second deck on the left. While you’re on the second deck, grab the INTEL a little ways past the machine gun along the wall. It’s in a corner.
  8. When the gunboats are gone, head to Hudson to open the cargo container. It’s filled with dead bodies, but they’ll find Woods toward the end of the container. He’s in rough shape.
  9. As you leave, a Hind will be right behind the boat. Grab the Valkyrie Launcher next to the container by the pile of wooden crates. Aim at the Hind and guide the missile to it, to keep it off you for good.
  10. The barge will run aground. Swim down to grab Woods before he sinks to the bottom, then swim backwards toward shore. You’ll be holding on to Woods for this part of the mission. Follow Hudson as the trio head into the jungle. There’s a village ahead. Take cover by the log when Hudson tells you to.
  11. When it’s clear, follow Hudson to the wooden cabin, however, you’ll need to stay crouched first, then move. Inside the cabin, crouch again, then keep still until Hudson tells you to go. You’ll head for the grass. Once in the grass, stay still, then continue to follow Hudson, when the enemy troops have passed.
  12. Up ahead, you’ll be on your own. Pick the lock on the wooden storage shed by holding “F”. Grab the animal traps. For future reference, press “1″ to access them, then press “LMB” to deploy. Head up the hill, then enter the shack through the window. You’ll meet Menendez.
  13. After the explosion, run toward Hudson and follow him as he also runs with Woods. Hudson will stop with Woods by some rocks where you’ll need to defend the area from the slew of enemies. Use the watchtower in the tree to pick off the enemies. When Hudson throws smoke, it’s time to move to the next defend area.
  14. The second defend area has two watchtowers this time. The watch tower with the ammo crate near it has INTEL ready to be picked up. After keeping the enemies off for a while, follow Hudson after he throws smoke. Follow the river. You’ll pass by a waterfall. Defend the area as MG trucks appear. Stay in cover and take shots at the trucks.
  15. Hudson then notifies you of a boat on the beach. Grab Woods. A helicopter will appear and will help you get rid of the pursuing troops. It’s Savimbi here to save the day.

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2 Comments on Black Ops 2 Walkthrough


On December 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

11.Soon enough, you’ll be in control of Mason again as he drives the truck. Harper will mention avoiding the fire. To do this, immediately head right as you pass by under the fire. You’ll reach the evac site past the flares. You’ll see Zhao. IN THE ABOVE, I CANNOT GET TO THE EVAC SITE AFTER FINNISHING THE DRIVING. HELP!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am


When the driving sequence completes, you’ll reach the evac site automatically. There are no other locations to drive to — the site with the Chinese ambush is the evac site. It should happen in a cutscene when the driving sequence is done, is there a technical problem keeping you from reaching the site, or is there another problem?