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Strike Force Missions


  1. You begin on a cliff side as David Mason. He’s partnered up with Harper as they’re about to traverse a mountain in an interesting way. When you’re ready, press “RMB” to signal Harper. He’ll swing down. Quickly press “A” to help him swing to the other side.
  2. When Harper is set, it’s your turn to jump. Press “Space” to leap, and as you swing up, press and hold both the left and right mouse buttons to grab hold of the cliff side with the nano gloves. Repeat the process until you reach level ground. You’ll meet up with Crosby and Salazaar.
  3. Walk with the squad to the other cliff side, then press the left and right mouse buttons to deploy the wingsuit. When you’re ready, jump off the cliff and follow the markers. Use the mouse to steer your way above the jungle canopy. Hold shift if you need to steer at a sharper angle. When you head through the hole, aim at the cliff ahead, then deploy your chute by pressing “F”. You’ll land safely.
  4. Follow Harper as the squad comes upon a group of enemies. When you’re ready, press “4″ to deploy an EMP grenade to kill the enemy cloaking system, then shoot your way up the stairs on the hill. If you kept your default gun, you’ll notice the Red Dot Sight scans a window where you’re aiming. You can see enemies using this, from anywhere, even behind cover.
  5. Keep moving up the hill using the stairs. Ahead you’ll see a helicopter taking off. You can access one of the drones by cutting the portion of it underneath. You can use its turret to clear out the enemies ahead. Grab the INTEL behind this drone in a garage behind it.
  6. Push past the drone airfield into the ruins. Enemy turrets will be in full effect here. Throw some EMPs to take care of them, then continue pushing forward with the squad. Move up the metal ramps, then take care of more foot soldiers. Head through the archways and eventually the entrance to the ruins. Harper will blow open the doors. There’s a secret facility inside.
  7. Enter the facility. Access the footlocker and you’ll put on a suit that uses optical camo. Press “2″ to turn it on. Head through the corridor. Take notice of the office on the left side with a potted plant. There’s a piece of INTEL there, however, you’ll trigger an explosion when you continue through the corridor. Enemy ASDs will appear.
  8. Clear out the room ahead that will now have a wave of soldiers appear. They’ll be coming down the stairs and through the doors under the stairs. Once the room is cleared, head upstairs. You’ll see a mechanical arm in the next room. Eliminate the enemies across the room.
  9. Move through the smaller rooms then move down the stairs past the bleeding man. Look ahead and an elevator will come up housing four enemies. Shoot them before they even get off the elevator. Afterward, enter the elevator, then press the button to go down.
  10. When you reach the bottom, you’ll be facing a large corridor with more enemy troops and an ASD. Neutralize the place as you move through the labs toward the objective marker.
  11. You’ll be entering the next section. The paint in the area turns from red to yellow. Access the locker marked number 3, to have an ASD fight for you, then follow the squad to the room with the wide metal door. Someone is hiding in the storage crate. His name is Erik Breighner.
  12. After a short conversation, enemy troops will crash through the ceiling. Take cover and take them out one by one. Also, if you look to the crate on the right, you can grab a shield which you can plant on the ground, then be used for cover.
  13. When the enemies have been repelled, head to the left locking mechanism to open the metal doors to grab the Celerium. Follow Erik as he takes out the Celerium. Unfortunately, he won’t make it and you’ll have to shoot your way out.
  14. Look at the desk past the blown out wall to grab the INTEL.
  15. Head up the metal staircase to clear the next room full of enemies. Keep following the marker through the corridors and labs. You’ll reach a long corridor. Eventually you’ll hear the extraction team lead by a man named Briggs.

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2 Comments on Black Ops 2 Walkthrough


On December 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

11.Soon enough, you’ll be in control of Mason again as he drives the truck. Harper will mention avoiding the fire. To do this, immediately head right as you pass by under the fire. You’ll reach the evac site past the flares. You’ll see Zhao. IN THE ABOVE, I CANNOT GET TO THE EVAC SITE AFTER FINNISHING THE DRIVING. HELP!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am


When the driving sequence completes, you’ll reach the evac site automatically. There are no other locations to drive to — the site with the Chinese ambush is the evac site. It should happen in a cutscene when the driving sequence is done, is there a technical problem keeping you from reaching the site, or is there another problem?