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Strike Force Missions

Old Wounds

  1. The mission starts as Mason meets Woods in 1986 Afghanistan. Soon enough the Chinese arrive on horseback. Get on the horse by pressing “F”, then follow the group as they ride through the desert, toward the leader of the Mujahideen for information on Menendez.
  2. When you get close to the broken archway into the camp, take note of the wooden bridges on the left side. One of the bridges leads to a mouth of a cave. The INTEL is found on the right side, inside the cave.
  3. Keep following the leader, then dismount the horse by pressing “F”. Enter the cave with Woods and Zhao. They’ll meet Hudson inside along with Rahmaan, leader of the Mujahideen. The plan is to hold off the Russian attack, so the squad can be given information on Menendez.
  4. In the map room, once you’re in control again, check out the wooden crates on the side of this room to grab more INTEL. The Russians will begin the attack. Head out the way you came, then get on the horse. Follow Zhao and Woods to the broken archway. Follow them as they ride out. They’ll reach another set of ruins.
  5. Get off the horse and follow the squad as they clear the area ahead. BTRs will start to push through the ruins. Head to the marker marked “Weapons” to grab a stinger on the second floor of a building, then take out the two BTRs.
  6. Immediately run back down to the entrance of the ruins and plant a cratering charge under the archway. Hold “F” to do so. Once it’s planted, run to the wall in front of you to get away from the blast radius, then detonate the charge.
  7. Get on your horse and switch to the stinger. You’ll need to ride around the open area and take out the tanks. As you’re riding around look for a large spire with a red flag near it. There will be some ammo crates and tires as well. Grab the INTEL.
  8. Take out the tanks rolling in, preferably from behind if possible. Once they’re scrap metal, helicopters begin to appear. Press “5″ with the stinger equipped to use the lock-on feature of the stinger. Start your assault on the helicopters.
  9. When the helicopters are down, move to the ammo cache to the east to defend the area. The ammo cache will be in a cave, near the twin bridges. You’ll need to be on foot. After the area has been taken over, it’s time to return to base. As you exit, watch out for the helicopters. Take them out before you proceed.
  10. Ride your horse back to base. Woods and Zhao will be waiting for you. After you hear Woods talking about the situation in the future, the Russian assault is almost at the base’s doorstep. The squad then rides out to meet them.
  11. You’ll be knocked back with your horse on top of you. Press the left and right mouse buttons to get the horse off you. Woods will pick you up. Watch the cut-scene as you hop on the tank and take it out, while grabbing a prisoner, Kravchenko.
  12. Back at the base, you’ll be interrogating Kravchenko. To gain more information, resist the urge to shoot him, by repeatedly trapping the “F” button. Eventually, he’ll spill the information, but Rahmaan will betray you and leave you out in the desert to die.
  13. You’re then saved by Reznov?

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2 Comments on Black Ops 2 Walkthrough


On December 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

11.Soon enough, you’ll be in control of Mason again as he drives the truck. Harper will mention avoiding the fire. To do this, immediately head right as you pass by under the fire. You’ll reach the evac site past the flares. You’ll see Zhao. IN THE ABOVE, I CANNOT GET TO THE EVAC SITE AFTER FINNISHING THE DRIVING. HELP!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am


When the driving sequence completes, you’ll reach the evac site automatically. There are no other locations to drive to — the site with the Chinese ambush is the evac site. It should happen in a cutscene when the driving sequence is done, is there a technical problem keeping you from reaching the site, or is there another problem?