Black Ops 2 Walkthrough

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Strike Force Missions

Time and Fate

  1. You’re in Nicaragua for this mission and you’ll actually be in the shoes of the antagonist, Raul Menendez. He’ll go crazy after his sister is thrown toward the vanity, but will eventually be sedated. When Raul wakes, Noriega sets him free, but Raul knocks him out and goes on a rampage.
  2. Move down the hill and kill the folks who are trying to do you harm. Follow the road up, then take the stairs up when you reach the shacks on stilts. Move through the houses while taking out the enemies.
  3. Soon, you’ll come upon an axe resting by the doorway. Grab it and Raul will throw it at one of the soldiers who are circling around civilians. Clear the initial area, then keep eliminating soldiers up the hill, past the car.
  4. When you reach the top, head to the barn on the left. It’s on fire. Careful of the horses that start heading your way. Grab the piece of INTEL in the wagon on the right, before you leave the barn. Move up through the wooden gate. Keep killing enemies as you head for the marker.
  5. Follow the road up to the estate. A truck will smash through it so you can head inside. Clear the courtyard as you carve a path inside the house. Once inside, head upstairs, then through the door. You’ll see Woods as Hudson tries to tackle you. A grenade will also be seen, being thrown in slow motion.
  6. The scene ends there, thus beginning the other side of the story, with Woods, Mason and Hudson. Move down the hill to the river. Take cover by the rocks, then assault the buildings ahead. Move through the village with the estate looming overhead. Keep following the road through the village. Soon enough you’ll reach a set of stairs. Take the right set to flank the enemies. Continue up the road.
  7. Take cover behind the rock on the left, then take out the machine gunner on the truck. Proceed further up the road past the now, demolished truck. The road will become narrower. There will be a house on the left hand side. A machine gunner will be parked next to the house. Take him out first, then clear the enemy troops defending the house.
  8. Enter the house, then head up the stairs. More enemies will be inside. Move toward the sliding doors to the balcony. You’ll see Menendez down the hill. Drop down from the balcony. Access the garage door to grab some mortar rounds for throwing.
  9. Up ahead will be the estate with troops flooding the stairs going down in the middle. Look to the right and you’ll see an opening that you can use to flank, but the even better part is, it accesses the bell tower. Climb up. Grab the INTEL on the way. Use the Dragunov to pick off the enemies down in the courtyard as well as the snipers in the other bell towers. Things will quiet down when it’s clear.
  10. Follow Woods to the metal gate after the game plan is devised. Head down to the coke lab. Access the locked door on the left. It’s an armory. Grab whatever you want, then head out into the lab and start neutralizing folks. Follow the markers to get through the underground lab.
  11. When you reach the stairs, clear the hallway, then head left into the room to grab more INTEL. Head back out and make a left into a room with a lot of filing cabinets. Look for a desk with a tan folder on top of it labeled as “CIA Memo”.
  12. Follow Woods through the door and up the ladder. Woods will do the rest, but keep following him. You’ll see Raul down the hallway as you see Woods throw a grenade.

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2 Comments on Black Ops 2 Walkthrough


On December 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

11.Soon enough, you’ll be in control of Mason again as he drives the truck. Harper will mention avoiding the fire. To do this, immediately head right as you pass by under the fire. You’ll reach the evac site past the flares. You’ll see Zhao. IN THE ABOVE, I CANNOT GET TO THE EVAC SITE AFTER FINNISHING THE DRIVING. HELP!

Kevin Thielenhaus

On December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am


When the driving sequence completes, you’ll reach the evac site automatically. There are no other locations to drive to — the site with the Chinese ambush is the evac site. It should happen in a cutscene when the driving sequence is done, is there a technical problem keeping you from reaching the site, or is there another problem?