Blizzard Adds Soap-In-Mouth, High School Politics DLC to StarCraft II

It’s no secret that Blizzard takes a firm hand when it comes to member behavior. I have it on good authority that a member of the File Front team was banned from the Burning Crusade expansion beta for dropping a b-bomb* on someone. But there’s having standards and there’s just being a jerk, and if the Star Craft II Custom Maps forum is any indication, Blizzard has opted for plan B.

Members have already griped royally about the crummy Popularity System that stacks all-but guarantees that newer map creatorss will never be able to get exposure. But in perhaps the dumbest move yet, Blizzard is enforcing their rules regarding content in a way that players feel is arbitrary and unfair. The biggest complaint? Custom maps being mysteriously deleted, without explanation or appeal, due to unspecified inappropriateness.

The s**t-storm really kicked off yesterday when member Cyrileo reported:

“My map was deleted because someone at blizzard deemed *something* with the map imappropiate, instead of asking me to change said problem or anything, It was deleted, it took over an hour for them to e-mail me that my game was actually deleted, and then never told me WHY”

After a fairly interesting back and forth in comments, news of the closure spread, prompting other members to weigh in. To put it bluntly, people be pissed off. A visit to the custom map forum shows posts with names like “MAPMAKERS UNITE AGAINST ACTIVISION!“, Blizzard,Your campaign should be Judged. Despite the wide variety of topics, posts about censorship and the popularity system have the highest levels of participation.

The internet is a big place. Just like real life, we can’t babyproof the entire thing and we can’t enforce a Kool-Kids-Only heirarchy and expect people to be happy about it. Sure, Blizzard, it’s your community, your rules. We get that. But do you have to be so damned lunkheaded about it? First, ditch the popularity system. And as for the content monitoring? Member Rodrigo has a novel suggestion to avoid stupidity like this:

“Blizzard should “block” the map (and popularity) and send a message to the creator explaining WHY the map was blocked. Then, the creator can fix the problem and restore the map…”

Who knows. Maybe it could even work. Now, if you’ll excuse me, d*mn, *ss, and b**bs.

* Rhymes with “witch”.

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1 Comment on Blizzard Adds Soap-In-Mouth, High School Politics DLC to StarCraft II


On August 3, 2010 at 7:15 am

I hate it when there’s a game that contains mass warfare and genocide, and for some reason swearing is forbidden. It’s only words you overbearing tossers, words never killed anyone. Tanks and bombs do.

Ah well, it’s their game, they can screw it up as they like. I’m not buying it.