Blizzard Defends Activision

It’s no secret that Activision–and its CEO, Bobby Kotick–is not held in the highest regard by gamers. Kotick has been labeled a ruthless businessman who wants to milk gamers for all they’re worth, and comments he’s made during public appearances have not exactly helped dissolve that image.

Since the merger between Blizzard and Activision in 2008, Blizzard fans have accused Activision of crushing Blizzard’s creative autonomy and of being responsible for controversial features added to Blizzard titles, such as StarCraft 2′s Facebook integration.

In an interview with MCV, Blizzard founder Mike Morhaime has come to Kotick’s defense.

I can tell you that Bobby has been very supportive of Blizzard and that we have a great relationship with him. I don’t think the public image that some people have of him is fair or accurate.

Morhaime affirmed that Blizzard has maintained its creative autonomy throughout the merger and did his best to quell the concerns of Blizzard fans.

We wouldn’t have been supportive of the deal had we believed that Bobby and Activision didn’t have an understanding of how special Blizzard entertainment is and weren’t supportive of our values.

We were convinced that they did and that they were doing this for the right reasons, that the two businesses were complementary and that we wouldn’t be giving up our creative autonomy in any way. And that’s exactly how it’s panned out.

Assuming Morhaime is sincere and not brown-nosing, does it really help Kotick’s image to state that he hasn’t interfered with a company that grosses over a billion dollars a year?

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3 Comments on Blizzard Defends Activision


On March 29, 2011 at 4:27 pm

You mean that the leading founder of Blizzard is coming to the “aid” of their business partner Activision? How shocking. Doesn’t mean they wont try to release another worthless DLC for CoD any time soon or try their hardest to release another ty, half ass’d expansion for WoW.

Back when the name Blizzard meant something, you would never find them trying to sacrifice playability. No game that Blizzard made (with the obvious exception of WoW) had been released without some sort of LAN. Funny how the next game they release after they merge with activision implements a bunch of worthless features, takes out LAN from one of its most poplar games in the world, and doesn’t allow tournaments unless Blizzard has some sort of advertisement or gets a monetary value from it.

Totally legit, Bobby should take a customer service lesson from Gabe one of these days, and Mike Morhaime should man up and stop sucking on Activision’s balls just as hard as Jay Leno did to NBC. What the hell has become of the gaming world.


On March 29, 2011 at 6:42 pm

While I haven’t bought Starcraft 2, I’m assuming your talking about it not having lan. If this being the case, I’m very disappointed. I also wasn’t aware Blizzard merged with Activision. Why would they even need to do this?


On March 30, 2011 at 12:32 am

I actually enjoy that Starcraft 2 is integrated with Facebook. Haters going to hate no matter what