BlizzCon: 2010 Dancing Man Breaks Leg During Competition

The first casualty of Blizzcon occurred Friday night as a dance-off competitor named Daniel, rocked out a little too hard and ended up breaking his leg. Daniel had been doing his best Undead male impersonation when he went down hard. He got back up and tried to continue but fell a second time and could not stand. Host Jay Mohr called for help and the injured man was carried offstage. “You can’t kill him, he’s already dead!’ quipped Jay Mohr as Daniel was taken offstage.

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3 Comments on BlizzCon: 2010 Dancing Man Breaks Leg During Competition


On October 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm

He did not break his leg, he dislocated his knee.


On October 23, 2010 at 10:07 pm

That’s what happens when you jump around like an idiot….



On October 24, 2010 at 10:15 pm

More like Fail-Con that’s why having a con for your gaming company is retarded…I mean maybe I should have one for my gaming company called “Retarda-Con”(ya I stole it from Robot Chicken, and all of you reading my post going “OMG this guy is not funny if he has to take other people’s jokes!!”, WELL TOO BAD!!) Excuse me for not making up my own jokes like Ellen Degenerate (and yes I spelled her last name wrong cause I hate her for being a retard on T.V. like this guy, but she gets payed to do it that guy is just doing it for a bonus!) But hey I should jump up and down like this idiot and get my video on file front and Fail Blog cause I’m soooooo cool!! Now I know I’m just being a A#^&OLE half the time I post but seriously get some better material to post buddy why not give an article about me being an A@%^OLE posting on File Front. Just trying to give you suggestions…Oh no I too want to be an idiot and posted on File Front for no reason…maybe I should stop posting…let me think about that……..nah I’ll keep posting. There might be one person that may think I’m cool for B*#^ING about video games right?(Angry Video Game Nerd anyone?)
oh ya kudos to you Daniel you got on…oh how should I put this in terms he can understand…well I think President George Bush said it the best the “Internets”. Okay so I’ll stop typing so you can read the rest of the CRAZY STUFF like a kid breaking his leg on File Front…ooo that could be the slogan for file front…Kid Breaks Leg at Blizz-Con a.k.a. I can’t get enough of Warcraft-Con ONLY ON FILE FRONT!! Am I done yet, I think so I’ll try to find some other article to post in try to keep them shorter than this.(I mean post not…eww sickos why would you think I would do that!)