BlizzCon 2010: Diablo III Q&A Panel Video

On the last day of BlizzCon, the Diablo III dev team sat down to answer audience questions for a full hour. There was a lot of clarification of the PvP system, some questions about end-game content, professional gaming for Diablo III, and a multitude of kooky fan questions.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the questions that stood out to us below, and you can also watch the full video at the bottom of this post. There’s actually a lot of good information here, and I recommend watching the full video if you’re at all interested in Diablo III.

The one burning question remains: will there be a cow level in Diablo III?

Selected Highlights

Time – 10:30
Q: Is there going to be specific PvP gear, or skills?

A: We’re not going to have PvP gear *applause*. Thank you, we appreciate your support. We’re going to avoid PvP-specific stats. We’re not going to have any PvP gear. No “power” is going to come from PvP. That’s not the point of it. We don’t want any kind of conflict between the PvP and PvE game. The way the arenas work is every skill has a set of PvE data, and PvP data. So yeah, we do actually alter some of the aspects of skills to make them work in PvP. We try not to alter them so much so they alter the nature of what the skill is. They tend to be things like we might change cooldowns from PvP to PvE. We might change costs, or tweak damage a little bit. We try not to change it so it’s foreign to you.

We do have some skills that are more PvP-leaning. With the customization you have in Diabo [III], it’s pretty easy to avoid those skills if you’re never going to PvP. Some skills, it’s not that they’re useless in PvE. It’s that they’re as useful or desired as they would be in PvP. And we think that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t dominate the whole skillset.

Time – 24:48
Q: This is probably the most important question, and the question all Diablo fans want answered: will there be a ‘cow level?’ *uproarious applause*

A: In Diablo II there’s a feature called the Chat Gem, and it will actually answer your question if you pay attention.

[note: Martens could be saying "yes," in a roundabout way. The Chat Gem was a cryptic feature in Diablo II. When clicked, it would generate weird messages that said "Gem Activated," or "Gem Deactivated." However, users also reported that the gem would ocassionally say "Mooooo," so...Do with that what you will.]

Time – 25:25
Q: My question pertains to the new Demon Hunter class, and the choice of double crossbows. What gives? I can understand one of them, with a multi-shot, but what about like a sidearm or something? Two single crossbows seems a little “uncreative.” *big boos, the crowd turned on this guy.*

A: You don’t have to use those. You can use all kinds of stuff. She’s got crossbows, and bows. But we love them. We think they’re great. We think it brings an added dimension, like a John Woo/action vibe that you’ve never seen in a Diablo hero before. We don’t want to drive you into a particular game style. It speaks to who she really is. She’s techy. She’s trained in things that other people in the world haven’t seen before. Maybe there’s another one-handed crossbow out there, but maybe the demon hunters have the tech locked up somehow.

Full Diablo III Q&A Video

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