BlizzCon 2010: Starcraft 2 Finals Recap

Starcraft fans at Blizzcon got a special treat on Saturday night as the final two contestants battled for a $25,000 prize in the BlizzCon Starcraft 2 invitational. Loner, the Terran player, had already defeated NexGenius in a best of three series. But the tournament was double elimination, which meant that Loner would have to beat the Protoss, NexGenius in another best of three in order to take home the prize money.

And so the stage was set, if Loner won this best of three it was all over. But if NexGenius could win the series he would force one last best of three (as Loner hadn’t yet been defeated) to determine a winner.
With the tournament on the line, Day 9 (of the famous Day 9 Daily) was on hand to commentate. As the game began, Day 9 told the audience that he was rooting for NexGenius, in the hope that he would get to commentate on a second series.

The chosen map was Scrap Station, which meant the opposing bases were a short flight or a long walk away from each other. The early game was fairly uneventful. With neither player wanting to risk the first attack, they both expanded unchecked. NexGenius pumped his money into Colossi and Gateway units while Loner built Marines and Marauders with Vikings to counter the Colossi. The Vikings got a quick snipe on one of the Colossi and Loner was off to a good start. But NexGenius took the gold expansion and his economy began to pull ahead. By the time Loner realized that NexGenius had the expansion, it was already fully operational. Loner tried an attack to even things out, but some good micro from NexGenius won the battle and it wasn’t long before NexGenius started wiping out expansions and eventually winning.

The second game of the series was played on Xel’ Naga Caverns. Loner opened with one Barracks, Factory and Starport in order to get fast Banshees. The Banshee harass managed to get a few probe kills but was picked off by the Stalkers of NexGenius. Loner then tried to advance with siege tanks and was repelled. NexGenius teched to High Templar and the crowd roared as Psy Storms began to fall on Loner’s bio units. Eventually, a combination of Colossi lasers and Templar storms obliterated Loner. NexGenius had won the series, which forced a third and final series.

In the first game of the final series the two players spawned in close positions on Lost Temple. NexGenius held off an early attack with some well placed force fields and then quickly expanded. He assembled a deadly force of Colossi, Sentries, Stalkers and Zealots and attacked Loner head on. Loner tried to use Maruaders to kite the enemy but it was no use, NexGenius simply overwhelmed him.
NexGenius was now one game away from taking home the prize money. If Loner couldn’t get a victory here, he would be defeated.

On Metalopolis, Loner once again put early pressure on NexGenius by sneaking into his base with Marauders and attacking probes. NexGenius was then forced to defend his expansion from invading Marauders. But NexGenius kept his composure and eventually turned the tides by trapping Loner’s Marauder heavy army with force fields and pummeling them with Colossi fire. Loner eventually GG’d. NexGenius, despite having been down a series came back to win four in a row and take home the $25,000 prize. That’s pretty good money for two days of playing Starcraft 2.

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