Bohemia: DayZ to Remain in Alpha Through the End of 2014

Early access DayZ is filled with more bugs, glitches, and problems than zombies. And it appears it will be in that extremely rough state for a long time coming.

In a post on the official DayZ Blog, Bohemia Interactive boss Marek Spanel once again advised potential early adopters not to shell out $30 for the survival sim unless they clearly understand what playing in an early alpha entails.

So just how long should patient DayZ fans wait? Pretty much until 2015. Spanel said DayZ will not be ready for beta (let alone full release) until the “end of 2014.”

The warnings – credit to Bohemia for repeatedly and explicitly stating DayZ is currently a hot mess — have done little to deter gamers. Since its early access launch on December 16, DayZ has been at the top of the Steam best seller list. In fact, I just check and, yep, still No. 1.

That impressive run has included some pretty remarkable milestones: 172,500 copies of DayZ sold in the first 24 hours for a whopping $5 million in revenue; 400,000 copies in the first week for $12 million; and there are currently more than 800,000 survivors in Chernarus. That’s a cool $24 million in revenue for Bohemia in just three weeks — for a game that is, in its current state, nearly unplayable.

I’m in on DayZ early access, and while there are glimpses of the terrific, tense experience Dean Hall first created with the DayZ Arma 2 mod, it is currently an immensely frustrating slog. You don’t so much play DayZ early access as suffer through its many, many problems. Again, Bohemia has been up front about this all along, but I just wanted to give you hands-on confirmation that yes, you should not buy DayZ yet unless you are prepared to have a really tough time in zombie land.


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3 Comments on Bohemia: DayZ to Remain in Alpha Through the End of 2014


On January 7, 2014 at 8:55 am

The problem here is while a lot of people have already shelled out money for this, most of the fanbase doesn’t want that type of game anymore.

There are already so many offshoots of the Dayz mod that are way better than the original, that there really is no reason to go back to square one with the standalone. I mean, what are you getting when the stand alone comes out? Basically, a glossed up version of the original mod, built on the same engine.

Most of the dayz community doesn’t want the standard DayZ experience that the original mod or the standalone bring. People want the added depth of the offshoot mods, they want PVP. Origins, Overwatch, all the good stuff.

Are people going to still care about the base experience that the standalone will bring a year from now? Especially after the Arma3 offshoots pickup steam, and the current Arma2 based mods keep evolving and adapting the experience?


On January 7, 2014 at 10:23 am

I thought the same thing, and then it sold almost a million copies. So i was wrong.

However, im interested as to what game do it better? because WarZ is complete and utter , 7 days to die is an alpha that’s unplayable after a few weeks of surviving, and there are no other games that come to mind that are in the same style of DayZ.


On January 7, 2014 at 11:19 am

Well I think a lot of the purchases were just out of curiosity. Because the game is in alpha state, and as such is extremely buggy and there is very little to do in it. How long is that going to keep the interest of people who can just go back to the mods and get a full experience?

And again, when the game finally does come out, it is going to be a glossed up DayZ experience, one of which most people have already gotten sick of and moved onto more complex DayZ mods. Most people playing the mods now are more into the PVP experience rather than the survival aspect.