Borderlands 2: Assault on Dragon Keep Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Main Missions
  • Secondary Missions

    The Beard Makes the Man

    1. Speak to Claptrap in the mine. After listening to some beard facts, head to the group of mining dwarves nearby.
    2. You will find a booze gun in your inventory, courtesy of Moxxi. Equip the weapon and shoot the dwarves with it to get them completely drunk. Some may say this is unsafe to do around mining equipment, and they’d be correct.
    3. Lure the dwarves into the machine and press the button to activate the crusher. Afterwards, collect their beards off of the ground. Once you have done this five times, it will be time to put the beards into the forge.
    4. Make your way to the forge. You may notice that the gate near Camp Dwarf Torture is closed. Instead, head back to Wizard’s Crossing and move into Ingot Processing. You will find the forge in the same room as the main story’s cube puzzle.
    5. Place all three of the beards on the forge and strike them with the large hammer which will lower to you. Grab the glorious beard and return it to Claptrap. Place the beard on the wizard and turn in.

    My Kingdom for a Wand

    1. First, retrieve the crappy wand from Claptrap at the start of the mission. Equip an explosive weapon and head towards the waypoint to find the magical golem.
    2. Walk up to the golem and jam the wand into him. As the wand is charging, use your explosive weapon to blow him apart. Pick up the wand off of the ground.
    3. Head towards the mine’s entrance to where the spiders spawn. Stick the wand inside of a magical spider and quickly equip a shock weapon. Electrocute the spider to death and retrieve the wand.
    4. Start moving to the next waypoint and locate the magical orc. Put the wand inside of the final magical creature to fully charge it. Shoot the orc in the face to finish charging the wand. You must kill the orc with a critical hit or you will have to try again.
    5. Grab the wand and return it to Claptrap.

    The Claptrap’s Apprentice

    1. Follow Claptrap to the altar and watch him show off his incredible magical powers.
    2. Claptrap will screw up the spell, as always. Fight the abomination broomsticks while he works on a counter-spell to fix his mistake.
    3. Continue to fend off the broom attacks as Claptrap screws up the spells and makes everything worse, which is all he ever does.
    4. Hold out and fight until you defeat the second wave of Badass Giant Burning Broomsticks. When you finally fix all of Claptrap’s mistakes, turn in.
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    4 Comments on Borderlands 2: Assault on Dragon Keep Walkthrough


    On June 25, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Puzzle solution does not work. The order changes every time that they light, are you supposed to light them in the same order that they go? Because I’ve tried this 3 times, an each time it messes up on the 3rd or 4th gear.


    On June 26, 2013 at 8:13 am

    demaka: Reverse the order; you get three wrong guesses before it resets.

    Ryan Parks

    On June 26, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Demaka, I apologize, I seem to have overlooked the fact that it can reset. The best way to solve it is to watch the cube as it shifts and reverse the order of the lights. Alternatively, this IS Borderlands we’re talking about. If you wait around long enough you can just punch it to bypass the puzzle.


    On October 26, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    The jumping puzzle part is wrong, the first platform shoots up quickly, rather than down, like the other 2, you have to sprint from the front of the platform to the back and jump just as it shoots upwards, that’s give you a boost and you’ll make it.