Borderlands 2: Assault on Dragon Keep Walkthrough

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  • Secondary Missions

    Game of Games

    1. Start off by exiting the dwarven mines through Hatred’s Shadow. Move up the cliff to Throgmuk’s Precipice. Fight off any of the orcs in the area. You will have a lot of fighting ahead of you.
    2. Keep moving forward and discover The Pit. Keep slaughtering orcs as you make your way to the waypoint.
    3. Upon reaching the Nefarious Battlement, fend off the attacking knights and continue to the Hall of Hyperion. Inside, you will have another skirmish. Clear the area and wait for the next set of doors to open.
    4. Head through to the checkpoint and drop down into the next area. Cross the Handsome Bridge and you will once again meet the Handsome Dragon. Tina will send in Roland to assist you.
    5. Relentlessly damage the dragon until he finally goes down. Collect your loot on the bridge before moving forward. The gate at the end of the bridge will open giving you access to the Lair of Infinite Agony.
    6. Enter the Lair of Infinite Agony. Seriously, it’s a nice place. Throw the switch directly ahead of you to drop into the Wailer Drop. You are stuck in there forever, so do not try to escape. However, if you do try, find a path to the Crawler Hall.
    7. Turn the green gear in the Crawler Hall and keep fighting your way towards the waypoint. Next, jump down into the Death Quencher Well. You will find another green gear near the Chamber of Woe. Enter the chamber and find the next gear to open the door.
    8. Eventually you will reach the final door. Continue to search for the prisoner near the rising platforms. Time yourself so you can jump through each platform without being crushed. Use the lever at the end of the hall to lower all of the platforms.
    9. Eventually you will reach the Grim Stone Sepulcher. Neutralize the skeletons which will be waiting inside. When the area is clear continue to the Temple of Misworship. Clear the enemies inside of the temple.
    10. Continue down and open the next door to the Bone Barracks. Head forward and you will find an elevator. Activate it to reach the next floor. You will end up in the Hall of the Dead. Follow the waypoint back to the Wailer Drop. This time, follow the spirit-like creature to Seer’s Sanctum.
    11. Roland will show up to assist you in releasing the prisoner. Drop down into the Heart of Nightmares. Talk to the prisoner and remove her restraints.
    12. You should have punched her instead. Fight the Sorcerer’s Daughter with Roland when she attacks. Defend yourself from spiders and continuously damage the prisoner. Soon enough, the Sorcerer’s Daughter will die.
    13. The Sorcerer will unlock the elevator. It’s time to confront him and end this once and for all. Meet him in the Dragon Keep.
    14. Take the lift to the top of the tower to defeat the Handsome Sorcerer. At the top of Handsome Tower, make your way around to the portal. You can take the portal to fight the Handsome Sorcerer.
    15. Damage the Sorcerer while avoiding his attacks. Be careful as he may split into multiple enemies. You may have to destroy his shields so you can drop his health.
    16. Once all of his health is depleted he will be replaced by the Necrotic Sorcerer. Defend yourself from enemy attackers as you finish off the sorcerer again. You’re not done yet, though. You will have to defeat him one more time as the Demonic Sorcerer.
    17. Avoid the dragons and hold out for one more wave on the tower. Keep damaging the Sorcerer as much as possible. Eventually, the Handsome Sorcerer will go down.
    18. Watch the ending and Tina’s final acceptance. Save Queen Butt Stallion and collect your loot with Roland, Bloodwing, and the pony. Make sure you feed Butt Stallion before finishing, and don’t let Claptrap ruin it by talking.
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    4 Comments on Borderlands 2: Assault on Dragon Keep Walkthrough


    On June 25, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Puzzle solution does not work. The order changes every time that they light, are you supposed to light them in the same order that they go? Because I’ve tried this 3 times, an each time it messes up on the 3rd or 4th gear.


    On June 26, 2013 at 8:13 am

    demaka: Reverse the order; you get three wrong guesses before it resets.

    Ryan Parks

    On June 26, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Demaka, I apologize, I seem to have overlooked the fact that it can reset. The best way to solve it is to watch the cube as it shifts and reverse the order of the lights. Alternatively, this IS Borderlands we’re talking about. If you wait around long enough you can just punch it to bypass the puzzle.


    On October 26, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    The jumping puzzle part is wrong, the first platform shoots up quickly, rather than down, like the other 2, you have to sprint from the front of the platform to the back and jump just as it shoots upwards, that’s give you a boost and you’ll make it.