Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

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  • CHAPTER 10
  • CHAPTER 11
  • CHAPTER 12
  • CHAPTER 13
  • CHAPTER 14
  • CHAPTER 15
  • CHAPTER 16
  • CHAPTER 17
  • CHAPTER 18
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread

    1. Head towards the next waypoint marker to speak with Claptrap, then travel to Thousand Cuts and move through Slab Town in front of you to reach Bloody Knuckle Point.
    2. Move left through No Man’s Land to speak with Claptrap and watch him deactivate the red barrier, then follow the little bot down the road ahead and start taking out the surrounding enemies that approach.
    3. Follow Claptrap up the steps at the end of the road, while eliminating the bots and soldiers at the top with rockets or corrosive ammo, then turn left to continue behind the small robot.
    4. Make your along the next road ahead to sprint around or out of the mortar targeting symbols that appear around you and destroy the turrets positioned on the right side of the street.
    5. Join Claptrap by the depot’s front gate at the end of the street and take cover behind the stack of crates closest to you, then use a rocket launcher or sniper rifle to eliminate the pair of turrets above.
    6. Eliminate the enemies that exit through the front gate to safely enter the depot and destroy the surrounding bots within by using corrosive ammo, then climb the steps on your right to encounter the Badass Constructor at the top.
    7. Defeat the Badass Constructor by firing explosive or corrosive rounds into its red eye and taking cover beneath the ledges so that you have plenty of room to retreat from this enemy’s rocket attacks.
    8. Move left across the second level to climb the next set of steps in the corner, using corrosive ammunition to take out the loaders and the repair bots above, then approach the Constructor on the upper level and use the building beside you as cover to destroy this enemy.
    9. Climb the next staircase on your left to eliminate the enemies at the top and collect the weapons to the right, then continue moving towards the waypoint marker to cross the bridge at the edge of the cliff ahead and enter The Bunker area.
    10. Follow the mountain path in front of you to collect supplies along the way and climb the last staircase at the top to discover the Bunker, then move left across the bridge to reach the Auto Cannon on the roof and destroy it with corrosive gunfire.
    11. Jump to avoid the rotating web of red laser beams and eliminate the second cannon on this section of the rooftop, then head down the other set of steps to reach the bridge below and fight your way across towards the next pair of waypoint markers.
    12. Head down the first set of steps ahead on the left and destroy the cannon on the side of the building above, then return to the bridge and continue forward to climb the stairs at the end.
    13. Find the steps that lead down to a bridge on the opposite side of the area and make your way across it to continue destroying the Auto Cannons, then climb the stairs at the end to reach the next rooftop above.
    14. Approach the waypoint markers to destroy the two Auto Cannons on the rooftop and the final one clinging to the side of the building in the distance ahead to activate a cut scene.
    15. Afterwards, climb the steps to enter the structure at the center of this area and locate the BNK-3R flying around outside to open fire on it using corrosive ammunition or a rocket launcher.
    16. Continue draining the BNK-3R’s health until it retreats and exit the building to avoid the oncoming mortar attack, indicated by the red laser symbols on the floor, then take cover on the outside rooftop to locate the enemy vehicle again and specifically target the ship’s front cannons.
    17. Collect the supplies dropped by the buzzard flying above to assist you in surviving this battle and re-enter the previous structure to safely continue your attack until the next mortar strike.
    18. Continue destroying the BNK-3R’s cannons to disable its offense and eventually destroy this enemy airship, then approach the wreckage to collect various supplies and move towards the next waypoint marker on the level below to move into the indicated open room.
    19. Wait for the scanners to finish confirming the bio-signature and use the indicated console to say your password, then enter the room that opens in front of you and press the button ahead to descend on the elevator.
    20. Travel to the Control Core upon reaching the floor below, then follow the hallway ahead to press the button in the room at the end and activate a cut scene, then enter the chamber where Angel has been imprisoned and approach the forcefield.
    21. Look up towards the purple eridum pipes flowing into Angel’s prison and open fire on the injectors attached at the base, then use corrosive ammunition to defeat the guards that arrive and to destroy the shock field generators .
    22. Use the forcefield as cover to help you defeat the surrounding threats and look above Angel when lasers starting firing down on you to destroy the turrets that appear as well, then continue clearing the room until Roland drops the injector shields.
    23. Look for the injectors that have turned green, after their shields have been dropped, and open fire on them with corrosive ammo to destroy this section of the eridum pipe.
    24. Use a rocket launcher to eliminate the larger enemies more quickly and continue clearing the area of guards, while waiting for Roland to drop the shields until you have destroyed all three injectors.
    25. After Angel has been freed and dies, “Turn In” with Roland to complete this chapter.

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    5 Comments on Borderlands 2 Walkthrough


    On September 14, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3″? Crack must be selling cheap these days.

    Borderlands 2 has ~58 hours of gameplay for a single character, while D3 has 14 (for a single character). Borderlands 2 has a bazillion weapons and far more customization than D3 could ever imagine. B2 does not have that persistent connection crap either, so when your connection drops out in the hardest setting, you do not have to start all over again.

    Borderlands 2 has added more content, fixed bugs, improved their great stories, and delivered a more enjoyable experience from its predecessor. Diablo III introduced far more bugs, an even weaker story, a silly auction house, useless crafting, and reduced the length of the game significantly, from its predecessor. In short, there is nothing in common between the two except that they both made significant graphical improvements between releases. The major point there is Gearbox only took a few years to get theirs out, while Blizzard took a decade.

    So ignore the whole D3 comparison and expect far more from Borderlands 2. You will not be disappointed.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 15, 2012 at 11:06 am


    Chill out my baby! It’s just a simile. I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here. Of course the games aren’t exactly the same.

    Still, I’m excited for this shooty-shooty opus, can’t we agree on that?


    On September 15, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I have to agree with Chris W.
    Comparing Diablo 3 to Bordelands 2 fails in every respect.
    In stead of saying “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3 with first-person shooting.”
    You might as well have said “Think of Borderlands 2 as The Sims with first-person shooting, but without the Sims.”
    The simile is meaningless.

    But indeed I am very much looking forward to Borderlands 2.
    I enjoyed Borderlands 1 immensely and they seem to have addressed all the points of critique concerning the first game. So this will be a guaranteed blast.


    On September 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Chapter 3 of this Walkthrough doesn’t come close to even being the same game I’m playing.
    What’s up?
    Chapters 1 and 2 are spot on to what I’ve played before I ever knew of this site.
    Could this be such an open-world game that I’m not playing the same sequence as you?
    I’ve also noticed that there are several different packages you can buy through Steam.
    I’m playing the free version from Nvidia that came through my purchase of an EVGA GTX 690.
    The 1st page of this article says that this is a complete walkthrough. There are only 3 short chapters to this game?

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 20, 2012 at 7:37 am


    Borderlands 2 is a very open game, with many optional quests and areas for you to explore. Sorry to confuse, but the walkthrough isn’t complete yet. But, we do plan on getting it finished! Please stick with us though, we’ll have more up for you soon!