Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

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  • CHAPTER 10
  • CHAPTER 11
  • CHAPTER 12
  • CHAPTER 13
  • CHAPTER 14
  • CHAPTER 15
  • CHAPTER 16
  • CHAPTER 17
  • CHAPTER 18
  • The Talon of God

    1. After talking to Mordecai and going downstairs to speak with Tannis as well, pick up the Agression Relic and exit Crimson Raiders HQ to approach the next closest waypoint marker on your right.
    2. Use the waypoint markers on your map to locate the people on the list of objectives and take the items they offer you, then travel to Eridium Blight and spawn a vehicle to drive.
    3. Make your way towards the next waypoint marker to reach the opening in the wall and get out on foot to meet Claptrap, then follow him over to the front gate of the building in the distance and use a sniper rifle loaded with corrosive ammo to protect the small robot from the approaching loaders.
    4. Defeat the invading wave of loaders and wait until Claptrap activates the front gate’s second line of defense, then retreat from the area to avoid the enemies using flame throwers and take them out using a sniper rifle as well.
    5. Use your special ability to survive the second ambush and clear out the loaders that continue to appear, then sprint to cover in the distance away from Claptrap and turn back around to pom back in on his location.
    6. Destroy the enemies closing in on Claptrap and stay in cover to avoid the turrets above, then finish removing the third and fourth wave of loaders that appears next.
    7. Move through the front gate that Claptrap open for you and climb the steps behind it to travel to Hero’s Pass, then make your way up the next staircase ahead and use the vending machines to the left.
    8. Enter the Guardian Slag Heap ahead to continue moving forward down the path and locate the Hyperion Snipers on the left by their red targeting lasers, then take cover and take out this group of enemies using a rifle of your own to score headshots.
    9. Use your sniper rifle to continue targeting the enemies in the distance ahead and the barrels that will explode to cause them further dame, then move further into the cave ahead to eliminate the loaders and infiltrators at the top of the next hill with corrosive rifle ammunition.
    10. Continue moving towards the waypoint marker ahead and open fire on the two turrets attached to either side of the transport ship hovering above, then eliminate the wave of approaching enemies on the other side of the next bridge to cross it safely and turn right to meet up with Brick.
    11. Make your way over the next bridge ahead to climb the ladder on the left and turn towards the enemies positioned on the platforms across the gap, then pick them off to back up Brick and Mordecai.
    12. Clear the area across the gap and drop back to ground below, then follow the same trail as Brick did to pick up supplies along the way and reach the broken bridge at the end.
    13. Execute a running jump to clear the gap in the broken bridge and climb the steps on your left to reach the Emergency Supply Cache, then follow Brick to the right towards the next waypoint marker and eliminate the Hyperion enemies on the next bridge below from behind cover that overlooks this battle area.
    14. Duck back behind cover whenever the pair of turrets above start to target your position, then pop back up to continue eliminating the enemies on the bridge below and help Brick get across successfully.
    15. Finish clearing out every loader and hyperion in front of Brick, then drop onto the bridge below to cross it and use the surrounding cover to start eliminating the next wave of enemies that appear in front of you.
    16. Fight your way forward across the bridge with the help of brick to reach the other side and wait for Brick to deactivate the Hyperion security system, then climb the steps to continue moving towards the next map marker and enter the Drift mouth Access.
    17. Continue moving through the complex to mow down the various enemies in your path and safely cross a series of bridges until you spot the Badass Constructor in the distance ahead, then open fire on this enemy’s red eye with corrosive rounds from a sniper rifle.
    18. Stay behind cover and continue sniping the Badass Constructor until it’s destroyed, then clear out the loaders on your right and move down the ramp ahead towards the next waypoint marker.
    19. Travel to the Vault of the Warrior and move forward through the cave ahead, then cross the long enclosed bridge over the lava and press the indicated on your left at the end.
    20. After descending on the elevator, cross the bridge in front of you to access the vending machines on the other side and continue moving towards the next waypoint marker ahead.
    21. Enter the Vault of the Warrior to cross the rock bridge ahead and encounter Jack on the other side to activate a cut scene, then equip a high-powered shotgun and move into the clearing in front of you.
    22. Keep your back to the wall and scan the area continuously to locate the many Jack clones that keep appearing, then blast them with your shotgun and continue this tactic to drain the boss’ shield.
    23. Back away quickly whenever Jack himself appears near you to avoid his melee strike and open fire on him to continue draining his shield until it’s completely gone, then destroy the flying bot that creates an orange shield around the boss.
    24. Stay at a safe distance to avoid the explosives that Jack throws at you and use your special ability to continue draining the boss’ health until a next cut scene activates in which The Warrior appears.
    25. Pick up the weapons dropped by Jack and equip a rocket launcher that deals the highest amount of damage in your arsenal, then retreat across the stone bridge towards the blue forcefield above and turn back around to face the Warrior.
    26. Open fire on the Warrior by directing your rocket’s directly into his head until the boss sinks back into the lava, then use the nearby terminal to refill on ammo and jump onto the roof of this tiny structure.
    27. Wait for the Warrior to emerge from the lava again, then continue firing rockets into the boss’ head and jump down into cover when a purple laser beam is fired at you from the creature’s tail.
    28. When the boss climbs up onto the statue in the distance and starts throwing boulders at you, either sprint sideways to avoid them or open fire to blow the giant rocks apart before impact.
    29. Drain half of The Warrior’s health until he disappears beneath the lava and unleashes a wave of Volcanic Crystalisks, then approach the clearing where Jack is again and eliminate these enemies by targeting their legs.
    30. Move in close beneath the boss and open fire up into the bright-glowing section of The Warrior’s underbelly to continue draining his health, then jump onto the surround rock formations to use them as cover and defeat the next group of Crystalisks that appear.
    31. Continue targeting The Warrior’s vulnerable underbelly to drain his health and use your map to locate him each time he emerges from the lava, then repeat the previous assault tactics until you have defeated the boss.
    32. Pick up all the supplies that are now scattered across the area and approach the indicated console to call Moonshot, then approach Handsome Jack and blow him away with a single shot.
    33. Approach the object embedded in the ground near Angel and press the indicated button to complete the game.

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    5 Comments on Borderlands 2 Walkthrough


    On September 14, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3″? Crack must be selling cheap these days.

    Borderlands 2 has ~58 hours of gameplay for a single character, while D3 has 14 (for a single character). Borderlands 2 has a bazillion weapons and far more customization than D3 could ever imagine. B2 does not have that persistent connection crap either, so when your connection drops out in the hardest setting, you do not have to start all over again.

    Borderlands 2 has added more content, fixed bugs, improved their great stories, and delivered a more enjoyable experience from its predecessor. Diablo III introduced far more bugs, an even weaker story, a silly auction house, useless crafting, and reduced the length of the game significantly, from its predecessor. In short, there is nothing in common between the two except that they both made significant graphical improvements between releases. The major point there is Gearbox only took a few years to get theirs out, while Blizzard took a decade.

    So ignore the whole D3 comparison and expect far more from Borderlands 2. You will not be disappointed.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 15, 2012 at 11:06 am


    Chill out my baby! It’s just a simile. I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here. Of course the games aren’t exactly the same.

    Still, I’m excited for this shooty-shooty opus, can’t we agree on that?


    On September 15, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I have to agree with Chris W.
    Comparing Diablo 3 to Bordelands 2 fails in every respect.
    In stead of saying “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3 with first-person shooting.”
    You might as well have said “Think of Borderlands 2 as The Sims with first-person shooting, but without the Sims.”
    The simile is meaningless.

    But indeed I am very much looking forward to Borderlands 2.
    I enjoyed Borderlands 1 immensely and they seem to have addressed all the points of critique concerning the first game. So this will be a guaranteed blast.


    On September 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Chapter 3 of this Walkthrough doesn’t come close to even being the same game I’m playing.
    What’s up?
    Chapters 1 and 2 are spot on to what I’ve played before I ever knew of this site.
    Could this be such an open-world game that I’m not playing the same sequence as you?
    I’ve also noticed that there are several different packages you can buy through Steam.
    I’m playing the free version from Nvidia that came through my purchase of an EVGA GTX 690.
    The 1st page of this article says that this is a complete walkthrough. There are only 3 short chapters to this game?

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 20, 2012 at 7:37 am


    Borderlands 2 is a very open game, with many optional quests and areas for you to explore. Sorry to confuse, but the walkthrough isn’t complete yet. But, we do plan on getting it finished! Please stick with us though, we’ll have more up for you soon!