Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

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  • CHAPTER 11
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  • CHAPTER 14
  • CHAPTER 15
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  • CHAPTER 17
  • CHAPTER 18
  • A Dam Fine Rescue

    1. After Lilith teleports you, head down the nearby set of steps to make a right at the bottom and move towards the next waypoint marker to exit the cavern.
    2. Drop into the area below and continue moving towards the waypoint markers to eventually travel Three Horns-Valley.
    3. If you haven’t already, spawn a vehicle using the nearby generator and drive forward across the valley to reach the stronghold’s front gate.
    4. Honk your horn to unleash an enemy ambush and take out the turret above to the right of the gate fire, then run over or open fire on the ground enemies to eliminate them and drive towards the next waypoint marker that has appeared.
    5. Travel to The Dust and drive towards the next waypoint marker, using your car’s boost and rocket features to get past the enemies that occupy this area.
    6. Continue towards the waypoint marker to reach Ellie’s place at the junk yard and activate a cut scene, then speak with her to receive the next two objectives and drive out of this area to begin hunting other enemy vehicles.
    7. Locate the nearest enemy vehicle by the red dot icon on the map and lead it over to a respawn station in case your car is destroyed during the battle.
    8. Keep the opposing car at a distance and directly in front of you to hit the enemy with machine gun fire as well as rockets, then use wide circular turns to avoid return attacks and continue using this tactic to successfully destroy the vehicle.
    9. To destroy the enemy flying machines called Buzzards, move in close beneath them to get a clear shot with your rocket launcher and attack continuously to destroy these vehicles as well.
    10. Continue driving in the direction of the waypoint markers that appear on your map to locate and destroy five bandit cars in all, then return to Ellie’s and speak with her inside the garage.
    11. Approach the car on the lift beside you and press the indicated button to build a Bandit Technical, then approach the vehicle generator console that Ellie is using and activate it to teleport into the model you just created.
    12. Drive the Bandit Technical out of Ellie’s junkyard and in the direction of the next waypoint marker, then travel back to Three Horns Valley and approach the gate ahead on your right to honk the horn in front of it.
    13. Open fire on the enemies in front of you with the vehicle’s weaponry and clear this initial area, then exit the truck and move forward into the stronghold’s entrance.
    14. Approach the ramp at the back of the stronghold’s entrance hold to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Bad Maw, then run back to your vehicle and get in the driver’s seat again.
    15. Open fire on Bad Maw after he chases you back to the front gate and continue causing damage until he retreats to the rear of the stronghold’s entrance, then exit your vehicle and approach the boss on foot to lead him back to the car.
    16. Continue leading Bad Maw over to your vehicle and using its weaponry to to attack the boss until he is defeated, then pick up the Eridium left near his body and the Bloodshot Bridge Key.
    17. Approach the indicated wheel to insert the key and lower the bridge, then cross it to travel into the Bloodshot Stronghold and use the vending machines in front of you to refill on supplies.
    18. Climb the stairs on your right to enter the flooded room ahead and use explosive ammo with well-placed grenade tosses to clear out the enemies within, then continue forward into the hydraulics area and start eliminating the next group of Bloodshoots.
    19. Take cover in the room behind you or use the cement barricades ahead, then equip a scoped rifle and eliminate the enemies ahead by scoring heads hors for critical damage.
    20. Use grenades and explosive ammo or a snipe rifle to defeat the shielded enemies, then continue fending off the ambush by using your special ability whenever possible.
    21. Continue into the next area ahead and move down the steps beside you to take out the enemies below, then make your way forward to teach the room lined with vats and use a scoped rifle to eliminate the bloodspots behind cover.
    22. Hide behind the vats below on your left to avoid the turret fire and use this as cover while attacking the shielded enemy, then continue scoring headshots for critical damage to clear out the larger Bloodshots.
    23. Use explosive ammo to destroy the turret and finish clearing the room, then continue forward into the next area ahead and move up the steps to collect more supplies.
    24. Continue moving forward to reach the next circular room below and take out the enemies patrolling area by scoring headshots with a scoped rifle, then make your way down the steps in front of you and approach the broken bridge spanning across the whirlpool.
    25. Cross the bridge over the whirlpool at the center of the area and take out the enemy perched on the overhead pipe, then make a running jump across the gap to reach the other side of the room and climb the incline on your left that leads to the level above.
    26. Move back and forth between the two levels to eliminate the remaining enemies with explosive ammo, then equip a sniper rifle and use it to score critical damage headshots on Mad Mike.
    27. Wait for Mike to fire a barrage of rockets and move sideways while jumping to avoid them, then continue shooting him in the head with your sniper rifle and dodging missiles to defeat this boss.
    28. Cross the bridge on the second level to climb the steps on the other side and exit this room, then approach the electric field ahead and turn left to open fire on the next wave of enemies.
    29. Climb the next set of steps to encounter the Nomad Torturers and back up while firing through the holes at the center of their shields, then finish clearing the room and continue moving towards the waypoint marker to exit the area.
    30. Move through the next hallway to reach the flooded room at the end and eliminate the enemies below from a distance, then approach the back of the area and move up the ramp on the right to take out the Bloodshots at the top.
    31. Clear the area to continue forward into the next room ahead and climb the steps on your right to mow down the ambushing enemies with an automatic weapon, then move towards the waypoint marker to open the indicated cell door and activate a cut scene.
    32. Afterwards, open fire on the robot that crashes towards you to move forward through Roland’s cell and exit out the other side to chase him across the next area ahead.
    33. Aim for the robot enemies’ appendages to disable them and cause critical damage in order to defeat them more quickly.
    34. Use explosive ammo to fight your way forward and continue chasing after Roland to travel to the Bloodshot Ramparts, then wait for the next cut scene to end and eliminate the robots guarding the area below.
    35. Move right along the street to join the Nomad in defeating the next wave of robots and enter the structure ahead, then turn right to defeat another group of enemies and exit the building.
    36. Head left across the open area by using explosive ammo to destroy the robot enemies in your way, then allow any remaining Nomads to fend off the invading threats and continue forward through the next set of narrow tunnels.
    37. Defeat the robots that block your path and continue moving forward until the Badass Loader arrives on the scene, then retreat back to the raised circular platform near the narrow tunnel you entered through and use it as cover to open fire on the boss with explosive ammo.
    38. Move back and forth around the circular platform to continue fire explosive rounds into the Badass Loader’s arms until he is defeated, then sprint past the enemies between the buildings and up stairs ahead to reach Roland’s final location.
    39. Take cover behind the barricades across from Roland to destroy the robots that are scanned into existence, then open fire on the red eye of the machine creating the laser cage to cause it critical damage.
    40. Continue defeating the robots that appear until Roland is taken from the area, then make your way over to the nearby Fast Travel device and use it to return to The Dust.
    41. Enter the garage behind you to spawn a vehicle and drive it out of the junkyard, then head in the direction of the next waypoint marker to reach the Friendship Gulag at the top of the hill and travel inside of it.
    42. Move forward into the next open area and take out the enemies below, then sprint left against the surrounding wall to cross the gulag by shooting the legs of the robots and get past them quickly.
    43. Make a right at the last corner ahead to locate Roland again and open fire on the red eye of the machine that’s holding him, then take out the robots that appear by aiming for their appendages and continue working to free your imprisoned ally.
    44. Use shield-piercing ammo to drop the machine’s defenses and switch over to explosive rounds to cause damage specifically to the enemy’s health.
    45. Destroy the repair bots flying around above to continue fending off the robots that appear and use a rocket launcher to quickly eliminate the Badass Loaders that appear next.
    46. Move between the the three entry points that face the machine to keep the loaders from locking onto you and continue attacking the boss until your ally is free, then eliminate the remaining enemies in the area and speak with Roland to complete this mission.

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    5 Comments on Borderlands 2 Walkthrough


    On September 14, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3″? Crack must be selling cheap these days.

    Borderlands 2 has ~58 hours of gameplay for a single character, while D3 has 14 (for a single character). Borderlands 2 has a bazillion weapons and far more customization than D3 could ever imagine. B2 does not have that persistent connection crap either, so when your connection drops out in the hardest setting, you do not have to start all over again.

    Borderlands 2 has added more content, fixed bugs, improved their great stories, and delivered a more enjoyable experience from its predecessor. Diablo III introduced far more bugs, an even weaker story, a silly auction house, useless crafting, and reduced the length of the game significantly, from its predecessor. In short, there is nothing in common between the two except that they both made significant graphical improvements between releases. The major point there is Gearbox only took a few years to get theirs out, while Blizzard took a decade.

    So ignore the whole D3 comparison and expect far more from Borderlands 2. You will not be disappointed.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 15, 2012 at 11:06 am


    Chill out my baby! It’s just a simile. I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here. Of course the games aren’t exactly the same.

    Still, I’m excited for this shooty-shooty opus, can’t we agree on that?


    On September 15, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I have to agree with Chris W.
    Comparing Diablo 3 to Bordelands 2 fails in every respect.
    In stead of saying “Think of Borderlands 2 as Diablo 3 with first-person shooting.”
    You might as well have said “Think of Borderlands 2 as The Sims with first-person shooting, but without the Sims.”
    The simile is meaningless.

    But indeed I am very much looking forward to Borderlands 2.
    I enjoyed Borderlands 1 immensely and they seem to have addressed all the points of critique concerning the first game. So this will be a guaranteed blast.


    On September 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Chapter 3 of this Walkthrough doesn’t come close to even being the same game I’m playing.
    What’s up?
    Chapters 1 and 2 are spot on to what I’ve played before I ever knew of this site.
    Could this be such an open-world game that I’m not playing the same sequence as you?
    I’ve also noticed that there are several different packages you can buy through Steam.
    I’m playing the free version from Nvidia that came through my purchase of an EVGA GTX 690.
    The 1st page of this article says that this is a complete walkthrough. There are only 3 short chapters to this game?

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 20, 2012 at 7:37 am


    Borderlands 2 is a very open game, with many optional quests and areas for you to explore. Sorry to confuse, but the walkthrough isn’t complete yet. But, we do plan on getting it finished! Please stick with us though, we’ll have more up for you soon!