Bound By Flame: All 3 Skill Tree Achievements Guide [Exploit]

Want to earn three big achievements in Bound By Flame, but don’t want to have to replay the game three times in a row? You can complete every skill tree and earn all three tough achievements in one round if you’ve got a lot of patience.

Just to be totally clear, this little trick won’t let you keep every skill all at once. You’ll have to pick one for your playthrough and stick with it, this is just for those few power-gamers that want their achievements way faster. Technically, if you’re really dedicated, this can even be done on “Hard” mode, limiting your number of total playthroughs to two tops to earn 100% of the achievements / trophies.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll try to explain in the full guide below. For more RPG-tastic action on Game Front, check out our Mass Effect 3 video guide and chomp into the extras on the ME3 cheats list. Or explore our Dark Souls 2 video walkthrough for even more dark fantasy stuffed in your action-RPG.

All 3 Skill Tree Achievements Guide

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To gain a single skill completion achievement / trophy, you’ll need to invest 36 skill points into a one of the three skill trees. In total, you’d have to spend 108 skill points to unlock all three — meaning you normally won’t be able to complete more than a single skill tree per playthrough.

If you want to unlock all three achievements, you’ll need to play to level 19 without redeeming or allocating any skill points. Any earned Feat points can still be used. They don’t count.

At level 19, you’ll have enough skill points to max out a single skill tree. Before using them, save your game.

Next, complete one of the skill trees. Load your previous save, then complete the second skill tree. Load your game again and complete the third skill tree. You should unlock each of the skill tree achievements / trophies once they’re complete.

Found any other exploits or tricks in Bound By Flame? Let us know in the comments!

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Firestarter (20 points / Bronze):
    Skill after skill, you have truly mastered the art of playing with fire.
  • Master Ranger (20 points / Bronze):
    The Ranger skills hold no more secrets for you.
  • Master At Arms (20 points / Bronze):
    There is no better warrior than you in all of Vertiel. Even among the Freeborn Blades.

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