BREAKING: Justin Carter Makes Bail (UPDATED)

Jailed League of Legends player Justin Carter is now out on bail, Game Front has confirmed with the Comal County, Texas District Clerk.

The 19-year old New Braunfels, Texas man was arrested on March 20, after comments he posted to Facebook February 13, during an argument with other gamers, were reported to law enforcement authorities in Austin Texas. After being called “effing crazy” by another commenter, he said in response “I’m fucked in the head alright, I think I’ma SHOOT UP A KINDERGARTEN AND WATCH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT RAIN DOWN AND EAT THE BEATING HEART OF ONE OF THEM.” His legal representation has characterized as this statement as “sarcastic”, and people previously speaking out on his behalf have repeatedly insisted he followed it up with “jk Lol”.

According to his attorney, a search of his residence by law enforcement turned up no weapons, or other evidence of any public threat. A review of the search warrants issued to law enforcement reveals they did not expect to find weapons at his house. However, after being questioned without an attorney present, he was charged with making a terroristic threat, and is currently awaiting trial.

Carter was held on a $500,000 bond, an amount his attorney Donald Flanary told Game Front is excessive. “The normal bail for someone facing murder charges, facing life in prison, it’s generally $100,000,” Flanary said. “This is a third degree felony… Most of the time those bonds are around $10,000.” Carter faces a possible prison term of two to ten years, and up to $100,000 in fines, if convicted. The case has galvanized free speech advocates, likely a contributing factor to his release. The required 10 percent of his bond, $50,000, was covered today, according to MSNBC, by an anonymous donor.

UPDATE: We have confirmed that the full amount of the bond, all $500,000, was covered by the donor. That’s an amazing amount of money and suggests someone with plenty of expendable cash dedicated to this issue. You may begin speculating now.

For a longer look into this contentious situation, see our in-depth report.

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3 Comments on BREAKING: Justin Carter Makes Bail (UPDATED)

Jacob Ericsson

On July 13, 2013 at 12:35 am

Just kind reminder. Bond money is not a fine, you actually get the money back when you show up in court on your hearing. It’s there as an insurance that the accused won’t flee the city/state/country sort of.

Jacob Ericsson

On July 13, 2013 at 12:36 am

…and when I say bond money, I mean bail money >_>


On July 15, 2013 at 5:29 pm

We live in a country where the slightest perceived un-PC speech is used as a weapon against those making it…so long as the accuser has the media-government complex in their corner. “Gamers” are easy targets for attack, just like Christians, conservatives and other popular boogymen. If some dirtbag darling of Hollywood or the White House had said the exact same thing it would have gotten them a wrist-slap from the infotainment media and nothing more.