Broken Xbox One Controller Leads to Questionable Customer Service

There’s nothing quite like new technology. The thrill of opening that box, of hooking up that new gadget, of trying it out for the first time – we all know that feeling.

That’s the feeling that Mark Patience (@GrayHairedGam3r on Twitter) was looking for when he cracked open his Xbox One Day One Forza 5 Edition back on Dec. 16, 2013. Patience had received the console from Amazon UK on Dec. 6, and decided he should open the box up and make sure everything was in order for Christmas Day, as he knew he and his family (specifically, his three kids) would be itching to play.

Upon opening the box, he wrote in his blog, he found what you see in the picture above — a controller missing both rear side panels. Patience says he immediately contacted Amazon, only to find out that they couldn’t replace his Day One controller, simply because they didn’t have any replacements to send. The retailer did offer him a small refund, and encouraged him to follow up with Microsoft support.

That’s where things got … weird.

First, Patience told Game Front in an interview, the Microsoft rep he talked with told him that MS would not ship out a replacement until they received Patience’s faulty one. With only six shipping days left for Christmas, the odds of receiving the controller in time for the holidays were just about zero. This was met with some consternation from Patience, particularly since Microsoft was expediting returns “for early users with issues” with broken consoles, shipping them a “new Xbox One via UPS within three working days,” according to a report from Eurogamer. MS sent these consoles without requiring the return of the broken one first, but instead allowed purchasers to return the faulty unit in the box the replacement arrived in, at Microsoft’s expense.

Unable to be connected to a Microsoft supervisor, Patience says he told MS that he didn’t accept the resolution, and took to Twitter. Contacting Microsoft’s support accounts, @xboxsupport and @xboxsupport2, he reiterated the problem, only to be met with the same solution. Then, the MS rep told Patience that he could simply buy another controller, and then return it as non-working when his replacement arrived.

Patience says that despite three days of escalating complaints, Twitters messages and emails, Microsoft wouldn’t be moved on this. He says he had to purchase another controller (£ 45 / $73.92) so that he and his kids could enjoy the Xbox One over the holidays. Not only that, Xbox UK wouldn’t send a box or shipping label for the broken controller, says Patience, meaning he had to spend an additional £ 10 ($16.43) on shipping just to return it to Microsoft.

Patience says he finally received his replacement controller from Microsoft on Saturday, Jan. 11. Once he confirmed it was working, he contacted MS to try and tie up his outstanding issues, like his shipping costs and the investment he’d had to make into a replacement controller. Microsoft’s reply was to offer him two months of Xbox Live Gold, a service he says he rarely uses anyway. After he told the rep he was speaking to it wasn’t an acceptable resolution, the rep referred the situation to a supervisor. Later that day, Patience received an email from the supervising team offering him one month of Xbox Live, instead of two. He says he refused that offer as well, and is currently awaiting a resolution.

Microsoft didn’t respond to Game Front’s numerous attempts to contact the company about this story.

While the fact that Patience received what essentially amounted to a half-built controller is bad, it’s not even what’s most troubling about Microsoft’s customer service in relation to Patience’s issue. The issue isn’t even that Microsoft might have had the means to handle this request, as is shown by their willingness to ship replacement consoles in an expedited fashion, but for some reason chose not to send a controller to Patience.

While neither of those casts particularly favorable light on Microsoft’s support department, the bigger issue is the support rep’s suggestion to commit return fraud as means of dealing with Microsoft’s unfinished controller and slow support shipping.

Return fraud is a term coined by the retail industry that describes the practice of returning an item dishonestly. For example, you might return an item to Wal-Mart that bought at Best Buy, or you might claim something doesn’t work when it really does. In many cases, people will do this with big ticket items like video cameras. While an attorney we consulted told us that it’s not illegal, it is still a practice that retailers estimated would cost them $3.4 billion this holiday season. Retailers deal with things like return fraud and other losses in stores by increasing prices for everyone else.

It’s stories like these that make us wonder just how bad Microsoft’s customer service really is. For every positive thing you hear, like the company expediting shipping for broken consoles, there are situations like the one detailed here. As the competition among console manufacturers heats up, doing things like sending customers to commit return fraud, something that is, at best, ethically questionable, is not a reasonable way for Microsoft to handle customer service.

If you’ve had any interaction, either positive or negative, with Xbox Customer Support, please tell us about your experience in the comments.

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45 Comments on Broken Xbox One Controller Leads to Questionable Customer Service


On January 17, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I purchased a Xbox one through Newegg. It worked for the first 48 hours. Than had a disc drive error. Once i contacted Xbox support i was told that i do not qualify for the advanced warranty. (American stationed over seas) since Microsoft cant bite the bullet of $500 for a month while waiting for me to send my system back. The bad thing was I was told by a rep that they would honor that system and just manually do it(that was a big lie). I call back a few days latter to see what was going on with it and then like this gentleman was told, i had to pay for shipping my broken Xbox one. Since I was lied to about the advanced return they did give me a month of Xbox live to hopefully compensate for the time my system is gone( will be 3 weeks this upcoming Monday). Lets jump to this Tuesday from Dec 24th. I now pick up a shipping box for my Xbox one that i never knew was coming. I contact customer support and finally get someone there who cares. This gentleman listens to me and starts digging and see how screwed up everything is. Since i sent the system myself(as i was told to do) Xbox has no tracking of the system even though its at the repair facility. I have 0 updates on whats going on with my system. This rep. has now made a ticket for there top support team to try and help me out (still waiting to hear from them). So as of right. I have no Xbox one system, payed to ship a broken product under warranty, and to my knowledge its more or less lost. I forgot to add in there that they tried to have me take care of my system through the Italian support, even though I’m an American citizen stationed oversea’s. And the Italian system is different that the American citizen as one of the reps told me latter on. It sucks to feel like a burden when as a customer we are the ones getting screwed.


On January 17, 2014 at 6:23 pm



On January 17, 2014 at 7:19 pm

It’s more messed up that you got the poor chap fired because he told you the logical thing to do ( go buy another controller and return it later). He/she didn’t HAVE to give you that wonderful advice, but they did, and now they’re going to get fired because that advice isn’t the “right thing to do”. You received a one in a million flawed xbox…. don’t be a diva about it.


On January 17, 2014 at 11:10 pm

This dude sounds like a , my Day One Kinect stopped working about 4 hours after use. Went on their support Twitter and they just advised me to RMA it since Amazon would probably not have anymore in stock to return it.

RMA’d it and got my replacement in 3 days. Used my own box and their prepaid label.

I even got a 3 month XBL card for the inconvenience.


On January 18, 2014 at 12:46 am

@ shaun – YES people SHOULD get fired. We have yet another situation out of Microsoft where people are clearly not doing their job. If you work customer service for a company like Microsoft. Then it is your job to keep up with their return policy, plain and simple. Especially when several days before the company you work for issues a statement that they’ll expedite the exchange on faulty hardware.

Which by the way, is something MIcrosoft wouldn’t have done if it were really a “one in a million” problem. People like you were defending MS through the red ring debacle using that same exact excuse. So don’t sit there and blindly defend MS while they launch yet ANOTHER console that was clearly rushed and faulty at launch.

I’m getting off topic. Point is when you work customer service for a company like MS, it is your job to properly note what the issue of the complaining customer is. It is your job, to note in customers file the promises you make. If you’re making promises you’re not authorized to make, then you deserve to get fired. Otherwise, the person whos job it is to follow through on those promises deserves to get fired. Again, point is, someone in this fustercluck should be losing their job and rightly so.


On January 18, 2014 at 1:35 am

To be fair, if you were stupid enough to actually buy an Xbox One, you probably deserve the bad that results from it.


On January 18, 2014 at 7:55 am

shouldve went to walmart bought a new one and then returned it instead of being a whiny .


On January 18, 2014 at 8:16 am

I had to replace my PS4 controller here in the states. Spoke with someone i india I think. I had to ship mine back to them at my own cost and they sent a replacement. Sounds just like Microsoft policy. No big deal for me since I needed a second controller anyway and went out to buy one. Entire exchange process took 3 weeks with Sony. I question the idea of fraud. I’m sure thats NOT a Microsoft policy and the agent was speaking for him/her self. If anything, that agents should be terminated. As for this guy seeking more compensation for his issue because he could not get a controller faster. Ridicules! If they did t his way and sent a controller first, everyone would commit fraud for a new controller and never send back their original. If I recall with Sony, I had two choices, return the console to retailer or send to them my expense for replacement. I considered that more then reasonable. Why should Microsoft be held to a different standard when this is the industry standard?


On January 18, 2014 at 8:18 am

@AxeTwin, Microsoft does, have some iffy customer service, I admit.

But this article is full of it. First of all 3kids and 1 controller just isn’t going to work, plain and simple. So the dad is more than likely goin to have to buy another controller anyways.
They don’t owe him the I”I’m sorry here’s a few months of Live”.

Holidays are a iffy time for shipping. Everyone knows that. So even if the process is sped up, Microsoft has no control over courier dropping off the product in a timely manner.

Microsoft owes him free shipping and a replacement controller. As stated in their policy (Read that once in a while. I had to learn that the hard way). So basically he owed nothing more than $16.90 for shipping reimbursement…


On January 18, 2014 at 8:53 am

I could be completely wrong here, but…did anyone else take a good look at the picture? It’s not a high resolution picture, but that Kinect looks pretty dusty and used to have just came out of the box. The controller itself looks like it’s been handled a bit if you look closely at it. If you ask me, this guy drops his controller, busted it, and is trying to get a free replacement. He puts everything back in the box like it was just opened except he doesn’t clean it up. The manual for Forza 5 looks a little used too, look at the paper. Anyone else notice this?


On January 18, 2014 at 9:54 am

The button on my xb1 controller broke so I contacted them and had a online conversation with them they where very helpfull they told me to take controller into where I bought it and get it exchanged and if there was any problems in doing so then they would change it for me. So I had a replacement controller the same day no fuss

Big Bobby

On January 18, 2014 at 10:01 am

Not played on an Xbox One yet, but handling a controller on a display unit in a store, I was surprised how cheap the plastic was. Also, it didn’t have the same build quality as the Xbox 360 controller. It felt a bit smaller than the Xbox 360 controller. It doesn’t even look as good, more so the middle X button. These can easily sell for £60 each which is a rip off. It’ll be hard to beat the Xbox 360 controller.


On January 18, 2014 at 10:36 am

This is essentially the same experience I had. The short version for me, bought a Day One Edition system on release day. Played about 4 hours when it died. What would happen is if the power supply was plugged in the wall and not the system the light would come on. As soon as it was plugged into the Xbox it stopped. Called support on Nov 29th and was advised I had to send the power supply back first. (Later I was told they only do advanced exchanges on the system which to me is stupid). I was told I would get a label but after getting the run around for a few days finally I was told I could just take it to the Fedex store and they can print the label. Microsoft received the unit back the following Thur and from that point forward their lack of customer service was on full display. I called the very next day to say you got it, I confirmed and was told yeah replacement should be going out soon. Called few days later still told the same thing. One week later now Im told nothing was done at all so new request was sent to “level 3″ who need 5-7 “uninterrupted” business days to review. Called back few days later just because I lost trust and sure enough that person dropped the ball too. New person finally sent that level 3 request, starting the time period again. Also put in a BBB complaint about this too which as of today still has yet to be acknowledged. Finally hear from someone right after Christmas asking for the tracking number of what I sent back (which had already been supplied several times) and then Dec 28th finally get word that it was being sent out. Via Fedex Smart post. Shipping from KY to FL where I live via ground 2-3 days max. Smart post had it leave Dec 30th and finally arrive Jan 8th, almost ten days later. Guess what, power supply two failed so it was actually my system. Immediately called back and got a fairly decent rep that did the advance exchange which I finally received Jan 14th, nearly 6 weeks after they received my power supply to begin with. I raised concerns and asked for compensation and was originally offered 1 month Live credit (Im annual and paid through July so this equates to roughly $5) said that wasnt enough and got it up to 2. Still not enough in my opinion and I am putting together a package detailing every communication and failure and sending it right to their corporate officers. Whether it does anything or not who knows, but rest assured I have just purchased my last Xbox.


On January 18, 2014 at 10:39 am

Exactly I received same kind of treatment when I approached Microsoft customer care regarding my broken Day one Xbox controller. They made be wait on call for 55 minutes to speak with a supervisor and when I said I am not happy with resolution he asked me to return my console back if I am not happy.
I am not going pre order any Microsoft products anymore.


On January 18, 2014 at 10:44 am

I have the same problem woth Microsoft I purchased the day 1 edition on November 22nd I called the next morning letting no my Xbox One system and the kinect doesn’t work now it’s January 18th and I still don’t have a working system I can use and Microsoft is no help they have the worst customers service in the world and I will never use another Microsoft product again


On January 18, 2014 at 11:13 am

Many people don’t realize that once a company has your money, they will do everything they can to keep from giving it back, hence the free Xbox Live subscriptions. This sort of thing extends to stores, as well. Several commenters want to argue that doing the “right thing” is somehow bad and that everyone should just commit return fraud for a new controller. The problem with that plan, as Ron said, is that stores lose money, and have to make up for the losses by increasing prices for everyone else. Microsoft probably isn’t going to reimburse Walmart or Gamestop for their losses, so they have to make up for it somehow.


On January 18, 2014 at 1:05 pm

so let me start off with saying I have been a Microsoft fanboy for over 10 years I have gotten a new Xbox 360 every year for the past 6 years its not that they didn’t work the fact that I wanted a new one I own 76 Xbox 360 gamesbut besides that I would like to say that this new gen the experiences that I had to deal with I will not buy another Microsoft product again well my story starts off with about a month after lunch my xbox broke I called Microsoft to make it take it I wasn’t mad I knew this was going to happen with the new gen console so I told him what was wrong with my xbox they told me it was my power brick so I had to send it in well they consider the power brick and accessory which by definition it is not an accessory cuz you need it to work in order for the console to work so I argued with them because I had to pay $13.95 in order to send it to him so after 45 days of arguing that they finally sent me $13.95 back to refund it back so I sent to my brick well I was telling an employee of a university about what I was dealing with and he told me that it’s not the break that it’s the consoles motherboard is that proves that the motherboard is going bad so I called Microsoft and told them and they told me that’s not true so then they hung up the phone on me and I called back got a new representative that rap told me that I should have sent them both my console and my brick at the same time so they sent me my tickets to send in my console so my break is on transit as of this point they said I would receive it within 20 business days 10 business days there 10 business days back to the map of the month just for power brick and then I sent them my console they decide to do that 2 day air well we do that well the FedEx lady didn’t put the right return address on there so I had to call everyday por the past few weeks I’ve probably been on the phone with them for 17 hours at this point since i since the first problem well Microsoft wasn’t doing anything so I had to call the headquarters file a complaint with their headquarters not much not the Xbox headquarters the Microsoft headquarters Microsoft out with this move done with my sis my problem and then they refunded me back some money like 20 some dollars is the troubles had to deal with on top of it giving me four months of Xbox Live Gold which to me is a slap in the face only because I pay dearly for my subscriptionthe tracking numbers that I was given on both these products were not legit so now I have to call FedEx in order to find where my product is text to tell me that was Microsoft’s fault why these didn’t work so I call Microsoft again I’m freaking irritated at this point I just saying I’m never buying another Microsoft product as I live um I wish that they would spend more money on satisfying their customers and slapping this all in the face Sony same thing with them my suggestion to everyone is just to buy a PC and put $500 in a PC because you get more out of it than a console and the way technologies running now you can connect your controller to your PC you can connect to your TV so you know its is BS for the way that they treat all of our customers we give them our money we should be giving respect and the fact that we’re not all criminal trying to screw them over all we want is a freaking console that runs properly properly and does what it says its going to do so far that console done nothing but give me problems does not give me enjoyment I do not have fun it does not deal with they said it was going to do during E3


On January 18, 2014 at 1:31 pm

That isn’t even the real Twitter xbox support?


On January 18, 2014 at 1:33 pm

I preordered an Xbox 360. First generation. When I got it the disk drive did not work.I had to ship it to California (I live in Washington D.C.) they did not refund me in any way at all. I had to pay for replacement parts. And the whole process took about two months

Sebastian Gorgon

On January 18, 2014 at 2:19 pm

Hey, I believe I can add to this Xbox Support nightmare… I’m having one as well, for about a month i’ve been trying to get my faulty power brick replaced as well as my controller, my power brick makes weird noises even when it’s off and my controller has a broken rumble motor.

Anyway when i first contacted Xbox Support i explained my issues and said it wasn’t a problem, they said they’ll arrange a replacement to be send out. I wasted around 15 minutes while they were going through their usual process only to be told the replacements will be send out when they receive my faulty ‘accessories’ not only that… they told me i would have to pay for postage and they even told me to use a tracking method, i said no, I’m not going to pay, it’s ridiculous. They said they can’t do anything but said they’ll escalate my problem, a week later i get an email apologising, blah, blah, blah, saying they understand by frustration and so only to find out they haven’t escalated anything, they still wanted me to pay for postage and they wanted me to send my faulty accessories in first, it’s fair to say I raged at them and that was the end of that… well not really, during the escalations they left out my controller, it was just about my power brick, anyway as i raged and mentioned they forgot about my controller I waited another week, this time i was told they would compensate me with a month of Xbox Live gold to make up for paying for the postage, they also immediately send me a ‘Xbox Service Request’ again… it was just for my power brick, they still left out my controller, i said okay **** it, i’ll pay for the postage since they will give me a month of xbox live gold, so i looked at the address and found out it’s in freaking Czech Republic!!! I looked on Royal Mail to see how much it would cost to send and cheapest option was £38… a month of gold wouldn’t cut it, AND i couldn’t even afford that, after looking further into it i found i could send it for £28.80 through Interlink Direct, and said that them wanting me to accept a month of gold they were taking the ****,

After that i contacted Tesco where my Xbox One was from, they told me they can’t send me a replacement, they said “The problem is, that Microsoft should be overseeing all replacement and or repairs of XBOX ONEs themselves. In fact, they insist that this be the case. We’re not actually in a position to replace these I’m sorry.” So i was left to deal with Xbox support yet again…

Anyway my case was escalated even further, as i was losing hope of ever getting this solved 3 weeks after i started this cause Microsoft said they asked their repair centre in Prague to send me a shipping label. 1 day later i got a UPS shipping label in my email. That was a week ago, i asked them about my controller, and why that has been ignored, a week later (today) i’m still waiting for them to get back to me about that…

This is the worst customer support experience i had ever… i’m utterly speechless at how bad they treat their customers, and you know what’s funny? every agent trying to help me said that everyone is complaining about having to send in the broken accessories in first and having to pay for the postage, AND obviously higher ups at Xbox support don’t seem to give a **** about that as here we are… we have to send in broken stuff first, we have to pay for postage to Prague.

If you wish to discuss this further with me feel free to email me.

Mr Garland

On January 18, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I have had a faulty controller and charge Kit I have sent a e mail saying I was not happy about having to post both items at my cost here is the response

My name is Darius, and I’m contacting you from the Microsoft Corporate office with the Customer Advocacy Team. I am sorry to hear your accessories are not working. I know how frustrating that can be.

I have reviewed your recent email and unfortunately the warranty covers the exchange but not the cost for shipping the product to our service center. Again I apologize if this is not the answer you wanted but it is our policy and I am unable to go around it.

If you have any questions or I can help further, please reply to my email, and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Hope you have a good day.


Xbox Customer Advocacy and Exceptions Management Team – Hardware

Negative, with Xbox Customer Support !!


On January 18, 2014 at 10:56 pm

The customer was being a douche. He stated he has three kids, and he expected them to all play with one controller? He would need at least one more anyway, so why not buy one (or two) more so all your kids can play games together and then ship the Day One controller back for replacement? I mean, it’s just common sense.


On January 18, 2014 at 11:58 pm

I bought a day one console and I had no idea it did not work. I was just playing the downloadable game for the first few days. Then when I went to put in the disc of Zoo Ty I found out that my X1 could not read discs. So I contacted MS Support and after around an hour of getting my information they gave me a code for three months of Xbox live and a free download of Dead Rising 3.

The guy sent out a new console that day for me I only had to give him my credit card info incase I did not send in my broken system. About a week later I got the new system and I sent back the system that was not working and then I got a message that they got my system and would be taking off the hold on my credit card. It sucked that I could not play disc based games for a few days but Crimson Dragon held me over until I could finally play disc based games. Plus I got a few months of XBL and a free game out of the deal. So that was great. I will say the rep that I talked to was a really great guy. You could tell he felt sorry and cared.

I know my experience was different then this guy. So I am sorry to hear he was treated that way. I guess it just depends on who you get to answer your call. I hope he can get it all figured out.


On January 19, 2014 at 12:31 am… Support…. select problem… they ship your part you send back old part… boom

If you’re talking to support from Microsoft you’re an idiot… use their online submission if you’re still under warrenty


On January 19, 2014 at 12:42 am

Suprise, suprise yet more bad press for microsofts xbox one
when my Xbox 360 red ringed, despite the fact that my warranty had expired, on all three occasions Microsoft were able to send a courier to collect my broken Xbox and repair free of charge. A lot of the time the service you receive depends on your attitude when you talk to the help centre/ call centre… ‘You reap what you sow’ regardless of how annoyed you are you should always remain calm and polite… human beings respond for better when treated with respect.
I do find it ironic that the customers name is ‘Patience’ :) all things considered I would have thought that the problem should have been dealt with by the initial retailer and not deferred to Microsoft as initial contact point.


On January 19, 2014 at 4:23 am

I received a broken xbox on day one. The issue with my xbox was that is would just turn off and on randomly, the longest it would stay on was 15 mins. I had a few conversations with the service department and every one I talked to seemed to have something different to say. It took me a month to get my replacement Xbox. I heard they were giving away a free game to people with disc issues and thought I would ask for the same. They told me I didn’t qualify for the deal even though I wasn’t about to play my xbox for a month. Dealing with there customer service was very annoying and I still can’t understand why I didn’t get anything for all the time they wasted of mine.


On January 19, 2014 at 5:27 am

It’s a good thing XBOX ONE does not charge for customer service over the phone like other Microsoft products do. Regardless, I think the logical thing would have been to just buy a new controller.

Concerned Xbox Customer

On January 19, 2014 at 5:52 am

Nothing new. I recently was having issues with getting the FREE Gold download game due to traveling and in a country that is different then my account. I went through online support and was instructed to change my region to the country I was currently in to fix the issue.

Of course that didn’t work and it wouldn’t allow me to change back to my original region of US. Then my Gold came up due renewal so I purchased a 12+1 Month card. I tried to use it and it gave me an error. I contacted support and they said the issue was that my region was showing in a non-supported country. I explained that support directed me to change the region and it wouldn’t allow me to change it back.

Support then said they would issue a one time change of region back to original US region (as it had been for 10 years) and I should get a reply from team on change. I got an e-mail a week later from support saying I was in a region not supported and that I should return the now opened card back to the retailer.

I explained that policy does not allow cards opened to be returned and that support is the one that instructed me to change my region and would change it back.

Contacted support numerous times and last time i got a rep who said the previous reps did not forward the information correctly and it would be resubmitted. It has been another week plus and still no resolution.

My question is why would they even allow you to change your system to a region that is not supported by XBL? When they know that as soon as you change it then you lose access to being able to renew. thus losing a customer. Microsoft policy really is lame.


On January 19, 2014 at 11:51 pm

Customer support with controllers is not the greatest. I have contacted microsoft on numerous occasions about my controller as it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting straight away. This is a widespread issue on the microsoft forums which i tried to inform the microsoft rep. I also told customer support that this is a console/kinect issue over and over again but it was like they wouldnt believe me. They said the first step is to replace the controller. This has been going on since 28th december. The first thing they said was they would send me a replacement controller and then i would send the faulty one back to them. I was great with that till i received a battery door cover in the post. Got onto them again and then got told the first rep didnt give me correct information. so i went through the process again telling the guy i had tried 3 different controllers all with the same disconnect issue so its the console that needs replacing. Again was told i had to replace the controller so by this time i was not impressed. So paid £12 to have my controller shipped and replaced and got my replacement two days ago. It arrived in a jiffy bag!!!! No protective box or packaging, just a padded bag. Luckily the controller seems to work (buttons etc) but low and behold, same disconnect issue. So i now have to go once again and contact microsoft support to let them know that what i said about this being a console issue is still a console issue. So an issue that could have been resolved a month ago is still going on.


On January 25, 2014 at 10:09 am

My day one edition controller has went on the blink and they want me to pay for tracked shipping from the UK to the Czech Republic to send it in, roughly £15 (just under half the price of a new controller). Absolutely disgusting and the author is not alone in his misfortune of dealing with Microsofts appalling customer service.


On February 28, 2014 at 8:57 am

I made a repair order for my Xbox one on 1/28, the repair status was updated to 2/13 for completion. Expecting my Xbox one to be shipped out on 2/13 day end i was impatiently checking the status all day Thursday 2/13 to find no update. Calling the service center on 2/17 the following Monday to get an update, I spoke with a rep who stated that the service request was escalated and sent to their advocacy team as she did not know where my Xbox was or the status of it and I would receive contact by them within FOUR days. Assuming that Monday 2/17 was day one, I waited till Thursday 2/20 and called in once again after I had not received any contact. The status still to this day states on the myservice site completion date of 2/13. Speaking with this rep named Eddie, I related that this unacceptable and the lack of communication is also unacceptable. I was provided with a 1 month free Xbox live card as some type of compensation for my troubles. I have not had my Xbox for close to a month. Let me state that had the service completion date said it would take one month if not longer I would not have had an issue, but a completion date was set and not met. Now for the icing on the cake. In speaking with Eddie on 2/20 he stated that I should be hearing from the advocacy team and there was nothing further that he could do. Hanging up the phone I later checked to see that Eddie went out of his way to send me an email, stating the following “We do expect that you will be contacted by tomorrow with no further “snags” on our end but I would like to personally follow up just to make sure you are being taken care of. I will monitor this inbox for the next 5 days please reply in the event you haven’t been contacted by the advocacy team by tomorrow or if you simply have any further doubts or inquiries” I then sent Mr. Eddie an email replying that yet another expectation his and his company has set was not met as I have not been contacted. Of coarse Mr. Eddie did not reply. Today 2/24 once again I called into Xbox and spoke with a rep who offered no help what so ever. Asking for a supervisor I ended up speaking with a man who stated his name was “BLUE like the color”. Mr. Blue and myself had a very lengthy conversation to which he stated this employee should have never sent out that email ( but he did) and he should have not made that expectation (which he did). Mr. Blue stated there is no contact for the “advocacy team” and all he knows is my Xbox is in their possession (Texas he presumes) but does not know the status of it. He provided me with now 2 free months of Xbox live. Let it be know I have been a member of the paying Xbox live community for 9 consecutive years so 3 free months is not compensation to me. I offered to Mr.Blue to put the $500 hold on my account and send me a new Xbox one. I was already confirmed that my Xbox one is under warranty by all reps i spoke with including Mr.Blue. He stated although this was a good idea, it could not be done. The bottom line from Mr. Blue was once again, “wait to be contacted by the advocacy team”. My issue – This is unacceptable by the Microsoft Xbox team! 3 months of free Xbox live does not make up for the lack of communication, expectations, and lack of information concerning my Xbox whereabouts.


On March 3, 2014 at 1:26 am

Same issue. Bought a Day One Xbox One and Controller buttons sticks. Sent it in as defective in December. Still haven’t received replacement. They lost the return, then they cancelled the order. Then they found it, issued a new service request number, then cancelled the order again and no one from Advocacy returns my email. I’m going to bash them and call them every day until there is solution.

Carrie Sammons

On March 27, 2014 at 4:56 am

I am beyond my boiling point with Microsoft!!!!!!! Got my son Xbox one for xmas. After a month it kept shutting down on him. It was sent back via fedex the first week of Feb. After weeks of following up, no Xbox was returned. I was told it was escalated 3 times, spoke with several reps and supervisors weekly, was told wed get our xbox one back days, 21 business days…still no return of our xbox one. I was told a member from the escalationteam wouldcall me in 4 business days…no calls, no emails. The emails I got were from supervisors saying to give them.a few more days. I was told this case was assigned to a ‘ranger’ named Kourtney who promised to help me out. After many calls to her she is now not responding to my calls. Here it is March 26th, no xbox…and an email telling me a ‘liason’ person would call me this Sunday at 10am.and that it is now a tier 3 escalation. with a company like Microsoftyou would think this matter would have been resolvedsimply by sending out another Xbox one! They have had the xbox console longer than my son had it! All I am asking is for another damn xbox!!!!! Tired of the run around Im gettingThe customer service is a disgrace.and nothing I wouldve expected from a multi billion dollar corp! Ive filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and next the BBB. Will be contacting an attorney if this isnt resolved…Im out 530 bucks for a hunk of junk and my 16 yo son is heart broken. Trying to talk him.into Playstation 4!

Josh Owens

On March 28, 2014 at 10:02 am

I have a horror story for Xbox Customer Support – if that is what you want to call them. It should be non-customer support.

I received an Xbox 360/Kinect bundle for Christmas in December 2013 from my mother. By the first of February, it was locked up. Nothing would work, disc tray wouldn’t open. I got online, and was told by Xbox support to return it and they sent a FedEx label. I have never owned an Xbox and had no idea what the problem was, so I pack up my Xbox console, power supply and Kinect.

About 3 weeks later, I receive back from Xbox and power supply – NO KINECT. I immediately got on Xbox support to ask where the Kinect was. No answers, but they would make sure it was taken care of. I wait another week, not one single answer from anyone. Back to Xbox support, they will check into it. I got furious with them. They are obviously in another country and reading from a script piece of paper. I demanded they get someone to actually call me that I could talk to. Someone calls me and PROMISES ME A RETURN CALL WITH AN ANSWER WITHIN 24 – 48 HOURS. That was a month ago and NOTHING FROM THEM TO DATE. The guy even lied to me and told me he was in the United States but could not give me a call back number.

I give up at this point. I have lost the Kinect that was a 6 week old Christmas present – to the company that makes it. I am beyond disgusted at this point.


On March 29, 2014 at 8:47 pm

I have gone through 9 controllers in the 2 weeks I have owned my Xbox One and I now have to get yet another one, since this one only lasted 3 days before the left stick broke. This is ridiculous and extremely frustrating as well as a huge waste of time. I got them from several different stores and they all had issues.
I already had to send back 12 Xbox 360’s over the years, for having the Red light problem, until they updated the hardware and I thought they would have worked out their issues, but now it seems the controllers are junk. The 360 controllers never gave me any problems, except for expected wear and tear eventually breaking them down, over the years.
Half of the Xbox One controllers I returned because something was physically broken with it. A few I returned because of severe quality control issues, such as the left stick rubbing against plastic inside. I have seen more articles being written now starting to realize the problem and I have seen a fair amount of people posting about how many controllers they have had to replace and how horribly built they are, but unless someone actually has a few controllers in front of them to compare, they have no idea how great the controller is actually supposed to feel. Only 3 of them had triggers that felt how they should, the other ones would rattle the controller when pulled, even when they were turned off, would feel like they are hitting something hard, another one the trigger would pull back farther then it was supposed to, etc. Around 5 of them had bumpers that were great, but the others had one or more that were really mushy, I have had several ones where the pressure on the sticks where completely different than the other ones, many of them would rattle even if you just shook it in your hand, and most have more than one quality control problem. Since I have had so many to compare, including 5 at one point that I had next to each other, I can confirm that they are supposed to feel very solid, with great button and trigger and stick feel. But I have yet to find 1 that is put together properly.
I have tried calling Microsoft support several times, went through their chat, etc. and they aren’t any help at all, as well as they said they don’t even have an email for support where I can detail the problems. They keep saying I need to pay for shipping and could be without a controller for over a month, all this with only having the controller for 2 weeks.
Hopefully major sites can investigate the problem and write a story about it, as I am sure if they put all the controllers they have next to each other, they will see huge discrepancies between them.
All I want is 1 working controller put together properly, for now, until they fix their quality issues, or a third part controller comes out, when I can then buy more for when friends are over.
Alternatively, I am thinking of getting the device that lets me use an Xbox 360 controller with it, but you never know if an Xbox One update will prevent it from working, and the Xbox One controllers really feel better if they would only work.
Hopefully people will post this email on other sites as if enough people realize how wide spread this problem is, Microsoft might actually do something about it. Microsoft spent $100M on the Xbox One controller yet they don’t even make sure they are put together properly.


On April 2, 2014 at 10:18 am

Got problems with my Xbox One (disc drive) on march 5th. I called customer service, went thru the standard service and, I must say, got a really fast service and received another console quite rapidly. The problem is, the console they sent me is also having issues (overheating). Since I called customer service for the second console on march 14th, no updates. I am told my case in in investigation but as of today, nothing has been done and I am still stuck with the console waiting to send it back again.

Sam legacy

On April 7, 2014 at 3:08 am

You will love this story. I have the emails as well as the proof.

So I bought a xbox one day one edition.
After 24 hours, my day one edition controller stopped working. I contacted xbox support and was told to send in the controller for repairs. I would only get replacement / repaired controller after they received my controller. I didn’t mind that. I mean I could of been lying and wanted a second day one edition controller for free.
So I get instructions on how to send the controller in and the service request number. I used UPS to send my controller to xbox repair. I was told, by UPS,that my package would be received and signed for on a specific date. I checked the tracking number a day after the quoted date and it was received and signed for as promised.
I contact xbox support and I am told that it would take 5-10 days to receive my replacement and that I would get an email when it leaves the warehouse.
After 10 business days, I decided to check on the service request order on myservice . Xbox . Com
On the site, it shows that my service request was canceled
Upon chatting with 4 different support reps, I am told that they never received the package and my order was canceled because it exceeded the 30 days.

I gave them the tracking number and it proves that I sent in the xbox controller and it was received and signed for.

This was 3 months ago.
I have still not gotten my controller back or a replacement controller.
My case was escalated to the advocacy team and it took them a month to contact me.

Now I am told that they have been out of stock of day one controllers and are awaiting new controllers. That that is the reason behind the 3 month wait.

Now am I supposed to believe that a company as big as microsoft/Xbox would run out of controllers for 3 months?

Better yet, my brother who is in the navy and stationed in japan bought a broken xbox one from xbox . Com themselves and a 3 year warranty service on it.

After he received it, he contacted microsoft support and asked for a replacement or a repair. They sent him a brown box with a pre paid label. He sent the Xbox one and now on his service request order, it shows that it had been canceled.

Xbox support is claiming that they did not receive it. That they did not cancel it themselves.
The problem is that his tracking number receipt was thrown out during inspections because his entire squadron had to clean out the one room that 20 of his fellow navy people share.

He cannot get his tracking number from the usps because they cannot go back and get it thru the system.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions for my brother to receive his console back or how he can go about trying to talk to the idiots at xbox support or any help for myself on how I can get thru to these idiots about my controller,
Please contact me @


On April 10, 2014 at 10:40 am

What a horrible father and person. Gets a guy fired because the crybaby didnt get what he wanted. plus he did say that it was for him and his family, where is the second controller for them? almost every place you can buy a new xbone controller allows returns for a couple of weeks or longer. ty ppl buying ty systems


On April 10, 2014 at 11:58 am

Wooty, did you even read the article? If by “he didn’t get what he wanted” you mean “he didn’t get a functioning controller” then you have a point. Otherwise you just sound like a fanboy.


On April 12, 2014 at 2:57 am

I went throught the exact same thing with Microsoft, I bought an Xbox one console with FIFA 14 and BF4 on 24/02, a day before the price drop aswell, I had to return the console the following day as it wouldnt load past the loading screen, I got the replacement console however with a broken pad, The left stick jams, something has snapped off inside that gets under the triggers preventing the use. Like patience I contacted Microsoft and was told the very same thing. I have a disability I have very limited mobility and was unable to take the pad back and i certainly was not willing to send away my pad and do without it for as long as they implied, 2weeks is along time to wait after paying so much money on a new console. I still have a broken pad to this day I got shafted by Xbox that’s all there is to it


On June 11, 2014 at 11:20 am

I have a similar issue i sent my normal xbox one controller in under the assumption it would return in 10 business days after being processed at the service center. Well after 2 weeks i contacted xbox char support on what was going on i informed them i knew they had received the controller via ups tracking number well he said he was goin to escalate the issue 2 weeks later i call again and get an utter moron so i hang up on him an call later that night and speak with a supervisor who looks over the chat support and finished the escalation report properly. Now i get contacted by Manny O. From xbox global escalation he found the package and told shipping to send a new one out. One week ago today he told me he would have a tracking number in a day or two well as of today he contacted me letting me know that there was a delay in getting a titan fall controller out but he could send me a normal one while im waiting on the titan fall one. The kicker of it all is i did not send in a titan fall controller i sent a normal xbox one controller and have been waiting over a month on it and theses people have been running me through hoops over something i didn’t have nor was i even expecting to revive an they say there the highest level of support you can reach yet they cant tell the difference between a special addition controller and a normal controller it unbearable to think we spend millions every year on this company yet the support received is as good as talking to a wall


On August 29, 2014 at 7:24 am

You can easily fix controller thumbstick issue with this tutorial


On November 23, 2014 at 8:06 pm

I think the fact that you need to pay the shipping on a device that failed during the warranty period is ridiculous in and of itself. My controller stopped working and I need to send it back, and they’re basically telling me the same thing. I can see why return fraud is so rampant, when I could easily do this myself by buying a new controller and returning the faulty one in its packaging, which would get me a free controller tomorrow. Instead, since I’d like to be honest about it, I need to pay $10 and likely wait 2-3 weeks. Absolutely ridiculous.


On November 28, 2014 at 12:32 am

I just tried to return my faulty COD: AW controller (right D-pad button doesn’t work) and I too was shocked when I saw that I would have to pay for shipping and I wouldn’t get my working controller until they shipped it after they received the faulty controller… What kind of customer service is this? I purchase a very expensive system and a key component doesn’t work, and I have to pay more money and WAIT for a replacement part? I bought this from Best Buy so hopefully they will do something, but this kind of BS makes me wonder what Sony would do about the same issues.