By the Grace of Sheogorath: The Weirdest Skyrim Mods

The vast majority of mods serve to improve Skyrim in one way or another. Graphics improvements, performance buffs, gameplay tweaks, even house crafting mods abound. But for some reason — maybe too much Ashfire Mead? — a few modders go out of their way to severely screw with the game, making it not worse, but definitely as weird as possible.

And I do mean weird. Maybe you’re a Brony looking to finally unite the Elder Scrolls with your favorite equine universe. Maybe you feel like your trip to Skyrim is incomplete without the latest viral fad crammed into it. Maybe you just want to see Shetland Pachyderms. Rest assured, no matter how obscure or silly the wish, someone out there has already modded Skyrim to make it come true.

We wouldn’t risk our sanity on a comprehensive list, but we’ve tracked down some of the best of the weird stuff modders have done to Skyrim. Rest assured, all the following mods are Sheogorath approved.

Crimes Against Nature
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We’ll start with the famous Crimes Against Nature pack, created by a modder going by the very appropriate name FancyPants. Like its namesake suggests, this mod adds four horribly mangled races to your Skyrim game, along with the ability to summon characters from those races and a new mount whose mere presence in the game is nightmare-inducing.

FancyPants explains that the mod initially began as an attempt to convert the dog’s head into a working headmesh (that’s what humanoid characters have as heads), but evolved into “something arguably worse.” Or more awesome.

One of the new races happens to have a chair for a head—kind of like Chairface Chippendale from the ’90s cartoon series, The Tick. Bronies are covered via a race with a My Little Pony pony head. And the eternal battle between cat and dog people continues with one race whose heads are tiny kittens, and another with lovable dog heads.

As for the new summonable mount, it looks like a severely deformed four -legged ostrich with the legs of a human and the hair and voice of Tommy Wiseau of “The Room” fame. Gross. And Awesome.

Posh Mudcrabs
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This particular mod (and believe us, it is ‘particular’) adds a top hat and a monocle to all the mud crabs in the game, giving them an air of dignity—something which the rest of the game’s denizens clearly lack, I do say. My word!

Gangnam Style Dance Animation
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This not particularly useful mod allows you to cast a spell that forces random characters to dance Gangnam Style (You’ll need to install Fores New Idles In Skyrim for it to work). And that’s basically it. But don’t worry: you won’t later discover that the affected NPCs once recorded a rap song full of scathing insults about the land of Skyrim.

Jeaan’s Squeaky Toys
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Are you unsatisfied with the weapons in Skyrim? Are you not impressed by forged steel and the magical weapons of the Daedra? Then this mod is for you—as long as you like toys, that is. It adds a variety of inflatable weapons that can be swung without garnering hatred or hostility, replete with an annoying squeaky sound for, as the creator notes, “hours of entertainment.”

Project P.E.W.
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Project P.E.W. is, in simple terms (not that there’s anything complicated about it) a mod which replaces the bow firing sound (twanggggg!) with an audible “pew!”

Install this mod at risk to your sanity. Then again, just about every other mod on this list is a risk to your sanity. Caveat emptor.

Mammoth Chickens
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Chickens are scary in Skyrim, but not for the reasons one might think. They won’t peck you to death, nor will they hound you, but so much as hurting a single chicken will cause an entire city to turn on you.

Clearly, chickens are the prized possessions of the denizens of Skyrim, so it only makes sense (no, not really) that the giants that roam the wilderness of Skyrim would have their own chickens to tend to—giant chickens, that is.

This mod replaces all of the mammoths in the game with titanic-sized chickens. Like their diminutive counterparts, hurting these chickens will put you in a world of hurt.

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2 Comments on By the Grace of Sheogorath: The Weirdest Skyrim Mods


On May 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Perfect, now I shall play Skyrim again with most of these mods.


On May 30, 2013 at 7:32 pm

These are just some of the weirdest Safe For Work mods.

This list would be a lot longer if they’d do a NSFW version.