Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Features Many Robots

We’ve all heard (and probably made) the argument that the Call of Duty franchise is substandard in some way because it continually makes minor changes to the formula while iterating every year. It seems that Treyarch and Activision are looking to change that statement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Check out the first trailer for the game’s multiplayer, which puts a much greater emphasis on items and technology that will stun other players than previous titles. We’ve got what looks like a tomahawk that zaps guys with electricity, a turret that appears to be a microwave emitter, and other junk that looks like it’ll freak you out (and then get you killed) should you encounter it in-game.

The near-future setting also brings a lot of robots into play, with drones and attack bots floating around in any given game scenario as deployable objects by players. Like the explosive RC car of Black Ops, remotely manning drones seems to be something you’ll be doing a lot of as they gun down enemies. Pretty cool.

What do you guys think? It’s become something of a trend to hate on Call of Duty games — are you excited for what you see in the trailer below?

Download the trailer here.

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3 Comments on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Features Many Robots


On August 7, 2012 at 6:42 pm

This looks surprisingly good; it might reverse what has been my opinion of Call of Duty thus far.

Daniel O'Dette

On August 7, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Quick Tech/Weapon/Killstreak Rundown by min/sec.

00:07-Third Person view of presumed Black Operator with next-gen Crysis-style SCAR rifle with NO attachments.
00:12–00:17-Operator uses new EMP Distraction grenade which (presumably) scrambles both view and tech temporarily. Similar to a mix of MW3′s EMP and every other game in the universe’s Flashbang.
00:20–00:23-Operator on different map (note similarity to Strike Force mission demo set in Asia-possible that Strike Force maps ARE Multiplayer maps) uses SMG with IR Red Dot that allows for through-the-walls contact.
00:23–00:27-A bit of awesomeness as the Dive-To-Prone returns to Black Ops (I’d like to note that I perfer Treyarch’s take on the series now than the original’s take… Sad, isn’t it?).
00:33–00:34-A HAMR-esque scope on a LMG. Since I don’t see a D-Pad marker for it, it is my opinion that it works on trigger pull-the harder the pull, the higher zoom the sight (PC gamers would probably use one click/hold click).
00:35–00:42-Use of a thermal emitter that is able to slow enemy movement. A mini-Sahara, all in your backpack! Call Vault-Tec today (Sorry, too much Fallout on the brain)!
00:45–00:47-We get to see the Dragonfire drone (or, if you see FPSRussia, “Charlene”). Note it’s four rotors, single MG, and light durability. Put some fire on it, and it goes boom.
00:50–00:54-Boot’s on the other foot now, as we see the power of the Dragonfire. ‘Nuf said, really, as it performs as a smaller, less powerful Hind from Black Ops (plus more manueverable…)
00:55–00:58-A bit of Overkill here, as our Operator uses a missile to kill the drone. Needless to say, this is not exactly the wisest choice to make, but then again…
01:00–01:03-The Boomshield from Gears of War makes its appearance (albeit changed) in Black Ops II, with the deployable riot shield. Like Gears of War, it can be carried or deployed. Post deployment, it can be used as cover as you use your weapons, and then (presumably) picked up.
01:07-A bit of use form the Kalashkanov-esque weapon with a heavy zoom reflex sight. Does EoTech ever go out of fashion? The answer is no, no it doesn’t.
01:08-Well, my guess is as good as yours, although it looks like an armed care-package heli. Whether or not it uses that gun is anyone’s guess.
01:10–01:14-AGR. Two guns, two grenade launchers (I think, but that’s just a guess at why one half looks like one gun and the other looks completely different). Armour plating, and treads. Treyarch knows what the ladies like.
01:16–01:22-Well, if it ain’t broke… Props to the tac-knife.
01:23–01:24-Tomahawk… Man, that thing gets cooler with time. Perhaps we’ll see a return to Sticks and Stones?
01:26–01:29-Besides the start of an interesting little rock song in the background (really though, who’s listening?), we get to see a sniper rifle with a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier style sniper scope. Doesn’t look like it has any special features though.
01:30–01:34-Looks like we get iron on sniper rifles, although that may just be a bolt-action assault weapon… Still, it seems like it’s a pure-bred rifle.
01:35–01:42-Full auto shotguns, next-generation remote explosives… Speaks for itself.
01:43–01:47-Okay, I thought Bushido ended with the Imperial Japanese… Anyways, besides the gross waste of taxpayer dollars, suicide drones everyone!
01:58-02:10-A replay of 00:12–00:17 except now with a new Theatre-mode feature allowing for post-game commentary (useful for tournies or “How To’s”).

Well, I think that just about covers it. I think I’ve speculated everything I can about this trailer, so just enjoy it!

Daniel O'Dette

On August 8, 2012 at 2:05 pm

Addendum-Weapon analysis and names.

First Weapon-M8A1 assault rifle w/ select fire (set to burst currently, although it presumably can be set to single and full as well).
First Gadget-Shock Grenades (EMP and Flash?)
Second Weapon-PDW 57 armed with MMS sight. Note unusual clip system that is neither traditional nor bullpup, but more along the line of the caseless system of the G11.
Third Weapon-LSAT Light Machine Gun with Hybrid Sight.
Second Gadget-Guardian Microwave System
Fourth Weapon-CHICOM COD Customized (Red Dot and possibly select fire. Note Customized, to hint at a return of the Warlord perk).
Third Gadget-Dragonfire UCAV drone.
Fourth Gadget-FHJ-13 AA Missile.
Fifth Weapon-AN94 Assault Rifle w/ Customized (enhanced Holograph and unknown secondary attachment).
Fifth Gadget-Deployable Riot Shield.
Sixth Gadget-AGR Ground Drone.
Sixth Weapon-Raging Judge Magnum.
Seventh Weapon-Combat Knife (selectable as in Battlefield?).
Seventh Gadget-Tomahawk.
Eighth Gadget-Suicide Drones. Again, Taxpayer dollars=wasted.

Enjoy (further)!