Call of Duty: Ghosts – Rorke Files Collectible Locations Guide

Don’t miss a single audiofile from Rorke with our Call of Duty: Ghosts collectibles locations guide. Keep scrolling to get a short, to-the-point summary of where each of these hidden laptops reside. There’s one per level, counting up to a full 18 files to unlock the achievement.

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Rorke Files Collectible Locations Guide

Rorke File #1

  • Mission: Ghost Stories
  • Location: After completing the space section, control will shift to a character on Earth. Enter the house on the right, the first with a car in the driveway. Through the front door, grab the file on the floor.

Rorke File #2

  • Mission: Brave New World
  • Location: Once the two enemy choppers are shot down, you’ll hop onto a vehicle and arrive at the HQ. Work up to the third floor. Find the collectible file on a table below terminals on the wall, with the door to the balcony to the right.

Rorke File #3

  • Mission: No Man’s Land
  • Location: Reaching the area with the yellow crane after controlling your dog for the second time, move forward until entering a gray building with a security set-up on the desk. The collectible is on this desk, below the hanging monitor.

Rorke File #4

  • Mission: Struck Down
  • Location: Breaching into the baseball locker room, immediately turn left as you enter once the room is clear.

Rorke File #5

  • Mission: Homecoming
  • Location: Right at the start, upon entering the first building and reaching stairs — stop and turn left before going up. Look on the makeshift desk in the room.

Rorke File #6

  • Mission: Legends Never Die
  • Location: Moving past the flooded streets and entering a new interior via a wrecked walkway, take down the two enemies in the following room and check the desk they were standing at to find the file.

Rorke File #7

  • Mission: Federation Day
  • Location: Cutting the window to make an entrance, you’ll want to go left as you enter the first hallway. Look for the first available open doorway on the left to find an office with the file on a desk inside, in the back right corner.

Rorke File #8

  • Mission: Birds of Prey
  • Location: Later in the mission, you’ll enter a room where Rorke is waiting. Grab the file on the desk quickly before the level transitions into another part.

Rorke File #9

  • Mission: The Hunted
  • Location: After experiencing the crash landing, you’ll eventually team up with your lost team mates again. In the area you find them, look on the left for a stream of water. Follow it up to the source — a waterfall. Left of the falls is a boulder with the file.

Rorke File #10

  • Mission: Clockwork
  • Location: Just as you start the area where you must use night-vision goggles and fight through the security checkpoint, look down the hallway to spot a collectible through the window. Grab it through the window, and look left for a way in.

Rorke File #11

  • Mission: Atlas Falls
  • Location: Past the room with the pool table, and entering a chamber where the player is ordered to interact with the control room. Before deactivating the regulators, look on the right to find a side room with the file inside.

Rorke File #12

  • Mission: Into the Deep
  • Location: When the LSC is destroyed, you’ll have to escape sinking debris and eventually reach a shipwreck. Right as you reach an enemy ambush, swim to the ocean floor to find this tricky file.

Rorke File #13

  • Mission: End of the Line
  • Location: Once you reach a silo and are ordered to take a picture, go down the stairs and look for an optional room on the left.

Rorke File #14

  • Mission: Sin City
  • Location: Shooting through the large open mall and reaching the slot machines, an ally will helpfully lift a shutter for you. Crawl through, then turn left to find this file.

Rorke File #15

  • Mission: All or Nothing
  • Location: Right as the mission begins and you put your mask on, turn around to find the file sitting on one of the lower bunks.

Rorke File #16

  • Mission: Severed Ties
  • Location: After launching the rockets, an ally will lead you downstairs and open a door. Enter the hallway on the left ahead, then enter the first open door to find the file sitting on a terminal in the corner.

Rorke File #17

  • Mission: Loki
  • Location: After experiencing an explosion and floating through a tube, you’ll enter an area with a free-floating file. Look for it to your immediate left, to the left of the large solar panel array.

Rorke File #18

  • Mission: The Ghost Killer
  • Location: As the mission begins, turn around and look for a red tool chest near your vehicle. The file is sitting on it.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Audiophile (15 points / Bronze:
    Collect all 18 Rorke files.

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