Call of Duty’s Original Codename: “Medal of Honor Killer”

While the war between Activision and EA is currently being waged with the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, the rivalry dates as far back as EA’s Medal of Honor series. An MCV interview with ex-Infinity Ward employees has revealed that the original Call of Duty was initially developed under the codename “Medal of Honor Killer.”

Zied Rieke, the Call of Duty lead designer who had previously worked on Medal of Honor, explained how CoD initially had greater similarities to MoH. He said:

“During the first year of Call of Duty development, the game was much more like [Medal of Honor:] Allied Assault. There was a James Bond-like character, doing a secret mission to stop the Nazis developing a nuclear bomb. There was a German scientist, and a German scientist’s daughter. Medal of Honor was a ‘James Bond in World War II’ kind of game, and that is what we were pretty much making.”

Justin Thomas, an artist at Infinity Ward at the time, revealed CoD’s codename:

“The project was actually named ‘MOH killer’ until an official name could be found.”

Which side of the war front do you support?

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2 Comments on Call of Duty’s Original Codename: “Medal of Honor Killer”


On November 1, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Those games were both very similar in the early days. Looking past the original Medal of Honor games, and skipping right to MoH Allied Assault, that is where the two were alike.

Allied Assault happened, and started that formula. Recreating scenes that we had seen in movies, (like Omaha Beach) and stuff like that.

Then COD came, and did the same thing. Both games were so similar in that regard, and even doing the same things (COD did their own Omaha Beach too)

This continued until the MoH series turned to crap, and after the first Modern Warfare, COD turned into the same crap over and over again, never changing anything while morons kept feeding them money.

And from the looks of it, Ghosts will be no different, just on a slightly better engine. Get used to the way Ghosts looks and plays, because you’ll be experiencing that again seven or eight more times. All of which with little to no changes whatsoever.


On November 5, 2013 at 3:13 pm

SupremeAllah, you should know that the developers or part of the tea of Medal of Honor Frontline actually did make Saving Private Ryan. Medal of Honor and CoD were very very different in the past games. Honestly I enjoy still the original Medal of Honor games such as Medal of Honor PS1, Medal of Honor Underground, Allied Assault and even Frontline. They are great classics. CoD1 was ok. But the original began with Medal of Honor. I bet even they took ideas from Wolfenstein. It just pushed forth the WW2 genre. But honestly WW2 is actually a very interesting topic.