Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 1: Billy the Kid

  • Once Upon A Time in Stinking Sands
  • A Fistful of Hot Lead
  • Episode 2: The Cowboys

  • A Bullet for the Old Man
  • Gunfight at the Sawmill
  • Episode 3: The Innocents

  • The Magnificent One
  • Episode 4: John Wesley Hardin

  • Be Quick or Be Dead
  • Episode 5: Grey Wolf

  • Dances With Renegades
  • Episode 6: The Dalton Brothers

  • They Call Me Bounty Hunter
  • Bounty Hunter is Still My Name
  • Episode 7: The Wild Bunch

  • Not So Great Train Robbery
  • 1:30 To Hell
  • Episode 8: Jesse James

  • Death Rides a Steel Stallion
  • Without Forgiveness
  • Episode 7: The Wild Bunch (Reprise)

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
  • The Magnificent One

    Use the dirt path to guide Greaves to the mining facility down the hill. Look for a minecart and track, just left will be two chatting bandits. Shoot them down, and the mission will begin.

    There’s more than one way to reach those bandits. Exploring the cliffs left of the starting path will lead to a pit with scaffolding, guarded by a single sentry. Melee the guard in the back and use the ladders to enter a cave where you’ll find ammo caches and a collectible. Easy XP, why not?

    If you don’t take out the sentry on the cliffs, he’ll be a problem after shooting down the two chatting bandits on the rail tracks. Beware of a fourth further right before continuing forward.

    The explosives in the cart will make quick work of the two talkers. Once the four are wiped out, follow the tracks to collect dynamite and continue further into the mission through.

    Turning into the mining area, look for an “Explosives” sign ahead. Several bandits will whip dynamite your way while taking cover behind whatever they can. Follow the path right down the hill, using the rocks or sluice ramps as cover.

    Continue up the hill, left, to find the explosives shack. There are crates full of gunpowder everywhere, and a dozen bandits between you and the other side of the shack. Use the explosives to your advantage, but keep a safe distance while traveling through – you never know when a stray enemy bullet will set one off.

    The path leads right through the shack. Don’t get caught up looking out at the scenic valley below, keep moving forward until reaching the mine cart track trestle. Walk across the bridge until a path opens up into the mines.

    Cross the new bridge, and it won’t be long before Greaves encounters bandits. Shoot them down, and watch out for an easy-to-miss bandit shooting into the cave from above, where the cave twists right.

    Ahead, the road splits up into several corridors. They all lead to a large multi-tiered chamber. It looks complicated, but all ladders or roads lead to the dirt mound on the opposite end. Continue down, and bring up the objective marker if you’re lost.

    Entering the tunnel on the left, stick close to the left wall as a minecart comes flying at Greaves. As long as you aren’t on the right side of the corridor, Greaves will be safe.

    After shooting down the bandit that pushed the cart down the tracks above, look left for an ammo cache before stepping down the stairs. Below is a storage room full of explosives. Beware, don’t shoot any of these. A bandit is hiding amongst the gunpowder on the opposite end, while another is behind two crates.

    This is a good time to use concentration. Shoot both carefully, and continue through the tracks sloping upward in the back right corner of the storage area.

    A bandit will attempt a lethal shot! Dodge the bullet – you’ll live, but the explosives are hit, causing a cave-in. Sprint forward, following the tracks and jump out the sheer cliff at the end. As Greaves falls, continue to fire to score six headshots.

    Thanks to a falling cart, this excursion is over. Instead, Greaves rewinds the story and explains his actual plan. Continue down the trestle and use the ladder on the left.

    Go down three ladders, and jump the gap. It looks too far; that’s only because it is. Greaves will break through the scaffolding, but land near another mine entrance. Time for more spelunking!

    Fight through the mines ahead, bandits will begin to appear when a view of the valley opens up to the left. At the end of the path, you’ll be back on the scaffolding with two options; use the elevator or climb ladders.

    The elevator leads into an ambush with two bandits. If you use the ladders instead, you’ll sneak up behind them. Ladders are boring, and the ambush isn’t hard to escape with judicious use of concentration. So it’s all up to you.

    Not much left now. Step around the mine cart and walk across the tracks on the scaffolding, shooting down any bandits ahead. Look right for a ramp with orange rusted metal leading into an area – that’s where you’ll encounter Henry Plummer.

    Plummer comes equipped with an infinite supply of dynamite, and good cover on the scaffolding surrounding the arena. Use the crane in the center to hide behind, and watch where Plummer runs – wait for him to throw dynamite, then shoot it out of the sky. If you’re quick, you’ll damage Plummer too.

    He’ll dash from cover to cover – that’s when you’ll want to shoot. The pistols will do well here, keep them fully loaded to help shoot down any incoming dynamite. You’ll be happy to have that extra firing speed over the shotgun or rifle.

    Henry is a little fat, too. He isn’t hard to shoot even while in cover. Aim down the sights with a rifle for extra precision, and aim for any exposed past of his body. When he pops up to shoot, that’s another good time to hit him.

    Once he’s down to half-health, he’ll summon bandits to help out. These men like to dash around the scaffolding, shoot them first, then deal with Plummer as he returns. Try throwing dynamite of your own and shooting it mid-flight to take out multiple bandits at once.

    Otherwise, the rest of the fight plays out similar to the first half, just beware the reinforcements.

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